Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

My Favourite Fitness Posts

Hey friends! I have things to talk about! It’s Move It Monday AND the end of the 6 Weeks Pipes challenge. But I don’t have the time to talk about any of it!

I’m working at one of the polls today for the Canadian election. When you went to vote today (cause you DID, right??) I was one of the people who crossed names off the list. And I’ll be one of the people counting the ballots. Exciting!!

Anyways, since I’m pulling a 14 hour work day today, I clearly don’t have time to yammer about the usual stuff. An arm update and Pipes challenge will come shortly. For now, I give you the list of fitness links provided in my new Top Posts page!

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8 Most Common Running Mistakes

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Ripped Arms: A How-To Guide
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Tips for Working Out in the Morning

Then when you’re all done there, check out my updated About page.

I’ll be back tomorrow after my first day at my new, permanent job. I’ll finally explain that new job title I mentioned on Friday. See ya then!