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The Secret To My Motivation

Remember when I blogged about fitness?? I haven’t done that in a while. My apologies. I feel like, as a personal trainer, I have this wealth of fitness knowledge and it is my duty to share. But at the same time, I’ve developed this strained relationship with fitness since I fell and broke my arm.

In other words, if I can’t do it, I don’t wanna talk about it.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on fitness altogether. In fact, I still workout five days a week regardless of my injury.

A lot of people tell me I’m crazy to still do it.

“If I were you, I’d be on the couch eating ice cream all day.”

Tempting? Definitely. An actual option? No way.

You see, fitness isn’t about motivation. It’s not about wanting to do it. It’s not even about goals or the desire to look good.

It’s about doing it because you have to.

I really hate doing laundry. But if I stopped doing it, my clothes would get disgusting and I’d become really unhygienic. I think of working out the same way. It’s just another activity that needs to get done over the course of the day. Some days, it really invigorates me and I love it. Other days, I do it because not doing it would be like leaving my laundry to pile up.

But my best advice for getting yourself up and working out?



Just stop it.

Stop stressing about the miles you need to cover in your next long run. Stop stressing about if it’s going to rain during your bike ride tomorrow. Stop arguing with yourself as to whether you should go home early instead of going to the gym. Just stop it. Don’t let yourself think about it anymore. When it comes time to get out the door and get moving, don’t even think about the things you’d rather be doing. Just go automatically without giving it any depth of thought.


When I finish my day at work, I don’t let myself think that skipping the gym is even an option. I turn off that part of my brain and drive to the gym without any second thought.

If I’m really dreading a workout, then I change it up. Something as simple as a new song playlist or new lifting move is enough to get me at least interested in a workout.

When it comes to running, I love discovering new trails!! The above photos are of the one I so far like the best here at home. Fine gravel trail, away from traffic, and next to the water.


That would be Moncton off in the distance. A lot different than the skyline view I had from my running trail in Toronto!

Anyways, that is my biggest secret for keeping “motivation.” The fact that is has nothing to do with motivation at all. It doesn’t hurt to choose workouts that you actually enjoy though. Because most days, I’d still rather go running than do laundry.

My Favourite Fitness Posts

Hey friends! I have things to talk about! It’s Move It Monday AND the end of the 6 Weeks Pipes challenge. But I don’t have the time to talk about any of it!

I’m working at one of the polls today for the Canadian election. When you went to vote today (cause you DID, right??) I was one of the people who crossed names off the list. And I’ll be one of the people counting the ballots. Exciting!!

Anyways, since I’m pulling a 14 hour work day today, I clearly don’t have time to yammer about the usual stuff. An arm update and Pipes challenge will come shortly. For now, I give you the list of fitness links provided in my new Top Posts page!

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Then when you’re all done there, check out my updated About page.

I’ll be back tomorrow after my first day at my new, permanent job. I’ll finally explain that new job title I mentioned on Friday. See ya then!

Favourite Things For Fitness

First and foremost I wrote a guest post for Paige that I encourage you to check out. It’s all about what it’s like when injury forces you out of the job. Click here to read it!

Seeing as I work in a fitness apparel store, I felt it appropriate to share with you, dear reader, my favourite fitness apparel. Now this is all personal preference based on experience and product know-how. Your favourites don’t have to be my favourites, but I do encourage you to try some stuff out!


I am a total Brooks shoes convert. After years of being a Saucony gal, I find the midsole just wears down too quickly. The Brooks (Ghost 2 pictured above) hit my feet in all the right places, are flexible without being instable, and generally just make for a really comfy ride.


Trail shoes. I love my Nike Air Pegasus because of my neutral gait. If you need arch support, Asics Trabucos are good too. Now, these are not for pavement running. Only for trail running because they don’t have as much cushioning. They’re water resistant and extra grippy. Really, these have turned into a great walking shoe for me that aren’t a bulky hiking shoe.

I’m a WigWam socks girl. Some people like thin socks, I like cushy ones. I hate crew cut socks because I prefer my ankles to be covered (yes, like an old man) especially in the colder months. Quarter length is where it’s at.

I love Lululemon tank-tops. Any of them. Preferably those with a built in bra because days I don’t have to put on an underwire with one hand are good days indeed. Below I’m wearing my favourite tank-top ever that was bought at Lululemon 4 years ago and since discontinued. Still in perfect condition.

I’m also wearing my favourite pair of Nike shorts in that photo. But really, I love all Nike bottoms. They fit my body perfectly. Their pants also hold up much better than Lululemon ones, which I find change texture quickly.

adidas - Supernova Short Sleeve Tee adidas - Supernova Short Sleeve Tee

Adidas CLIMACOOL shirts, another example of apparel designed to flatter the body. You need to be a stick to look good in Nike shirts, but for me, Adidas works :)

I loooove Under Armour’s loose fitting HeatGear t-shirts. So much so that I stocked up on several colours when I was at an outlet store. It’s a super comfy synthetic shirt that feels like cotton. Under Armour also has a new treated cotton line out which I’m dying to try.

I have a really hard time finding longsleeve technical shirts that are flattering. There is something about the cut of most of them that hug my torso in all the wrong places. Brooks shirts have so far been the best ones for me. Plus, you can get them in super bright colours which people will make fun of you for at the gym, but I love for visibility outdoors.


In terms of lightweight jackets, I’m back on the Lululemon bandwagon. The above is another discontinued one I think, but I also have the stride jacket and mudra wrap. The three of those are basically the only “sweaters” I ever wear!

For the cyclists and spinners, Louis Garneau shorts. I wear these even to spin class and my butt loves me for it. Be weary, as sizes run super small with this brand. But I love their high waists which is nice when being bent over on a bike (no exposed skin to get burnt!), and superduper padding. Just remember, don’t wear undies in these! It’ll cause chafing!

If you’re doing outdoor sports and need baselayers, I like Mizuno Breathe Thermal gear the best for both tops and bottoms. Their material actually heats up when wet (ie sweating). It’s super tight though, so not an outer layer unless you’ve got the cahones ;)

Ron Hill jackets are the bestest. They fit both men and women to a tee. No random bulkiness or tightness like you get in other jackets. They’re good at fighting wind and rain, and some of the sleeves tear off to turn into a vest.

Moving Comfort bras are by far the most popular. Lots of high impact support and comfort for women who need it. Plus, the cups are shaped so they don’t make your boobies look squashed and weird.

Last but certainly not least, don’t put your technical gear in the dryer! I assure you it is totally worth the extra money to buy nice workout clothes. They really do last for a long time, so long as you handle and treat them well.

Question of the Day: What’s your favourite piece of workout apparel?