I am a certified Personal Training Specialist through CanFitPro, Canada’s certifying body and worked in a gym training clients of all shapes, ages, and sizes. The workouts below were created either for myself or for clients, but can easily be used to help you reach your goals too. Any speed or weight suggestions are just that – suggestions. The workouts can always be tweaked to better suit your needs, just make sure you always feel challenged without hurting yourself!


5 mile speed work

6 mile tempo



15 minute sprints

Outdoor Running Intervals


Weight Lifting

30 Minute Full Body Weight Lifting Workout

30 Minute Novice Strength Training


Full Body Workout #1

Full Body Workout #2

Full Body Workout #3

Full Body Workout #4

Something For The Beginner

The Jelly Arm Workout

Heart Pumping Upper Body

The Leg Killer

Leg Killer – Part II

Upper-Body For Heavyweights

Upper-Body Pyramids


Cardio + Strength Routines

30 Minute Living Room Workout

Advanced Full Body Interval Workout

Full Body Circuits #1

Full Body Strength and Cardio Circuits

Lung Busting Full Body Workout

The Fat Blaster

Upper-Body For The Attention Deficit

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