30 Minute Living Room Workout

This is based off a workout I designed for my sister a while back. She’s in good shape and said it was brutal. Mission accomplished!

This chart is colour coded into mini-circuits. Perform exercises of the same colour one after another three times through, then move on to the next colour coded set. Once you finish the whole thing, start from the top! You should be able to get through the whole thing two times in 30-40 minutes with no breaks. Or you can just keep doing it until you’re blue in the face ;)


Jumping Jacks 30 sec Cardio
Speed skaters 30 sec Cardio, Back, Glutes
Jump squats 30 sec Cardio, Quads, Glutes
Mountain Climbers 30 sec Cardio, Back, Shoulders
Wall sit 60 sec Quads, glutes
Wide pushups 15 Chest, front of shoulder
Narrow pushups 15 Chest, triceps
Lunge jumps 30 sec Cardio, Quads, hips, glutes
Plank ups  60 sec Abs, shoulders, chest
Swimming 30 sec Back, glutes
Roll up 15 Abs

My only tip for this workout is to blare some motivating music and have fun working up a sweat in your living room!

  1. So I “attempted” this workout tonight, thinking I was in amazing shape and could easily power through it. Holy cow, Susan! The wall sits.. the lunge jumps. My legs are screaming and I love it!
    Thanks for the wonderful at home circuit. It’s a new addition to my rotation!

  2. I love this type of workout! Awesome job :) Follow me! http://www.katieept.wordpress.com

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