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Things I Learned The Month I Came Home

That saying “you can never go home again” is not true. I feel very much at home.


Novelty foods, like poutine pizza, for the most part are just that. A novelty. Not necessarily a delicious dinner.

Big kitchens aren’t all they’re chalked up to be. I spend more time walking from one end to the other than getting anything accomplished!


It’s really easy to feel sad, it’s a lot harder to remain upbeat.

Flexibility is so, SO important. I attribute regular full-body stretching to the progress I’ve made with my arm lately.


My family needs to buy one big house and live together again. I promise I’ll share the channel changer this time!

Just because Toronto “wasn’t for me” doesn’t mean I won’t have days where I really, really miss it.


Losing weight is only hard when you don’t really want to do it.

Shaved poodles are kind of frightening.


I took my fitness for granted before. I also shouldn’t have assumed it would come back quickly.

Yeast is a tricky bastard to deal with.


Even though I know I’m capable of great things, there’s nothing wrong with being ordinary if it’s what makes me happiest.

In 26 Letters

A: Age: 17 going on 77. Or, 25.

B: Bed size: Double, even though I tend to sleep on the very edge.

C. Chore you hate: Putting away laundry. HATE it. I have 14 empty drawers and an empty closet in my room, and several organized piles of clothing on my floor.

D. Dogs: Archibald Dylan the miniature apricot poodle. He lives with my mom, but I know is doggie heart is with me.

E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast. I often wake up specifically because my tummy is growling in my sleep. Sometimes I get started on breakfast before I even pee or drink water in the morning. Two other things that are also essential starts. Finally, there’s coffee. A whole french press of it (no shame).

F. Favorite color: Orange, brown, yellow. In that order.

G. Gold or silver: Silver. Gold always reminds me of the 80s?

H: Height: 5’7” I grew half an inch when I started lifting weights because it improved my posture!

I: Instruments that you can play: Piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, drums, clarinet, voice, tambourine and egg shaker ;) Guitar is on hold though until I learn to rotate my left wrist again.

J: Job title: Market Intelligence Analyst/Editor. Have I not told you about that new job title yet?? Muhaha. I will ;)

K: Kids: Hopefully someday! Even though I want boys, I only have girl’s names picked out.

L: Live: Moncton, New Brunswick. Home of the majestic Petitcodiac River and tidal bore (exaggeration).

Source. The river is brown and stinky.

M: Mom’s name: Christina, although her family calls her Chrissy.

N: Nicknames: Sus, Susie, Sue, Susie Q. I like Susie best, sounds less old lady-like than “Susan.”

O: Overnight hospital stays: Spent two nights in the hospital this past February when I shattered my elbow. I never mentioned it, but I shared a room with a screaming crazy lady who’d broken her hip. Everyone kept apologizing to me for her, but I was too hyped on pain meds to really care.


P: Pet peeve: When people make mean spirited comments about others.

Q: Quote from a movie: “The fat man walks alone.” Name that movie!!

R: Righty or lefty: Righty.

S: Siblings: Two older sisters, Sara and Jane. Two younger step-sisters on my dad’s side, Marissa and Sarah. Then three younger step-siblings on my mom’s side, Ashley, Emily and Wesley. I love them all.


T: Time you wake up: Usually around 7-8am. I haven’t been using an alarm clock lately, just my body clock!

U: Underwear: Anything that won’t create panty lines. I live in yoga pants people.

V: Vegetables you dislike: Turnip and arugula. Both are too bitter.

W: What makes you run late: The internet! I start by going on the computer just to check my e-mail before I leave. Twenty minutes later I’ve been sucked into watching whatever YouTube video is viral that week and I’m not where I should be going to.

X: X-rays: Ugh. Too many to count at this point. A few when I was little because of a fractured elbow and sprained finger. Since my skating accident a couple months ago I’ve have around 10 x-rays and two CT scans. I’ve actually started asking for a lymph guard when I get x-rays because I’m beginning to worry about the radiation risk.

Y: Yummy food you make: I make a lot of good food, but I think my chocolate chip cookies are the best.


Z: Zoo favorite animal: NOT monkeys. The creepy bastards.

Nana’s Girl

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but my mom is currently in Florida. It’s how I ended up with a shaved poodle at my dad’s place.


Poor Archie is having a hard time staying warm these days. I’ve been trying to fatten him up, but he still takes to laying in warm pockets of sun. Or err, wrapping himself up in blankets.


He totally did this to himself. I *ahem* swear.

My mom, apart from being the mother to three high maintenance daughters, and three high maintenance step-children, also takes care of my 87-year-old grandmother. Something I’ve also taken over while she’s been away.

Although, my mom’s version of caring for my grandmother includes things like appointments and bill paying. I mostly just go over there every other day to eat and socialize.


My Nana makes the best lunches. Egg salad sandwiches, asparagus sandwiches, and the above tomato and bacon sandwich. Always ended with a cuppa tea and tray of sweets!


I asked about her shortbread recipe and she couldn’t give me specifics. I think she makes it up as she goes along. The key though really is the coconut icing on top.


There was also once a Papa. He passed away just over three years ago. He was the kind of man who loved to entertain a room. And my Nana is the kind of woman who loves to laugh. She went through a hard time when he passed, and I’m so proud she was able to come through that.


Now she is dealing with the death of her son. My uncle who passed away just a few weeks ago of brain cancer. She talks about him a lot. She thinks the world of him.

Her strength never ceases to amaze me. Not just emotionally either. She does yoga once a week and dropped down into a minute long plank the other day. And she’ll be 88 in June!

I really cherish the time I’ve spent with my Nana over the last little bit. And I’m thinking about holding Archie hostage at my dad’s place after my mother returns. But I think we can all agree we miss her. Please give her back Florida!!