For those of you who feel intimidated by the weight room, here are some heart pumping circuits to work your whole body. Ask if you can use the empty aerobics classroom at the gym. All the equipment should be in there. Most gyms leave them open when they’re not in use.

Warm-up: (repeat 5 times for a total of 10 minutes)

Marching in place (30 sec)
High knees (30 sec)
Butt kicks (30 sec)
Jumping jacks (30 sec)

Circuit 1: (repeat 3 times)
Medicine ball squat with front lateral raise (15-25 reps x 5 lbs)
Prone jackknife (10-20 reps or whatever you can do!)
Hamstring curl on ball (10-20 reps)

Circuit 2: (repeat 3 times)
Walking lunge with ab twist (20-30 reps, aka 10-15 each leg x 5-10 lbs)
Dumbbell pullover to ball crunch  (15 reps x 5-10 lbs)
Reverse fly (3-8 lbs x 10-15 reps)

Circuit 3:
Wall squat with bicep curl (5-10 lbs x 10-20 reps)
Push-ups (until you collapse, no, really)
Standing two arm tricep kickback (5-10 lbs x 15 reps)


I know the weight and rep suggestions are really vague. Basically, it’s a higher rep range because most gyms keep the lighter dumbbells in those aerobic rooms. The important part is to push out reps until you feel like you can’t do any more. You should be making faces to get those last two out! ;)

  1. I’m currently planning today’s full body circuit workout and this page is so helpful! Thanks!

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