Warm up on a cardio machine first for 5-10 minutes.

Seated machine chest press, alternating if machine allows 12-24 reps 10-20 lbs Chest, shoulders
Squat with front shoulder raise (holding swiss ball instead of medicine ball) 15-20 reps swiss ball Quads, glutes, hips, shoulders


Plank shuffle on medicine ball 60-90 sec Abs, shoulders
Diagonal woodchop with medicine ball 15 each side 5-10 lbs Obliques, legs, shoulders


Dumbbell bicep curl to shoulder press 10-15 reps 8-15 lbs Biceps, shoulders
Side plank with leg lift 30-45 sec Obliques, inner + outer thighs


Single arm cable row with reverse lunge 12 reps 15-30 lbs Back, biceps, quads, hips, glutes
Single arm 90 degree cable extension 12 reps 5-15 lbs Triceps


Single leg hamstring curl on ball 10 reps each side Hamstrings, calves
Ball pass 10-20 passes Abs

Don’t forget to stretch after!

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