Links I Love

I love reading blogs. These are just a few that I frequent. I highly suggest playing “Blog Roulette” ;)

Healthy Living Blogs

Food Blogs

Cancer Blogs & Websites



  1. I hope you’ll check out my blog — I’m a former Globe and Mail, Gazette and Daily News reporter — and my new book, as I think much of what’s in it will resonate for you. I went from the Daily News, on paper one of the best jobs in the U.S. (canned after a year) to…The North Face, selling ski jackets and socks for $11/hr. no commission. In my book, I interview a number of people who actually enjoy or even prefer retail jobs like yours and mine to “status” jobs in the media that, as you quickly saw, are not nearly as fun as they appear from the outside.

    My new book talks about how much happier (for a while) working retail made me than working for the nation’s 6th largest newspaper, a job I went into with high hopes.

    Glad to see you have made a great new life for yourself in my hometown of TO.

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