Daily Archives: May 21, 2011

It’s Burger Season

Ohbaby. I’ve been waiting for you.


After two weeks of straight cold, wind, rain, and grey skies, the heavens opened up and gave us warmth and sunshine.

You know what that means.


Dad fired up the grill!

You know how there are some items your parents make that no matter what will always taste best to you? I mean sure, I bet there is some fabulous spaghetti in Italy. But in my mind, it will never live up to my mom’s spaghetti that my tastebuds are accustomed to.

Well, no burger will ever live up to my dad’s.

Trust me, I tried to find one in Toronto and failed. Albeit, this bison burger came pretty darn close.


My dad kept teasing me for taking photos of this burger he deemed “nothing special.”

“Wait until I make something fancier!” he said.

But this is all I need. Lean ground beef, with a little all-purpose seasoning and bbq sauce, thrown on the grill, and topped with a ridiculous amount of yellow mustard and relish.


On a toasted white sesame seed bun. It’s all about a thick patty for me. It’s gotta be thick, juicy, and the same exact size as the bun.

My dad also showed me how to use the barbecue. I’ve never had one before. It’s all very exciting! I hope I don’t blow myself up.

Another sign that summer is on the way?


But more on that later. I’ve got a weekend to conquer!