Daily Archives: May 28, 2011

Cool Naners

Anyone else keep their bananas in the fridge?


I posed this question on Twitter the other day and I got the feeling some people thought I was crazy. I guess most people leave bananas out because they let off a gas when they ripen that can ripen other things in your fridge. But so do tomatoes, and a lot of people put their tomatoes in the crisper!!

I like to let bananas ripen on the counter, then stick them in the fridge at first sign of black spots. I do this because under-ripe bananas give me tummy aches and ripe bananas are too mushy for me. Put them in the fridge and they are a cool, refreshing temperature with minimal gross mushiness.

I highly recommend you try it! I’m surprised more people haven’t thought of it?

In other news, you should check out this Q&A I did.

I’m off to conquer my Saturday. Yesterday was payday, which means today is shopping day :) Have a good one!