Things I Learned The Month I Moved Away

I still get excited about little things, like when my Dairy-free (ish) Protein Pancakes make the Foodbuzz homepage.


Meditating at 5am is only fun when you’re not wishing you were asleep instead.

Protein before bed is the secret to waking up with no belly pouf (for me!). No matter how weird the combination may seem.

IMG_9160Cottage cheese, almond butter, sugar-free syrup, cinnamon. 


Soy protein powder, cocoa powder, stevia, vanilla extract, coconut, almond milk.

I am head over heels for yoga. Even though I curse myself for going during the sun salutations, I always leave with a dopey grin on my face.

Earthquakes happen in Ottawa!!

There is no sense in getting mad at myself for getting up at an ungodly hour to eat breakfast, then go back to bed. If it helps me sleep, so let it be.


I still have a lot to learn about this world.

I still have a lot to learn about myself.  

Bloggers are some of the best people I know.


I reallyreally like baking.

And I might even be good at it.

Not to mention, it makes for excellent therapy when I need to take a time-out from life.

I am a hopeless optimistic. I cling on to the idea that things will always work out in the end.

I’m kinda outdoorsy!!

I still don’t have a handle on how to deal with my anxiety disorder. I’m oblivious as to whether it’s something I can cure by finding the source of it, or if it’s something I’ll just need to manage for the rest of my life…

The Queen of England is just an 84-year-old woman who shouldn’t have to walk and shake people’s hands anymore. She should be doing old-people yoga with my Nana.


I left something in the mountains. I think I may have to go back and find it.


Even after living with someone for 10 years, sometimes you need to learn how to live with them all over again.

I’m thankful my family loves me enough to have me around :)


I am way more scared than I admit about moving to Toronto. Thankfully, I’m also a hopeless optimistic. Tonight, I zip up my suitcases for the last time, and tomorrow I will unpack them for good :)


Question of the Day: What did you learn in June?

**An unfortunate paragraph break in my last post may have led to a few incorrect e-mails. If you haven’t heard back from me yet on the July 11th Toronto blogger meet up send me another e-mail at:

Take that wordpress.

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  1. Great post! I learned that exercise makes me happy and weight training gets surprisingly fast results. I also learned that going to bed before 10 is perfectly okay when you need to get up early, and it often a good idea.

  2. I learned that the Cinderella story is true–there is a perfect pair of shoes for everyone, even if they are orange New Balances handed to you by a balding old man at a running store!

    Also, keep your mouth shut when running and chewing gum on the treadmill.

  3. you have had the best june out of anyone i know. loved this post. hooray for being featured on FB page! yeah!

    the month of june i learned that you lose more weight when you don’t over-analyze your meals & moves. just live life and the weight loss will come. i am sure the stress of wedding plans helped.. but still..

    love ya lots!

  4. adrienmelaine

    You saw the Queen?! That’s the best! I was just reading about her in HELLO magazine today- perhaps you’re in some of the photos.. most likely I saw you in there!

    I learned that sometimes you just need to dive in head first into your life and trust yourself not to end up in a belly flop at the end of the day!

  5. greensandjeans

    Such a cute post and YAY YOU and your famous pancakes!

  6. Lovely post girlie, you’ve done some fab learning in the past short while. A GOOD scared no doubt, I’m sure Toronto will be amazing for you.

    I used baking as therapy today. It really does work!

  7. this is adorable! I LOVE JUNE!! I learned that I need to be more faithful and trust the Lord with HIS plans! they are not mine-they are HIS!

  8. I was reminded (I learned it a while ago) that my husband is amazing and loves me unconditionally. I learned just how much I need my Mum. And I discovered your blog and learned that I quite like it :)

  9. What did I learn this month….well…I learned, again, that it’s impossible to exercise away a crappy diet. I learned that I can’t eat whatever I want in the sake of “being kind to myself” if I don’t want to gain weight. So now, I have to learn how to lose weight (again!) without crazy dieting or being miserable. We’ll see….

  10. You have had quite the exciting and lesson-filled June =) I’m sure July will be even more kickass!

    Good luck with the move and can’t wait to see pics of the new place and neighborhood!

    Nicole G

  11. Ah I learned soo very much in June.

    1. Japan is a completely different world than the US.
    2. It is actually hard to be a vegetarian in Japan since they don’t quiet understand what a vegetarian eats.
    3. Home sickness is a real feeling and it’s crazy how strongly one can feel it.
    4. I realized how much I love my boyfriend and am now pretty darn sure he’s the one ^_^
    5. I’ve learned to be an intuitive eater since I can not plan all my meals here! Big leap forward in fighting my dieting mentality!
    6. That reading food blogs of food you have no way of acquiring is torture!
    7. That people are extremely brave to move away from home.

  12. Fab post, I’m sure everything will be brilliant for you in Torronto! This month I learned to listen to my body and that missing a workout is not the end of the world!

  13. Brie – Also, keep your mouth shut when running and chewing gum on the treadmill.

    The mental image of this statement just cracked me up! Thanks for the morning giggles. :)

  14. you have had a very memorable month, that’s for sure!

    i feel the same way about my anxiety … i keep waiting for it to go away, like a cold would. after 5 years of living with it, i don’t think that’s going to happen. we’ll be okay, though … i promise. :)

  15. In June I learned that things happen for a reason, I just may not always know what that reason it. Worrying doesn’t help anything, it just puts wrinkles in your forehead!

    Good luck with the move!

  16. What a lovely recap!! I would miss that puppy nose too! How sweet!

    I learned that I need to not wait around for things to happen – carpe diem!!

  17. Love this post! Good luck with your move it’ll be fine I’m sure. I understand though as much as I am excited to go on this residential course I am absolutely terrified too! x x

  18. i learned to take advantage of the weather and not be a slave to inside of the gym! I went on so many walks and spent so much time outside!!

    you ARE great at baking!! you make amaazing things!! and featured in foodbuzz?!?! girl you are a celeb!!

    ahh that nose is so so so cute!!!

    stay optimistic and everything will work out beautifully!!!

  19. WAAAA!!! Good luck moving/settling/arriving. You’re going to be golden my friend. I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures!

  20. This month I learned that I love making and eating homemade ice cream. That I do better with less carbs. (wow, those first two statements don’t go together that well! lol!) That I almost always buy tops in size too big, which ties into It’s a good idea to shop with a friend!

  21. This month I learned that I really really love blogging. And I need to suck it up and deal with my issues instead of pretending they’re not there. :]

  22. Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadian blogger friend! :-)
    I LOVE the what I learned posts and may replicate something like that one of these days if that’s okay because it is sheer brilliance!

    How are things in Ottawa?
    If you EVER want to check out the “end of the 401” aka Windsor, you are more than welcome to stay with me!

  23. Aww I love this post!

    I too may find myself moving to Toronto within the next couple of months (I hate uncertainty, so it is killing me not knowing!). I’ve lived there once before, but only for a 4-month co-op term, and it was in the winter so I had a mad case of the winter blues at the time and didn’t enjoy it much. If I do move there this summer though, just know that there is someone there experiencing the SAME scared feelings as you!! :)

  24. You certainly had a fabulous month, Susan! I can’t wait to hear the next part of Toronto :D

    I learned in June that I can keep off all the weight still. I also learned I can bike farther than I thought I could. It was a good month.

  25. I learned that sometimes my body needs a break.

  26. Good luck with the move! I moved here from Niagara 6 years ago and it was one of my best decisions. This is a great city!

  27. I learned that being simply active IS exercise. Just bc I dont make it to the gym and do the strength training I’m supposed to do doesnt mean I didnt do something good for myself.

  28. you’re gonna kill it in toronto girl :) you’ve got so much going for you and you accomplished SO much just this month alone! think about what’s in store for the rest of forever!!

    p.s. i really like you baking too haha

  29. Haha I have definitely tried meditating in the early morning hours…only to fall asleep and wake up an hour or so later with a feeling of complete and utter confusion! :)

  30. I’m so curious, you mention your anxiety disorder, but when I read of all your outgoing activities……I’m puzzled. Blogging does let you hide alot or perhaps skew it the way you’d like others to see it. I believe I’m just noticing my issues with anxiety, and half the time feel like I’m falling apart, yet I do nothing in my life quite like you are. My world is very contained. I think you need to give yourself more credit than you do. You are so ready for Toronto!

    • Awww, thank you Renee :) You’re right, blogging is very skewed. I do try really hard to push the limits with my anxiety, but I don’t really blog about how I collapsed in a crying heap yesterday with sheer panic over the decisions I’ve made. It scares me beyond reason to leave my self-contained world, but I’ve thankfully learned early on that the experiences I get out of it (besides the panic) is worth every anxious thought. And I’m stubborn. I don’t want my disorder to keep me inside when I should be outside living this life I was given :)

  31. I’ve learned that waking up at 4 am with hunger pain is the perfect sign that you should eat more. And that if you eat more, you won’t turn into a whale. I’ve also learned that everybody is worried about me, and that maybe all that weight gaining thingy is the right way to go.

  32. Woohoo for protein pancakes storming the Foodbuzz homepage!
    You learned a lot of great things this month. I agree that baking is therapeutic :D

    Something I learned: if you want something to change, YOU have to do it. Can’t rely on other people ;)

  33. Nice post! Cool you got to see and do so much in one month!
    Hopefully TO goes as well as you think it will!

  34. something i learned: blogger friends should be real friends in your real life too.

  35. life is wonderful right? it’s been so much fun reading about all of your adventures susan. baking, blog friends, biscuits, protein powder concoctions, and food buzz. all of it. the outdoors aren’t too shabby either. :)

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