Immediate Onset Muscle Soreness

Finally, I did it.

I went to a kettle bell class!!

Few gyms in my old neck of the woods offer kettlebell classes, so when Darryn suggested we try one out here in Ottawa I was all over it!

Now, I may be a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, but I was still a little scared. I’ve heard this shit (sorry) is tough. Which in some twisted way is also why I was so attracted to it.

We went to an “Intro to Kettlebells” class. Thankfully, it was just me, Darryn and the instructor, which made it feel like our own private session!

Essentially, kettlebell training is a lot like plyo, but with the addition of swinging around one or two of these weights. It requires a lot more balance and fluidity than I was expecting, and perhaps also why they recommend you go barefoot.


We did a lot of squats and lunges, some with jumping, a few with presses. I think the sit-ups with the shoulder press killed me the most. Apparently the intro class is mostly easier moves with fewer reps. My heart rate definitely got high towards the end of each circuit and I could really feel my muscles working – the best of both worlds!

With all that said, it is pretty torturous. But some people dig torturous (maybe even this girl?). I’d love to find a beginner class in Toronto where I can learn more moves, and maybe even incorporate into some training plans for advanced clients!

And in case you’re wondering, I am hella sore. Inner thighs mostly, thanks to all those squats. No “delayed” onset muscle soreness here. It’s all immediate ;)


After, Darryn and I found our way to the Byward Cafe. She had her heart set on a salad, I on a coffee and sandwich. They had all three!


For the sandwich, I went for chicken and marinated vegetable. Very good actually, for something that sounds so simple.


For the salad, I got the greek + mixed greens.


For my coffee, I went for an Americano. Yummmm.

Darryn and I chattered away and had a lovely lunch together!


Have I said that I love blog friends? I love blog friends. Everyone is so wonderful, one of the main reasons why all the work I put into blogging is worth it!! Not to mention, more people in the world who love to ramble about food and exercise with me ;)

After we said our goodbyes, I continued on my journey to the National Art Gallery. This is the place I was trying to get to when I got lost in Hull.

Apparently it’s hard to miss because of the large, frightening spider out front. Disgusting egg sack and all. Aragog??

The gallery had a Pop art exhibit on! Including this one:

Lots of Warhols which were pretty neat to see. Some other things from the 80s and early 90s that I actually recognized from my childhood. The most “interesting” thing in the exhibit was a video of Kirsten Dunst singing the song “Turning Japanese.” No joke. I had to do a double take. Watch it here.

My faaaavourite thing from the gallery though were the Canadian works of art!!

The National Gallery has a lot of Group of Seven paintings which I lovelovelove. This one by Tom Thomson is one of my all-time favourites.

This one caught my eye immediately, and I smiled when I read the info card next to it.

“Red Currant Jelly” by Mary Pratt – an artist from Fredericton!! She’s one of the most famous painters to come from New Brunswick :)

Of course, this one also caught my eye…

“A Meeting of the School Trustees” by Robert Harris. Aka the source of the “Both of you know I cannot read a word” Heritage Minute!! It is slightly sad that my knowledge of Canadian history comes mostly from those Heritage Minutes…

I tried to power through the gallery as I still had a 40 minute walk back to my sister’s place and my body was starting to feel worn out. Made up a giant veggie plate the second I burst through the door.

Carrots, bell pepper and cucumber with tofu spread.


Tofu spread completes me.

Dinner featured a new-to me veggie.


Artichokes! Okay, I’ve had the bottled artichoke hearts before, but I’ve never dealt with the whole thing before.


I didn’t really look up a recipe before I spontaneously decided to cook them tonight. I took the hard leaves off, sliced them lengthwise, and let soak in red wine vinegar with shallots before sautéing.


Eaten on half a pita with a cut up bison burger, mayo, mustard, spinach and tomatoes.


Honestly, I think I prefer the jarred variety, but it was still a fun food experiment!


Roasted broccoli and sweet potato on the side. Burnt it a little, which actually made it better! Crispier! Yumyum :)


Sara and I had planned on an Ashtanga class tonight, but she can’t make it. I’m secretly glad because I’m pretty sore from kettlebells ;)

Question of the Day: What is your favourite fitness class? One you’re dying to try? My favourite is either spin or step but tomorrow I’m making it to that Gliding class – mark my words! ;)


**Angela from Oh She Glows and I are organizing a big Toronto blogger meet-up at Calico Cafe for July 11th to celebrate my moving there! E-mail me at the asap if you think you can make it – space in the restaurant is limited!

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  1. As a California girl, my life would not be complete without a regular influx of artichokes =). If you get your hands on some again, try them steamed with some mayo or oil and vinegar! Just lop off the first couple inches of leaves and cut off the stem, trim any thorns still left, and steam for 20-45 minutes, depending on how big your ‘chokes are. They’re so good that way!

  2. You take gorgeous pictures, my dear!

    I wish I had some blogger buddies in Portland!

  3. adrienmelaine

    I wish I was going to be in T.O. then- would be so fun to meet you guys!

    My first KB class was insane, I was dying about 15mins into it- not fun at all- not to mention the blisters from my gripping the KB too tight- not good for girly hands!

  4. ‘ Doctor, I smell burnt toast!”

  5. I would have no idea what to do with Artichokes, like none. I’m a jar girl through & through. You inspire me to make things in the kitchen then I realize I have no ingredients in the kitchen.

    I’m yet to find many Sydney healthy food bloggers, i’m searching.

  6. seriously love me some kettlebells! i wishhh we had classes here with the kettlebells in them more often! when i had a personal trainer back in the day we used to do the bells ALL the time and i loved the soreness!

  7. Great, colourful meals! Love the big veggie plate!
    Where is that restaurant in Toronto? I haven’t heard of it.
    Sadly, I can’t make it because I am stuck in Windsor with school..

  8. Kettleballs look like so much fun! Though if you find it intense, I’m sure it would leave me sore as hell =)

    I took a step aerobics class in Freshmen year of high school. I LOVED it. I bought a step and tried using the video that went with it, but it was not as good as the class. Now that I’ve moved home for good I may just have to look into a local gym to take some classes. They are so much more enjoyable than videos – more personal and vary from week to week.

    Nicole G

  9. That sandwich looks tasty, its so cute how they position it to look like a heart :)

  10. greensandjeans

    Artichokes have always kind of frightened me. I like eating them, but I don’t really like doing the work. Call me lazy! :)

  11. I’ve always wanted to take a kettlebell class! I’m too worried about hurting myself to try them on my own. My favorite fitness classes are Zumba classes. :)

  12. I really want to try Zumba, it sounds like a lot of fun!

    Your sandwich is so cute! :)

  13. My gym has just started advertising a kettlebell class which I’m really tempted to try, and like you I kind of dig the really tough classes! I might be a little scared of knocking someone out with a weight while I’m swinging it!

  14. I tried kettle bells once and loved it but they don’t have any classes round here, my favorite classes are definitely spinning and pump I love both spinning for the sweat and pump for the strength x x

  15. Kettlebells frighten me, I know somehow I would wack myself in the face with one!! As a kid, we used to have artichokes all the time for dinner, I have no idea how my Mom prepared them, I just remember dunking the leaves in cheese and was happy :) The lunch you had looked so yummy!!! I want some blogger buddies around here :(


  16. I’m sore just thinking about Kettle bell class.

    I just signed up for Bikram yoga. I’ve never done hot yoga before, so I’m very excited.

  17. D’oh! We are celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday on the 11th. Hopefully I can make the next Toronto blogger meet-up :)

  18. as a trainer, I have always been intrigued by kettle bell classes, my friend took one for a while and loved it! she just got busy with work, so couldnt make the time anymore but she did love it!! i want to try it!

    • I was asking our instructor about her certification process and it sounds SO intense!! She had to perform moves above and beyond what she would ever get her students to do. Those kettlebell people mean business!

  19. ahhhh you finally got to kettlebell it up! and don’t you just kinda love the feeling of being sore? i do. i took a bootcamp class yesterday, which involved lots of lifting exercises i obvs never do. def a little sore myself this morning :)

  20. I want to try kettlebells soooo bad. I doubt my gym will get them anytime this century though.

    As for classes I have a love/hate relationship with spinning and kickboxing. My favorite is probably boot camp but it’s only offered in the spring.

  21. It’s funny that you just tried fresh artichokes… I “downgraded” to frozen after fighting it out with fresh for far too long! ;)

    <3 <3

  22. Oh that blogger meet up sounds fun! I love being around other bloggers. They really are all awesome.

    Kettlebells do sound incredibly tough. I don’t know if they offer classes anywhere around here but maybe one day I will have to look into it. I love finding new things to challenge myself.

  23. Kettlebells are TOUGH. and I’ve gotten some killer bruises from them as well!

  24. Aww your sandwich looks like a heart! And that photo of the museum with the spider is hilarious with the construction worker in the corner. Its like some weird sci-fi film and he’s about to be eaten. Heheh.

    Have fun at that gliding class! I had to do that a lot during physical therapy and love it. Its fun, but I don’t think it really counts as exercise. :]

  25. I’ve never tried artichokes either but they’re on my to-eat list. I’m still intimidated because I don’t really know how to cook them :$

    And I’m excited for the TO blogger meet-up! :)

  26. Just got all caught up with you! LOVED the arm muscle post. I just need to get back into body pump – I have no patience right now for doing the rounds of the weights at the gym but bodypump classes are a great way to get into muscle building!

    Also loving all the bacon I’ve been seeing…girl after my own heart! And by the way, beef in that watermelon/feta salad would likely be EPIC!

  27. hooray for kettlebells! how fun. i need to find a class. i love me some IOMS. and your sandwich looks like a heart. and i did just read all your other posts, but didn’t comment, but thoroughly loved every moment of it. ive miss you, susan!

  28. But, but….you threw away the leaves of the artichoke??! That’s the best part! Next time slice the bottom to make it flat and steam them for 45 minutes. Then make a sauce (I like mayo, worchestershire and lemon juice) and tear, dip and eat! Plus getting to the heart is so much fun and it’s like an added bonus. Artichoke dessert, if you will. :)

    • Promise I will do that next time!! Throwing the leaves away felt like such a waste…

      Does anyone ever dip the leaves in a cheesy artichoke heart dip?? That would blow my mind.

  29. I love kettlebells! I just did a killer kb workout here on my patio.

    I still need to take a Bikram class. that’s top of my list. I love to try out any new class, really; great way to mix up the daily routines.

    I’ve never cooked whole artichokes myself, but my dad used to just steam them, I think, and serve with little cups of herbed butter or olive oil and lemon. and you just dip the leaves and scrape them with your teeth!

  30. NOM! I’ve never cooked with whole artichokes before, but I love dishes with them in it! I bet they’re just less salty than the jarred ones is all…

    I don’t really like group classes. Yoga is about it for me.

  31. artichokes. i never cook whole ones b/c they are a PITA to get clean, truly clean, and they never taste that “amazing”. it’s the only veggie i swear is better canned!

    kettlebells. i have never gotten into them but would give it a whirl

    your meetup…you two look so beatiful!

  32. I’ve always wanted to try kettlebells because of the biggest loser and jillian. looks like big fun. :)

    i have not had sweet potato cheetahs in five months. theylooksogood. that and kale chips. i think one of the first meals i make when i get home will be kale chips and cheetahs. with a whole lotta ketchup.

  33. I saw artichokes when I was at the grocery store a few days ago and was so tempted to try them out, but a bit intimidated not knowing how to prepare them. Maybe I need to snag a few next time I’m there and try them out!

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