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I’M ON MY WEEKEEENNNDD!!! Can you tell I’m pumped?? I actually realized that today was my eleventh straight day of work and not my tenth. But, I got through it, and now have two glorious days to myself before I work the real weekend.

After writing my post on sleep deprivation, I hit the sack early, sleeping eight hours. Just what the doctor my body ordered. I rolled out of bed and did ten minutes of Polly’s Yoga for Yin. It was the perfect. Left me feeling all loosey goosey again :)

Then I wobbled my way to the kitchen and whipped up a spectacular batch of blueberry flax protein pancakes.  


These were some of the fluffiest pancakes I’ve made in a while. I think the fat in the flax helped?

Work today was actually kind of fun. My boss and I went to the fitness centre on a military base about 15 minutes from here. Apparently they have the largest field house east of Quebec. It was so neat to see! The indoor track was bee-yoo-tiful. There was also a huge outdoor track, the biggest weight room I’ve ever seen, a special crossfit set-up, huge spin class set-up, indoor and outdoor pools, free ski use, camping gear, snow shoes, tennis courts and a bowling alley! Umm, I’m totally joining the army! :P

The fitness center’s manager also told me he’s run 89 marathons! He was so blasé about it too, saying a lot of them were write-offs for him. But it still amazed me. I love meeting people who are so passionate about fitness like that. He’s currently organizing the second annual Canadian Army Run in Ottawa for September. So if you’re in the area, check it out! (ahem, Sara!!)

Apparently the local base is also hosting a triathlon in September. It definitely piqued my interest since the swim portion is in a pool. Something I may actually consider doing depending on what the bike course is like… The manager told me they didn’t want to close any streets for the event, which means the biking may be on trails, and I don’t have a mountain bike.

Anyways, it was work as usual after all that excitement. There was however another highlight in my work day…


My frozen food find!!!


VitaMuffins!!! I’ve been lusting after these things ever since I heard about them over a year ago. I thought I was doomed to never trying them since I don’t allow myself to buy food online (I spend enough at the grocery store, without shipping costs to Canada…).

Deep chocolate was all the store had. As if it mattered! I’m pretty impressed with the stats and ingredients.

100_6225 100_6223

I really enjoyed the flavour! The muffin was quite crumbly and messy, but overall it lived up to all my expectations. I had it with a cup of applesauce and a babybel and it held me over quite well. I can’t wait to make a parfait with it!

As for supper, my squash/nut butter obsession continues…


Kind of a weird supper combo, but satisfied all my cravings. Two Yves veggie dogs and steamed butternut squash mixed with PB. Stirring the squash partially mashed it, the texture was soooo good.

Speaking of marathons and triathlons, those of you who read Caitlin’s blog may have seen her mention a great new website the other day. Racevine allows you to search and review races. You can also create a profile, add races to it, and network with other people on the site. I just signed up and think it’s great!! I really want to spread the word about it because the more people who use it, the more useful it will be. So if you’ve participated in a race, go review it! And let the web administrators know if you’d like to see a race up there :)

One more thing… I have an assignment for you guys. Yes, that’s right, I’m putting you to work. It seems a lot of us could be using a little more sleep, so my mission for you (if you so choose to accept) is to go to bed one hour earlier sometime between now and Sunday. Get those hours you need! I did it last night and feel so much better today, I’m going to do it again tonight. I know we’re all busy, and cherish the downtime we get in the evenings. But I think if we can dedicate an hour to go to the gym every day, then surely one night a week, we can take an extra hour and hit the hay early. I bet you will feel so much better when you do :)

Report back to me and let me know how it went!

Now, if you don’t mind, there are Tour de France recaps for me to catch up on :P