Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

Same City, New Life

I’m back in Toronto!

My four day getaway to visit my sister in Ottawa turned into nearly 20 days involving a hospital stay, surgery, and manymany episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I LOVE that show.

Anyways, I’m back in the big city now. Feels weird returning to this space after so much has changed. No jobs to go to. A shattered arm. Realizing all my belongings need to be packed up sooner rather than later.


My 4.5 hour train ride back went well. I had to take a crowded bus by myself which was stressful with two bags + one arm. I didn’t even bother with public transportation when I got in (which I love to hate) and immediately hopped in a cab to my apartment.

I did well finding my way around my sister’s one bedroom apartment while in Ottawa. Now I’m trying to adjust to being in my own apartment with my new situation. It’s weird. Really weird.

It is however nice to be with my roommies again. I missed them!


Roommie Megan even saved me a couple of her Valentine’s Day brownies in the freezer. I forgot about them! I was as high as a kite on pain meds on Valentine’s Day. So they were a pleasant surprise ;) I believe she got the recipe here.

The roommie reunion continued last night, eating burritos and watching Exit Through The Gift Shop. Awesome film. Even better burrito.


From Chino Locos on Queen & Greenwood. Sort of like Mexican burritos, but with an Asian flare. I got the fish burrito with white baha fish, chow mein noodles, black beans, edamame, onions, peppers, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, cilantro and chipotle sauce. The noodles were a million times better than rice in terms of texture and flavour. I got the mild and it was still pretty spicy. Good amount of fish too. Definitely the best burrito I’ve ever had!

It’s also weird being in Toronto and not having a gazillion jobs to go to. I’m used to rushing around all over the place. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a day without leaving my neighbourhood since moving here.


So I’ve been celebrating with unemployment pancakes. Pancakes become unemployment pancakes with the act of eating them for lunch. Preferably while wearing flannel pants and watching videos on YouTube.

Another thing I missed about Toronto was my wardrobe! I was in Ottawa for almost three weeks with only a weekend’s worth of clothing. A lot of which I couldn’t wear with the full arm cast.


I’ve been reunited with this loose sweater my Aunt Heather gave me (hi!) that drapes perfectly over my cast. As well as my large collection of comfortable easy-to-pull-on workout attire. And yes, I wear leggings as pants. Deal with it.

I’m in Toronto until next Thursday when I travel to Ottawa to meet with my surgeon again. He’s not keen on transferring me to a Toronto doctor, nor am I keen on dealing with a surgeon who isn’t familiar with my specific case. Until then, I plan on crossing a few more items off my Toronto bucket list, relaxing in my own bed, and hanging out with my Toronto friends for the last time.

Yup. Just totally feels weird.