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Guns n’ Goals

Happy International Women’s Day!! I celebrated aaalll day. Easy to do when you’re a woman ;) Funny, I find the older I become, the more “pro woman” I am. I have my stellar role models to thank for that!

Speaking of strong women, did anyone check out Sandra Bullock’s guns during her speech last night?

Girl’s been lifting weights. Look, she’s all ready to curl that Oscar! I love seeing strong ladies, especially in Hollywood. It’s also slightly reassuring to know that even Sandra Bullock can make for a funny screen shot :P

I actually missed the Oscars because I was getting my beauty sleep for a workout this morning. I decided to switch things up and trade in my usual Monday morning spin class for a heavy upper-body day to keep from getting bored.

Warmed up with 20 minutes of sprint intervals on the elliptical. One-minute sprints at high resistance, followed by two minutes at an easier pace and resistance. Then on to the tough stuff:

Straight Sets:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Assisted pull-up  55 lbs 5 4
Dumbbell bench press  22.5 lb dumbbells 5 4
Seated cable row  70 lbs 5 4
Dumbbell incline bench press 22.5 lb dumbbells 5 4
Cable underhand pulldown  70 lbs 5 4

Alternating Sets:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Dumbbell shoulder press  17.5 lbs dumbbells 5 3
Incline curl 10 lb dumbbells 10 (ea) 3
Cable pushdown  30 lbs 5 3

Straight Sets:

Exercise Reps Sets
Plank  90 sec 1
Boat pose  45 sec 1
Side plank rotation  10 each side 1
Plank knee to elbow  20 1
Prone jackknife  10 1

This was actually not as heavy as I would have liked it!! I could have easily gone up to 25 lb dumbbells for the bench presses, but 1) I didn’t have a spotter, and 2) I couldn’t get them up to start with! I’m fine once the weight is up, it’s just getting it above my head that first time that is difficult. Anyone got any tricks? I suppose I should just switch to the barbell since it’s already above my head, but I like the challenge of the dumbbells.

Desk-breakfast was what’s slowly becoming the usual…

Yogurt, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, blueberries, almond butter, Grape Nuts. Basically a mushy mess.

Chased down with some iced coffee!

Morning snack was a mangled S’mores Luna bar.

These used to be my favourite bars, but I think I’m kinda done with them for the time being. I actually prefer my homemade ones now!

Lunch looks weak. That’s because it was.

Tuna pita + baby carrots. Sundays are my grocery day, which didn’t happen this week.

Another snack attack…

Boiled eggs + cheese. My boss walked into my office after I ate this. I wonder if he could smell it?? I’m paranoid.

I’m going to try to hold off on buying groceries this week so I eat up all the extra stuff I have in my freezer and cupboards. Today I dug out a couple turkey mini meatloaves that I made and froze a long ass time ago.

With cheetas (aka roasted sweet potatoes). I sprinkle everything with salt, paprika and chili powder.

And finally, a tomato salad made with the darker kumatos, topped with balsamic vinegar, pepper, basil and parmesan cheese.


All together now!


What you don’t see here is how I smothered everything with ketchup after ;) Nomnom.


Weekly Goal Check-In!

I’ve decided Monday is the day to do this for no particular reason. I think my goals are off to a slow start…

1. Work on getting my car sold and apartment subletted. Well, I got a price estimate for my car and I’m posting my apartment on Kijiji as soon as I’m done blogging :)

2. Apply for a bazilion jobs in Toronto. Didn’t apply for any more this week. Seeing as I’ll be in Alberta for a chunk of June, it could potentially be almost July by the time I’m ready to start work. That’s a long ways away!

3. Take more initiative at work so I can finish my contract knowing I made a mark. I’m busy as hell at work, and right now I’m just happy to keep my head above the flood of projects that are coming in. Phew!

4. Learn as much as I can about personal training. FINISHED MY TEXTBOOK!! Yay!! My in-class training is in a couple weeks, so I just have to get through the online component before then, which will likely be time consuming.

5. Run outdoors again. This may happen this weekend if mother nature stays on my side. I don’t workout after work, and it’s still way too early in the season to run at 5:30 am (in the dark!!).


Sooo, #4 is the only one I rocked at, but I’m getting there! Now, I’m off to keep my promise and go post my apartment for rent…


Question of the Day: How are your goals going? I hope you wrote them down!!


Shark Tank

Happy weekend!! How is it going for everyone? I pretty much had the perfect day here at home. Relaxing and productive, but with some fun stuff sprinkled throughout :)

Kind of slept in today – till 6:30 (an hour past my usual wake-up time). I brought along a pack of instant multi-grain oats that I cooked up with some water and frozen raspberries.

Then I mixed up 100g plain yogurt with 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder to add to the bowl.


Then combined it all yoatgurt style and topped with almond butter!

I need to try this with greek yogurt, as it was a little too soupy with regular yogurt. I love regular yogurt on top of my oats not stirred in though (like the above picture). It’s like a frosting!

After breakfast and coffee, my mom and I hit up the local Nubodys gym for a Fit Mix class. From the website:

Fit Mix is a group athletic training class that combines resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and core stability work.

I’ve heard horror stories about this class, involving stopwatches, ladders, and near-death experiences. I was pumped ;) But I think today’s was a little lower intensity. There weren’t enough hand weights to go around so we had to use resistance tubes. I’m not the biggest fan of them, but it was at least fun to learn new ways to use them! And I think I’ve done enough squats and lunges to last me the rest of the year :P

I was starving by the time we got back, and despite a having a snack, I still broke for an early lunch. This one inspired by Lori!


  • romaine
  • bell pepper
  • onions
  • tomato
  • chicken in barbecue sauce
  • feta cheese


Lori always raves about the bbq + feta combo and she’s definitely on to something! It was delicious!!

And so was lunch dessert ;)

My mom’s family is still working on that giant bag of chocolate. Pfft, if I was around, it would have been gone in a week :P

Shortly after lunch we (me, my mom and her “partner” Mark) went out to bask in the sunshine. The dogs get so worked up when we put our outdoor clothing on!

Unfortunately, they’re also elderly and can’t handle the long walks :(

Also notable, the amount of snow in Moncton!!

I almost feel culture shocked just coming from 160km away! So strange. Fredericton is almost entirely green by now, and Moncton is still buried under the white stuff! I thought I could sneak in an outdoor run this weekend, but most of the sidewalks aren’t even plowed.

We wandered down to Centennial Park and did a loop around a little lake. The place was buzzing with families.

I don’t know why, but it was such an odd sight for me to still see ducks on the snow and ice. My mom says they don’t migrate because they’re well-fed in the park.

And this is Jones Lake. You can skate on this when the weather is good enough. It’s a manmade lake but still beautiful!!

We were out for about an hour, then I came home and spent the rest of the afternoon going through my personal training textbook. I start my in-class component in two weeks!!

For dinner, I had a special date – with one of my besties!! You may recall I mentioned Meghan as one of my best friends in a Flashback post. We’ve known each other since grade 1 (18.5 years ago) and lived together for two years in university. So yeah, she’s not even a friend – more like family!!

Meg had a hankering for Indian food, so we went to the Tajmahal.

I kind of like the burn on the menu – adds character ;)

As with most Indian restaurants, I loved the decor. Especially the elephant statues, seeing as I collect them myself.

We decided to order a couple dishes and split them.

The first was the Subz Jalfrezi, “mixed vegetables, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, fresh beans and peas, seasoned and cooked on low heat.”

And the the Chicken Tikka which is boneless chicken marinated in spices and yogurt and cooked in a tandoori oven.

Don’t forget the roti! No naan. I am a naan-free zone. Put naan in front of me and it’s game over.

My plate:

Two words: YUM O. Excellent food to accompany catching up with an old friend! Meghan is actually thinking about getting her PhD soon, so we’ll eventually have to call her Doctor Meghan ;)
Meghan is also a giant nerd really smart. We were reminiscing about the time she brought a shark foetus home after dissecting a shark in class, and left the foetus on our kitchen table for a month!!! Ya know, cause kitchen tables are a good hangout for foetuses :P Then Meghan proceeded to tell me that it’s actually really rare to find a shark foetus because they eat each other in the womb!! How hardcore is that? Sharks are so badass they eat each other even in the womb. Anyways, I freaked out, and Meghan said I had to include that little shark tidbit on the blog. So there ya go, learning something new today from a future doctor – you can catch her on Shark Week :P


Well that’s all from me! I’m off to make a snack of some sort and either finish my textbook or read blogs. Eehhh, we all know it’s going to be the latter ;) See ya tomorrow!

Outrageous Lies

Hello bloggie friends! Some excellent goals being set over on this post. I’m going to be checking in again every Monday to update with how I’m doing on my monthly goals. I suggest you write down your goals so you can check in too!! This way we won’t forget about them and actually get them achieved :)

Well the worst is behind us. That’s right, Tuesday is over. Today was actually a decent day in Susan-land. T’was a fun day at work. Started off spectacularly with a heavy upper-body weight lifting sesh.

Elliptical Sprints

Minutes Level
0-3 10
3-5 14
5-6 17 (sprint)
6-8 15
8-9 18 (sprint)
9-11 16
11-12 19 (sprint)
12-14 16
14-15 18 (sprint)
16-17 15
17-18 17 (sprint)
18-20 14

Straight Sets:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Assisted chin-up 55 lbs 5 4
Romanian deadlift to row  60 lb barbell 5 4
Incline chest fly 20 lb dumbbells 5 4
Close-grip lat pull down 70 lbs 5 4
Seated cable chest press 35 lbs 5 4
Arnold press 17.5 lb dumbbells 5 4

Alternating Sets:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Seated hammer curl 15 lb dumbbell 5 each arm 3
Tricep extension 20 lb dumbbell 5 3

Straight Set:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
YTWL  7.5 lb dumbbells 5 each letter 3

Straight Sets:

Exercise Reps Sets
Plank  60 sec 1
Boat pose 60 sec 1
Plank knee to elbow 15 each side 1
Side plank rotation 15 each side 1
Prone jackknife  15 1


Pheeeewie! My arms feel pretty good right now, but I know they’re going to be dead tomorrow. All last week it hurt just to hang my arms at my side, I expect nothing less this week ;)

Got to work nice and early to enjoy breakfast at my desk.


  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey powder
  • 1 tbsp cashew butter
  • cinnamon
  • raisins
  • drizzle maple syrup

Morning snack was a piece of low-carb banana bread.


Today I sandwiched some of my fave protein goo (protein powder + water) in there.

Lunch was leftovers from last night.

A random mish mash of ground chicken, chickpeas and veggies. Tasted wonderful the next day.

However, I didn’t portion enough leftovers for myself, so I had to dig into my afternoon snack early.


  Apple Cinnamon Protein Bar. Click on the link – it’s got a recipe page now!!

Dinner was a big ole’ salad.


  • spinach
  • onions
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • yellow & red bell pepper
  • roasted soy nuts
  • herbed tofu


The dressing was watered down pizza cheese with 2 tbsp hummus, 2 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes and 2 tbsp water. The tofu was also sautéed in a new food buy!

Coconut oil!!
I’ve been wanting to try it forever after reading so many rave reviews on blogs. Fatty February finally gave me the extra push I needed to spend ten bucks on a jar. You only need a little bit, so I think my $10 will actually spread pretty far! I couldn’t really pick up the flavour on the tofu though, I’ll have to try it with veggies next.

Speaking of veggies, see that dark tomato there?

It’s actually a kumato!

One of those things I saw at the grocery store and couldn’t not buy ;) Apparently kumatoes are a specially sweet tomato. The texture was to die for!


Not a very exciting day in terms of food. Very simple, but my body is feeling good about what I fed it today :) Luckily, Ellie tagged me in a fun award!

The rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth.
5. Nominate seven “Creative Writers” who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

Ahem. Thank you Ellie ;) Now onto my outrageous lies + one truth:

1. I read 36 books one summer in elementary school.
2. I won the highland dancing provincials when I was 6 years old.
3. I’ve been to Sidney Crosby’s house in Halifax although he wasn’t home at the time.
4. The fastest mile I ever ran was done in 7 minutes and 14 seconds.
5. I once made a vanilla latte for Jack White of the White Stripes.
6. When I was a reporter, I did a live television hit for Canada’s national news network, CBC Newsworld.


So my Question of the Day is which one do you think is the truth??

My nominations are randomly selected from the comments on my last post:


Have fun!!!


Oh! One last thing! I want to start posting pictures/links to people who try out my recipes/eats. If you’re a blogger, leave me a comment or e-mail me with a link to your post and I’ll feature it. If you’re a non-blogger, send me some pics and you’ll be a blogger for a day ;) E-mail is So if you’ve tried out a recipe in the past you want to share, send it my way, and keep it in mind for all future attempts!

See ya tomorrow for Waffle Wednesday!