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Weekend Delight

Hellohello!! Hope everyone had wonderful weekends :) I went MIA yesterday, but hopefully my new Fitness Friday series was enough to hold you over! I’m trying not to get all bent out of shape about posting every single day anymore. When it comes to writing, I’m a true believer in quality over quantity. But I’m happy to finally be sitting down to share my weekend with you!

Let’s get to the highlights, in a topical and orderly manner.



I like to think of Friday’s breakfast as the black & white cookie of oatmeal.


Dark chocolate dreams + marshmallow fluff atop protein oats.


Post picture, I swirled together the two melted toppings. My father said marshmallow fluff is not appropriate breakfast fare. I beg to differ.


I can’t get my new protein waffle recipe off my mind. On Saturday, I made another fluffy batch with date pieces cooked in. Dipped in a sauce of syrup and almond butter. It was nothing short of amazing.

This morning, I wanted more waffles, but was missing an ingredient.


Next best thing – coconut walnut french toast. Bread dredged through a mix of two eggs, almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, flaked coconut and walnuts. Ohyes.



A dark chocolate vitatop smothered in my Easy Peasy Cream Cheese Icing and flaked coconut.


Just how easy is it? One wedge of laughing cow cheese + one tablespoon marshmallow fluff = instant deliciousness.


New tasty snack thanks to Lynndates stuffed with cream cheese. Sugar and cream cheese were meant to be!



IMG_0060 IMG_0099

My friends rocked it out on Friday night. I’m trying to learn how to take decent band pictures. The low light and movement makes it pretty damn hard! The pictures don’t do them justice either, you can listen to The Station Agents here ;)



During my fitness assessment last week, I realized that I’ve been ignoring my core a little too much. Okay, I hate working my abs. But I know having a strong midsection is so important to not just sports and exercise, but everyday mobility. So here’s the ab-focused full-body strength workout I came up with:

Exercise Sets Reps Load Target
Assisted pull-up  3 12 70 lbs Back, biceps
Push-up  3 12 Chest, triceps
Swiss ball crunch with dumbbell pullover  3 12 10 lbs Abs, upper back, chest
Curtsy lunge  3 24 30 lbs Quads, glutes
Swiss ball leg curl 3 12 Hamstrings
Prone jackknife  3 12 Abs
Front raise with lateral open 3 12 5 lbs ea Shoulders
Back extension on roman chair 3 12 10 lbs Lower back, glutes
Captain’s chair  3 12 Abs, hips
Cable pushdown  3 12 40 lbs Triceps
One arm cable bicep curl  3 12 12 lbs Biceps
Cable horizontal woodchop  3 12 25 lbs Obliques

I did these in mini-circuits of three exercises, indicated by the different colours. With a 15 minute cardio warm-up, whole thing took me 65 minutes :)



I did pretty well in terms of beer this weekend. I went out both Friday and Saturday nights, which provided ample opportunity to consume mass quantities of alcohol. I waited till Saturday night to splurge on any, and they were worthy splurges indeed.

Mill St. Lemon Tea Beer: “Sunset-coloured (orangey-amber) slightly sweet, malty palate with dry lemon-tea finish. Beer made with addition of Black tea leaves and lemon in aging tank. Very smooth and quenching; unfiltered.”

Smelled like tea, tasted like beer! A good tasting beer, thumbs up.

On an impulse, I treated myself to my new favourite beer, Fruli.


I know how some people feel about fruity beers, but this strawberry white is downright delightful.


The view at Sin & Redemption pub isn’t too bad either. Nice bike, no? ;)




Because you can’t attend a barbecue without grilling up some of the delicious sausage prepared by your neighbourhood butcher. Featured here is a handmade garlic mushroom sausage. Probably one of the best sausages I’ve ever had. No joke. Not pictured is the sauerkraut that was eaten on top. Not audible are the “MmmMMmMmmms” made while eating this.




Because there’s no better way to wrap up a weekend than with a giant bowl of greens. This one here included some kale, tuna, olives, mozzarella cheese, and a dressing made up of pesto and lemon juice whisked together.


Last but not least, I bought a watermelon for two dollars today. A pretty stellar end to a pretty stellar weekend, I’d say :)


Question of the Day: What are your weekend highlights?


A Picnic Fit For Bloggers

Good news!!


I found my new running trail in Toronto!! Gravel path, waterfront, pedestrians only… LOVE :) I ran down there today for about 40 brutal minutes. Yes, brutal. It was HOT at 9am!! I reallyreally hope it cools down in August. I’m starting to feel like I’m losing some of my running season :(

However, I at least worked up a good appetite for the blogger potluck picnic!


You guys, there was so much food.


But first, the recipe for my contribution!


Tofu balls
from the Post Punk Kitchen. I don’t do a lot of vegan cooking, but that’s always my go-to site when I need something that’s animal-free.


image IMG_9797

My only changes were that I used Bragg’s for the soy sauce and panko for the bread crumbs. Oh, and I couldn’t find fresh basil! So oregano it was…


I also tripled the recipe to get a ludicrous amount of balls. Fried them in a little bit of sesame oil for additional flavour.


While the recipe calls for a traditional Italian-type sauce, I wanted to keep it Asian themed.


I e-mailed Averie for one of her vegan dipping sauce recipes. She suggested this peanut sauce and I knew it was perfect!!


Loved the sauce. So easy to make. I think I may now always make sure I have some of this on hand ;)

Now, back to the important part. My plate!


Starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise: tofu balls, pita wedges, hummus, carrot sticks, pasta salad with goat cheese, couscous salad, fruit salad, smoked salmon sandwiches, caprese salad skewer.

Round two!


Bread and cream cheese, black bean brownie, Loblaw’s The Decadent chocolate chip cookie, fruit salad, edamame salad.


I was totally impressed by Sarah’s black bean brownies!! They were really rich and had a really light texture. 


Oh yeah, and there was a half of Callie’s green tea cupcakes. With a sweet red bean paste in the center. Yum!!


For people who blog about eating, we didn’t make much of a dent in all this food :P


Sarah, Christina, Jenn, Kristin.

Sorry about the pictures of people blinking! Gah!


Callie, Morgan, Miranda.


Me, Nienke.

What a chill day! The weather was perfect and the park beautiful. I had so much fun hanging out on blankets, eating, and chatting it up :) Let’s see… some highlights of discussion included the Healthy Living Summit, Whole Foods and tight rope walkers. 


Yeah, we spent like 40 minutes watching this guy set up bands between trees. I left before the real action started. One of those instances that had me saying “only in Toronto!” ;)

After digesting, I hit up my “new gym” (aka my place of employment) to test out all the equipment. Yeah, today was a two-fer kinda workout day. Why not, it was fun!


Was a little detoured coming home thanks to me mindlessly stepping on the wrong subway. Whoops!


I was so hungry by the time I got home, I assembled a mountain of a salad that my roommie exclaimed to be my biggest one yet. Topped with a couple spicy black bean turkey patties and a dressing of hummus + mustard + water.


Including raw hunks of jicama. Loved it raw!! Sort of like a sweeter version of water chestnut.


And with that, I bid you au revoir! I think I’m going out tonight, and the camera is being left at home. It happens! ;)


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite picnic food? Fruit salad and bread right here!

10 Things That Have Something To Do With Nothing

1. I ate french toast every single day for at least 100 days during my last year of high school.


2. Walking to the grocery store and carrying groceries home is an excellent way to save money. That giant jar of pickles suddenly doesn’t feel so necessary…


3. Sweetened coconut tastes better than unsweetened. Let’s face it.


4. After 10 weeks of unemployment, I am physically incapable of waking up in time for a morning spin class. Thank goodness for noon-hour ones.


5. My dad and little step-sister are coming to visit me in Toronto next week and I am really excited. Especially because I now have someone to go to the Harry Potter exhibit with.


6. Your bicep contracts most when your forearm/wrist is twisting, as opposed to the motion of the traditional bicep curl. Touch your bicep and try both movements. Now try a twisting bicep curl :)


7. The neighbourhood butcher sells the most ludicrously large marinated chicken breasts. Meet 9 lbs of mango poppyseed, paired with a sweet potato covered in butter, syrup and cinnamon.


8. I don’t know how I’ll ever find another date when I’m turned off by the act of most men flirting.


9. Pesto + lemon juice is giving hummus + water a run for its money as my favourite salad dressing.


10. Thank you!! For all of the congratulatory and kind comments regarding my new job and blog anniversary. You are all awesome. Yes, even you, the lurker ;)


Question of the Day: Give me one random tidbit from your day!