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Weekend Soundtrack

I thought about going for a girl theme this week, then realized I just wanted a smattering of tunes to listen to. Enjoy!

Iggy Pop? Yes! Have great weekend!

Weekend Soundtrack – 1990’s Edition

Remember the 90’s?

I was watching a CBC special the other day on music in the 90’s, which eventually led me to looking up videos on YouTube. Ninety minutes later, I’d been sucked into the YouTube vortex, clicking on one 90’s music video after another. Memories spilling all over the place.

Mind you, I was born in 1986, but music from this decade has influenced me by far more than any other decade. A lot of this stuff is what taught me to love music when I was at an impressionable age.

Admittedly, the first cassette tape I ever owned was the Ninja Turtles II Soundtrack in 1991 (yes, the one with Vanilla Ice). My first CD was Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill in 1996. Alanis was my hero, until I got No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom later that year.

Growing up with two older sisters – one 4 years older and one a little more than 6 years older than me – I was highly influenced by their tastes in music. I would sneak into their rooms when they weren’t home and listen to their CDs, absorbing as much as I could without getting caught. So, I guess, thanks to them for not having crappy taste in music.

Clearly, five songs isn’t enough here, but it’s a good start for my trip down memory lane. What are some of your favourite songs from this decade?

P.S. That Radiohead is one of my Top 5 favourite videos of all time. Remember when music videos were actually entertaining to watch?

Weekend Soundtrack

Surprise! I’m trying not to stick to a rigid posting schedule on weekends. Just go with the flow of whatever activities are going on during my two glorious days off work.

I had such fun sharing some of my favourite music last week, I wanted to do it again! Talking about music is something I’d like to start doing more often seeing as it is such a big part of my life.

Here’s what I had on repeat this week:


I’m not entirely sure exactly what it is about this band that made them explode on the scene. Because  I can walk into any bar in Atlantic Canada on a Saturday night and hear a local band that sounds just like these guys. I do however love this style of music. When I can twist my wrist again, I’m getting a banjo and starting a band that sounds like a funeral home.


In a similar genre, this is a band I stumbled across this week. I must have been in a “traditional” mood! I’ve listened to all of Admiral Fallow’s albums and they’re a touch too mellow for me. But I absolutely adore this particular song.


The Black Keys are like Arcade Fire, who I featured last week. Everyone loved them until they became popular and synonymous with hipsters. And even hipsters hate hipsters. This is not the official video, but that’s worth watching for entertainment factor too. I love working out to this song, the beat is perfect.


I remember one of my friends in Toronto (hi Tom!) telling me about The Heavy several months back. I forgot all about them until someone posted this song on Facebook recently. I’ve since been listening to them over and over. Reminds me of a more rockin’ version of JJ Grey & Mofro, who I was also really into a few years back.


Maylee Todd came to me via Definitely Not The Opera (a Canadian radio show). She hosts workout events, but also makes her own music to go along with them. This video is a little out there, but I assure you, it makes doing aerobics a lot more fun.

So those are my picks this week, what are yours?