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The Manliest Cupcake

I’m not sure about you, but I am relieved to no longer be accosted by moustaches everywhere I turn.


November turned Toronto into a city of scuzzy moustaches. Also known as “Movember,” men grew ‘staches over the course of the month to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer.

I was happy to see it end. There comes a time when a moustache is no longer entertaining, but, well, makes me uncomfortable.


I got wind of a fundraiser last week that combines the “Manly Moustache” with one of the most girly treats there is: cupcakes. Bakers were challenged to come up with the manliest cupcake they could. They were judged on things like taste, creativity and “manliness.”


The event was held at Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters on Spadina and Adelaide. Their menu looked fantastic, including things like “Richters Mocca Latte” and “Turkish Latte.” I was tempted, but knew mass quantities of cake and icing were about to be consumed.


I brought my roommie Megan along. We posed for badly-aimed self-portraits in the espresso machine while gearing up for cupcakes.

Unfortunately, two of the bakers couldn’t make it, so we were left to taste-test only two kinds of manly cupcakes.


Kate Robb’s “For My Mo Fo’s.” A spiced chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, white chocolate disk and moustachioed faces made with jujubes, sculpted caramels and toostie rolls.


The Cupcake Place’s “Monday Night Football Baby BOOYAH!!” A chocolate stout cake with cream cheese frosting, bacon bits, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, a pretzel and chocolate ‘stache.


I had one of each. You know, for charity ;)


The chocolate stout cupcake was rich. And while I love me some bacon, I wasn’t a huge fan of it on top. Too savoury. I actually couldn’t even finish this one!


Now the spiced one was my kind of cake. A little more dense, mega cinnamon-y and just the right amount of spiced buttercream frosting (ie not a mountain!). Plus, it had candy on top!!!

I guess my tastes just aren’t manly enough, as the other flavour won.


Moustachioed cupcakes may be kind of awesome, as is raising money for a good cause. But please… no more moustaches until next November.


Now, Decembeard? That’s something I can look forward to.



Question of the Day: What’s you’re favourite kind of cupcake? I’m admittedly not a huge cupcake fan. They’re too messy, too sweet, and gone too quickly. With that said, I will never turn down anything carrot cake flavoured.