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The Food Photography Society

I’ve been hanging out with bloggers again…


If this keeps up, I’m going to start thinking taking pictures of your food is normal :P

It came to our attention that Callie had both never been to Fresh before and is moving out of town soon.

Fresh is a popular Toronto vegan/vegetarian restaurant that also specializes in juices. Tonight, we hit up the Bloor location. First time in The Annex neighbourhood – very cool!


Fresh is always busy and does not accept reservations. We ended up waiting an hour for a table – twice the amount of time we were told – so when we were finally seated they brought us free sweet potato fries!

BlogTO, my Toronto restaurant resource, rated these the best sweet potato fries in the city. I thought they were just good. A little on the soggy and floppy side.


Besides eating, one thing us bloggers know how to do well is talk. Gabgabgab about everything from spin classes to embarrassing tales of clumsiness.

I showed up starving per usual, eating a whack of sweet potato fries and a nibble of Callie’s Avocado White Bean Dosa. Kinda like a crepe!


I’ve so far tried the wraps, bowls and salads at Fresh, leaving only their burger left to try. My tummy growled in approval at the thought of the Deluxe Burger:

I luuuurve Fresh’s vegan mayo. I tried to make vegan mayo on my own once and it was downright disgusting. The Fresh stuff is creamy and delicious.

The coleslaw was pretty good too. Lots of cabbage with a nice oil dressing. 

The burger was giant. Shortly after snapping this photo, the top bun fell off.


So far I think the wrap has been my favourite Fresh menu item, but the burger was a valiant effort on their part. I ended up getting full halfway through, so I just ditched the bun and ate the patty.


Where’s the beef??

Happy bellies all around!


A snippet of our fantastic Toronto blogger crew: Kristin, Morgan, me, Callie, Angela, Miranda. Quote of the night came from the poor girl next to us who had to snap this photo with a million different cameras: “Are you guys in a photography society or something??” Baaaahaha. Nah, I’m just a very lucky girl who happens to be surrounded by wonderful ladies who share all my passions :)

Speaking of passions, before I sign off I have to scream about this one thing from the mountaintops. It’s called the


Bought at Trader Joe’s out of curiosity at the lowlow price of one dollar.


Dare I say the best bar I’ve ever had?? I do. I dare say it. Y’all, it had real pretzels and peanut butter chips. It was the perfect mix of chewy, crispy, sweet and salty. The nutritionals are spot on for when I’m feeling snacky. Plus, it is even tastier than those darned Nature Valley Sweet & Salty bars I used to be obsessed with back in the day.

I chased it down with a Diet Coke. Just keepin’ it real ;)

See ya tomorrow for Fitness Friday! Tomorrow we’re talking weight lifting sets, what they are and how to use them properly. I’ll also be adding new routines to my Workouts page within the next few days – I’ll keep you posted!


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite kind of burger? I love bison burgers. Topped with ketchup, mustard, relish and a pickle :)