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Hiiii! Remember me?? I had a busybusy day yesterday and I’m poking my head in here late to tell you all about it!


Let’s first relish in these photos of healthy food. This was my “balance” for the day ;)


Leftover tofu balls. I really dig these!! Don’t let the term “tofu ball” scare you.


Raw jicama and carrots. Reeeeally loved the jicama cold and in cubes like this. Much better than the cooked version.


All dipped in Averie’s peanut sauce! I added a squirt of soy sauce in there for an extra kick. Dipping lunches are so fun. I munched and crunched till my tummy was ready to burst :)

Shortly after lunch, I set off to work to get in some exercise before my first ever client! The workout wasn’t very noteworthy, I just plugged in the earphones and watched the Food Network for 50 minutes while doing intervals on the elliptical.

As for my first training session – I loved it. I can’t believe how quickly it went by! I lucked out with a great first client, who at one point told me “It’s always the nice ones that get you.” Muhaha. I’ve already got my second client and I can’t wait to get started on a program for him!

I left the gym with a big smile on my face and anticipating the fun evening I had in store. Stopped to fuel up first at Freshii.


This is a chain that I’ve only so far seen in Toronto, but I’m sure is elsewhere.


They do made-to-go wraps, sandwiches and salads. I ordered an albacore tuna wrap with a dill dressing.


Thumbs up on the taste front! Thumbs down on the price – $7 for a small wrap.

Okay, okay. Next I am going to share quite possibly the best and most important recipe ever on this blog…


It was so important, I had to tweet it. 

First, you pour Jagermeister into a shot glass.


Then, you put a dash of Red Bull into a glass.


Line it up and admire your handy work. Take a deep breath and get ready for the hard work that is about to follow.


And take an endearing photo with your significant other ;)


Drop the shot glass in, clink the glasses together and let out a holler along the lines of “heyyoooo!”




It should be mentioned we don’t always drink like this.


Okay, we did in university. It was like old times! Except, instead of sitting around and bitching about classes and professors, we sat around talking about work :P

The part I was really excited for though was our ultimate destination, The Horseshoe Tavern.


The Horseshoe is legendary for all of the amazing and famous shows they’ve housed over the decades. Some of the country’s greatest acts got their starts here.


We were here to see We Are Scientists, an indie pop band from Brooklyn (and yes, that’s the audience dancing on stage). Their first album is my running playlist on my iPod. I danced and bopped along to every song and loved every minute of it.


Scuzzy bathroom photos just aren’t the same without my gal Holly.

We stuck around for a while after the band finished. There may have been another round of Jager Bombs, and I enjoyed a couple of my first Steam Whistle beers.

Not bad! I want to tour the brewery here!

Some of our party stopped for street meat…


Some of us made the mistake of putting street meat in our purse. Those keys are looking pretty tasty covered in bacon bits ;)

I managed to avoid the hot dogs, but I didn’t realize we were coming home to chocolate cookies and chocolate cake.

IMG_9910 IMG_9911


I do not recommend food photography while drinking. And I probably shouldn’t condone eating chocolate cake before bed either ;)

In all, a wonderful day! I feel surprisingly well today so I’m off to get a workout in, eat a spectacular lunch, go to a job interview and get a fitness assessment done at my new gym. Happy Tuesday!! xoxo


Question of the Day: What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? Mine is probably a Sloan concert I went to with my mom in 2004. They were playing under an alias in a small bar and played all my favourite songs :)

Whole Paycheck

Hellohello! I had a blast reading through everyone’s random tidbits!! How fun!! Two extra tidbits I forgot to add yesterday:

1. I did a guest post on Deb’s blog on the method behind my homemade protein bars. Ch-ch-check it out!

2. I munched on something delicious while blogging last night.


A take on Holly’s no bake protein cookies – peanut butter protein balls. To make this, I mixed together 2 tbsp chocolate protein powder, 1 tbsp flaked coconut, 1 tbsp peanut butter, splash of water.


All rolled up and stuck in the freezer for half an hour. The perfect bedtime dessert!

That little snack was just enough to hold me through my slumbering hours. I awoke this morning ready to refill my belly.

Egg + bacon sandwich with mayo, lettuce and tomato.

Fruit salad with fresh peach, strawberries and blueberries sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut.

Definitely a breakfast worth getting up for ;)

T’was already stinkin’ hot first thing this morning, so I made my second cup of coffee iced. I just stuck the glass in the fridge for about an hour then topped it up with a pack of stevia, cold almond milk and ice.

I continued cooling down all morning with Mr Freezes. They’re only 10 calories a pop. Which I suppose can add up if you like to eat them throughout the course of the day ;)

Enjoyed a leisurely morning watching the Tour de France. Contador is so close to catching up to Schleck, it is making me nervous. I’m an Andy fan…

Even though his arms are the same circumference as the frame tubes on his bike. Contador just looks like a villain…


Moving on!

Snacked up in preparation for the gym.

IMG_9695 IMG_9696

Lemon flavoured yogurt with 2 tbsp unflavoured protein powder, blueberries, plain rolled oats, cinnamon and more coconut. Gah! I want it to always be berry season! These bloobs were so good!!

My legs are a little wrecked from the torture exercises I’ve put them through this week, so I focused on upper-body weights today with cardio spurts in-between. Kept the weight heavy, reps low, and added a set to shock the ole’ muscles.

15 minutes on the elliptical, increasing resistance

Straight sets

5 minutes on the rowing machine, alternating grip

Straight sets

5 minutes on the stepmill

Alternating sets

15 minutes on the treadmill, 1 minute sprints followed by 2 minutes of walking

Phew!! I haven’t done a workout like this in a while and it was tons of fun. It took me almost 90 minutes, so don’t attempt it unless you’ve got extra time. I suggest it as a good rainy Sunday workout ;)


Was positively starving by the time I got home and immediately whipped up a steaming plate of spicy chicken stir-fry.


Chopped up a giant marinated jerk chicken breast bought at the local butcher, and stir-fried it with onions, mushrooms, garlic, zucchini, eggplant, carrots and hot sauce. So simple, and so delicious :) Kept me satisfied foreverrrr.

Good thing too! As I had another big shopping trip planned for today.


Yes my friends, my first ever trip to Whole Foods!!


I’ve heard good things about it all over the internets for years now. We don’t have one out East, so I was excited to pay a visit as soon as I got to Toronto. Food shopping > clothes shopping.


First and foremost, I was really excited about all the free samples they had out. Sure, they were covered in germs from people’s sticky fingers. But free food is free food.


My favourite aisle: the nut butter aisle.

In all, my Whole Foods trip was fun, but in all honesty I wasn’t that impressed! Most of the items you can find in smaller organic stores closer to where I live, so the trip out to Yorkville isn’t worth the time to me.

I did enjoy an iced cafe au lait on the bus home though :)


Don’t be fooled, I didn’t leave Whole Foods empty handed. There were some splurges!!


  • Deep chocolate VitaTops
  • Silver Hills Steady Eddie bread (got with a free coupon – review to come!)
  • Essence of Peach Kombucha iced tea
  • Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter
  • Fresh figs
  • Jicama

The whole thing (not including the bread) cost me just over 20 bucks. Mmmm…yeah. I can see how they call it “Whole Paycheck” :P I was thisclose to buying Sunshine Burgers – but they were $6.99 for only three burgers, too rich for my blood!

The chocolate peanut butter though, I just couldn’t say no to.


Protective seals are meant for licking ;) Not bad. I think I like Nutella better.

And would you believe it if I told you I’ve never tried a fresh fig before??


I’ve had tons of dried figs, but fresh ones are so hard to find in New Brunswick. For some reason they are a lot more abundant in Ontario. I immediately tore into one once I got home.


Yet another thing I think has been talked up too much. It was kinda bland? Not very flavourful. The texture is fun though!

Last but not least, for dinner I prepared a much cheaper version of any burger you’d find at Whole Foods.

Yesterday, I bought a pound of ground turkey for $4. Then, for 79 cents I bought a can of black beans to add to the turkey to “plump” it up.

Mixed the two together with a clove of garlic and tbsp of chili powder.


Ended up getting six large spicy black bean turkey burgers out of the mix. Take that Sunshine Burger :P


I ate one on a half a pita, smothered in ketchup, mustard and pickles. They turned out really good!!

With a side of jicama fries. Sliced them up and baked at 450F for about 35 minutes. I was expecting them to taste like yucca fries, but they weren’t anything like them!! They were still kinda crunchy and tasted like water chestnuts. Interesting. I think I will try the rest of it raw on a salad…

And with that, I am off!! Sorry to leave you so abruptly, but my roommie is playing a show tonight and I’m laaaaate!! See ya tomorrow!! xo

Question of the Day: How do you save money at the grocery store? I always buy the cheap canned goods, it can sometimes be a difference of two bucks!