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Fitness Friday: Lung Busting Full Body Workout

Happy Fitness Friday!! Instead of nagging you about form this week, I’m instead sharing a new workout. It’s “intermediate” and one I’ve used for torture in the gym. I do not put down weight recommendations as it’s different for everyone. I will however tell you what range of reps you should be aiming for, that will give you a good idea of what weight is appropriate for you. If anything, just make sure you’re working yourself hard, but not doing anything that could hurt you. Kapeesh? ;)

 Lung Busting Full Body Workout

Warm-up: 5-10 minutes walking/jogging on the treadmill. Enough to get your body temperature raised.

Alternating Sets #1: Complete 3 times through

Burpees 10-15 reps Cardio
Walking lunge with alternating dumbbell shoulder press  20-24 reps Quads, glutes, hips, shoulders
Ab roll-up holding on to a medicine ball 10-20 reps Abs, chest, upper back

*If you can’t do push-ups in the burpees, just come down to a plank then jump up
**For the walking lunges, press the dumbbell up with the opposite arm of whatever leg is forward. Then switch arms as you lunge forward with the other leg

Cardio sprints on the treadmill:

Time MPH Incline Difficulty
0:00-0:30 5.5 1 Easy
0:30-1:00 6.5 1 Moderate
1:00-1:30 7.5 1 Hard
1:30-2:00 5.5 1 Easy
2:00-2:30 6.5 1 Moderate
2:30-3:00 7.5 1 Hard
3:00-3:30 5.5 1 Easy
3:30-4:00 6.5 1 Moderate
4:00-4:30 7.5 1 Hard
4:30-5:00 5.5 1 Easy

*Depending on your skill level, you’ll need to increase or decrease the suggested speeds. Just make sure the difficulty level is on par with what’s written here. The “easy” part is your recovery and should feel like a slow jog. The “hard” part should leave you unable to formulate words.

Alternating Sets #2: Complete 3 times through

Traveling push ups 10-20 reps Chest, front of shoulder, triceps
Inchworm 15-20 reps Hamstrings, abs
Lunge jumps 20 reps Quads, glutes, cardio

Cardio Sprints on the treadmill:
Same as above

Alternating Sets #3: Complete 3 times through

Inverted row  12 reps Back, biceps
Split squat with overhead tricep extension 12 reps each side Quads, glutes, hips, triceps
Wall squat with hammer curl  12 reps Biceps, quads, glutes

*If you let your elbows float away from your torso during the hammer curls, I will personally come to your gym and yell at you.

Cardio Sprints on the treadmill:
Same as above

And try not to hate me too much for making you do this. Have fun!! :)

Out For Good


It’s been a long day!

Woke up pretty dazed and confused. After much humming and hawing, I eventually stumbled out the door for a run. Was expecting it to be chilly, but it turned into a sunny morning around Moncton’s (man-made) lake!

I’m officially on an unofficial training plan. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I want to rebuild my running base and introduce long runs. Right now that means running twice a week, increasing my mileage by 10% each week. This week is a 7-mile week, and today’s run was a 3-mile run.

Except, 5k’s are my least favourite distance. Ever. I don’t know what it is, but 3-milers are always horrid and I feel like death after. So I instead tried outdoor intervals a la JB. I did:

  • 1 minute walking
  • 1 minute jogging
  • 1 minute sprinting

x11 for a total of 33 minutes. Pheeew-ie! Intervals outdoors are way harder, but also way more fun! I love just running as hard as I can. My heart rate maxed out at 178bpm which is pretty high for me. I was hoping to hit the 180s, but I guess that’s what next time is for ;) Not sure if this was actually 3 miles either, and I’m too lazy to map it out.

Walked in the door a starvin’ marvin.


Mark, my mother’s boyfriend/partner, cooked up an extra bit of steel-cut oats while I was out tearing up the neighbourhood.

I added a scoop of unflavoured whey powder, a palm-ful of quinoa, and a handful of blueberries and raspberries, letting it simmer for a while longer.

Topped with almond butter and maple syrup. Oatmeal is quite possibly the best post-run food ever. Seriously.

Shortly after Mark, my dad and I made the 100 mile drive back to my old apartment. We had a minivan and pickup truck to fill up with furniture that will be going to my family’s cottage in Nova Scotia. I also had to scrub down my empty apartment, which is quite possibly my least favourite chore of moving.

We didn’t eat lunch until almost 3pm. Best turkey and hummus Pita Pita pita of my life. I inhaled it. It didn’t stand a chance.

Unloading at my mom’s went smoothly, and I reheated some of her famed chili for dinner.

Made with buffalo meat.

And a random half orange on the side.

You know, because scurvy is so prevalent these days ;)

I found four hidden dog bones while emptying my apartment today.

But at least Archie has been reunited with his begging companion. Rudy (left) is my next doggie victim. I’m putting him on a walking regimen stat ;)

Well, it’s been a short and sweet post! Tis the weekend, y’all don’t want to be inside reading blogs anyways ;)

I’m MEGA sore from a culmination of running like a maniac today, stiff legged deadlifts on Thursday, and moving the contents of my apartment. So the second I hit publish, I’m sprawling out on the couch with a magazine.

Oh, and my mom and I just picked out our mother’s day gift to my Nana ;)

See ya tomorrow and happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers out there!!! xoxo


Question of the Day: Are you doing anything for Mother’s Day? I think I may offer some free labour to my mom. Buying things is out – one needs a job to buy stuff ;)

Mind Your Qs and As

Hi friends! Hope everyone’s week has gone by swimmingly. Mine’s been pretty relaxed – definitely needed and appreciated :)

My alarm went off at 5:45 am and I had second thoughts about going to the gym. Actually, I do not hop out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning. I’m quite grumpy until I get some food and caffeine in me. I think the key is to just know that the haziness doesn’t last long.

Sooo, I hobbled into my gym clothes, walked into a few walls, ate half a banana and PB, chugged back a glass of iced coffee and stumbled out the door. Today was a treadmill day. Yup – straight up treadmill, because I FOUND MY IPOD!! Wooo! Here’s how my hour of running and entertaining tunes went down…

*on a 1% incline

Minutes Speed – MPH
0-5 3.5
5-10 5.6
10-20 1-minute intervals of 6.0 and 6.4
20-30 1-minute intervals of 6.2 and 6.6
30-40 1-minute intervals of 6.4 and 6.8
40-50 1-minute intervals of 6.6 and 7.0
50-55 6.0
55-60 3.5

Loved being back at it! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve ran anything over 3 miles, but I did 5.3 pretty “easily” today. Next week I’ll get up earlier and do 10k ;)

Showered and went straight to work, where I risked my life to eat yogurt.

Liberte Greek yogurt

I mixed up the remainder of my Liberte Greek yogurt with cashew butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, shredded coconut and dates last night, then I left it out on the counter!! It was in my insulated lunch bag, so that probably kept it temperate for an extra couple hours. It smelled/tasted fine this morning so I just went for it. That’s $3 worth of yogurt right there!!!

Liberte Greek yogurt
I sprinkled on some fauxnola granola at the office. Dare I say, it was delicious! Nut butter in Greek yogurt is much better than in regular yogurt.

Chased down with some more iced coffee.


I actually prefer my coffee hot, but the iced stuff is quicker to drink in the morning. It’s also more thirst quenching after the gym ;)

Work was uneventful, I came home to a deep dish salad. 


  • spinach
  • onions
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • yellow & orange pepper
  • pickles
  • capers
  • smoked mackerel

For the dressing, I mixed up a laughing cow cheese wedge, yellow mustard, 1 tsp olive oil and pickle juice. It was reallyreally good!! Probably one of the better homemade dressings I’ve ever made!

Dessert was a few of these bad boys:


I often get comments from people noting how I can eat only five M&Ms or one Hershey’s Kiss at a time. First off, I don’t view these as a “snack,” but a teeny sweet treat after a meal. I usually have at least a couple sweet treats like this throughout the day. I rather spread it out than eat it all in one sitting. Plus, I suck on these eggs until they melt in my mouth – it takes almost five minutes!

Shortly after dinner I found the energy to go to yoga class. I’ve been putting it off all week, but was motivated by knowing tonight’s instructor does mostly gentle hatha. Plus, I got to wear my new Lululemon pants!

And apparently do jazz hands. Props to my Canon self-timer for taking this photo ;)

Yoga was actually challenging tonight! She had us doing a bunch of “bladder friendly” poses. Picture lots of frog poses and equally embarrassing legs-spread bum-in-the-air type things :P

I was pretty hungry by the time I came home again, so I immediately made another carrot peanut butter protein cake.


  • 1 scoop (30g) vanilla whey protein powder
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp egg whited
  • 2 tbsp carrot baby food
  • 1/2 tbsp peanut butter

All stirred up in a mug and popped in the microwave for 90 seconds. I topped it with marshmallow fluff watered down with almond milk. And sprinkled of course! Yumyum :)


I’m getting some great questions for my next round of Q&A’s! I’m going to dedicate whole posts to a few of them, and then just sprinkle them throughout other posts. Today’s questions come from the ever-talented Sophia:

1) What was your dream job when you were little? Was it journalism?
2) ‘fess up! Ever crave fast food? ;-)

1) When I was little, I thought I was going to be a veterinarian. That idea was soon lost after getting an electric guitar for my 14th birthday, after which I was convinced I was destined for punk-rock stardom. There were brief periods where I though I wanted to be an English teacher, flight attendant, career barista, and MTV host. I think the most recent dream jobs have all involved communication to some degree, and that’s probably why I ended up doing journalism in university. It’s still my dream to communicate what I’m passionate about with people. That’s why I’m pursuing personal training, and hopefully will find a job writing about it!

2) Yes! More specifically – Burger King veggie burgers. I used to eat them all the time when I was a vegetarian and I love them. Even the sketchy mayo that comes on top. But I was a vegetarian between the ages of 14-22, what I would consider to be the fast-food “formative years.” So I never had a chance to develop a taste for greasy burgers and chicken nuggets. Also, I never liked fast-food french fries. I’m a Maritimer, I need a good potato!!


Now it’s your turn! What was your dream job growing up? And what’s you favourite fast food??

Remember, if you have a question, anything from food, fitness, or personal fun stuff, leave me a comment or e-mail

See ya tomorrow!