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Things I Learned The Month That Wasn’t

  • I’ve been working a little too hard lately. Something that is easy to do when you genuinely love both your jobs. But I’ve lost all work/life balance.
  • New running shoes make me want to run all. the. time.


  • Candy makes the world go round…
  • …and beer makes everything better.
  • If I don’t pay attention, whole months can pass by without my notice. I need to be more present and less preoccupied.



  • I miss my mom and feel homesick more than I admit.
  • I’m still young and allowed to be a little reckless sometimes. That includes booking tickets for the Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco on a whim!



  • The only thing better than candy is candy baked into a cookie



  • Except Tootsie Rolls and caramels DO NOT bake well. Holy candy explosion in my oven.
  • My cellphone is my lifeline and living without it is difficult!
  • I have absolutely no desire to do any form of journalistic work at the moment. The thought of deadlines and story meetings make me feel short of breath.


  • I will however dress up as a journalist for Halloween. My idol, April O’Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon circa 1990.
  • B vitamins and Gatorade really do help a hangover.
  • I’m really bad at settling down and feel like I need to be in a constant state of “unsettled.” Instead of fighting this desire, I think it’s time I embrace it and just go wherever the wind takes me!

Question of the Day: What did you learn in October?

Bonus question: Did you dress up for Halloween?