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Home sweet home… for now…

Hellloooo!! I loved hearing everyone’s favourite desserts! Not that surprisingly, a lot of people said ice cream. I’m not a huge fan of cow milk, and that unfortunately spills over to ice cream. I know, I know.

Let’s see… I left off at breakfast yesterday. No photo, since it’s the exact same thing I ate on Sunday – eggs on toast with plums. I was however quite proud of myself for getting up and running 5 km at the city park near my mother’s house. Can you believe I lived so close to running trails during high school and have never once gone running on them? A downright shame I tell ya!

I didn’t actually venture too far because I was scared of getting lost. I ended up doing the last half of my run by looping around a pretty lake a few times. Overall I did the 5k in 28 minutes. Pretty norm for me these days. There were some decent hills in there which I’m not used to. Plus, it was at 8 am and it was already scorching hot!! My heart rate went up into the 180’s which is high for me. I was soaked with sweat when I returned home.

Our shopping adventure was something of a fail. Once we got to the mall we realized neither of us were in the mood to shop! So we ate instead ;)

We hit up a place called Bogart’s Bar & Grill. It’s something of a fancier restaurant, and a place I’ve always wanted to try. Luckily, we were there while they were still serving lunch, so it wasn’t quite as expensive!


I went for the Panini Cubano.Ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, Cuban bread, mustard and homemade aioli with sliced dill pickle.”


I’ve seen a lot of tasty looking Cuban sandwiches on other blogs, so I was excited to try it!


I’ll start with the good – the roasted pork was to die for. Amazing flavour and perfectly cooked. The bad? I wasn’t a huge fan of the bread an it was way greasy. Even the crusty top of the sandwich was buttered! I don’t order a lot of sandwiches at restaurants, so it never occurred to me to ask them not to butter the bread. I guess I learned my lesson! I ended up eating half of it open-faced. You can see the saturated top half in that picture. That’s not aioli, it’s buttah! Ick. I like my butter with some bread please :P

Chris got one of the specials – chicken souvlaki with rice and green beans.


And a microbrew – blueberry ale from the Pump House based out of Moncton (conveniently located next door to this restaurant).


With fresh, not frozen blueberries!!

I was also a fan of the decor…


And the mint chocolate we got with our bill…


Love these things!!!


After this we packed up our stuff and hit the road! You know what that means, a flavoured drink!

You may recall I tried the tropical punch variety of this before. I thought it was “meh” before, but I figured I’d give the strawberry melon a whirl.

Don’t be fooled by that flavour though. It’s actually just watered down apple juice with purple sweet potato juice for colour.

I did however enjoy this flavour more. It wasn’t too sweet like a lot of these drinks are. I find I often need water to wash down flavoured drinks because the sweetness leaves me with a gross aftertaste.

Supper was dull, and small, since lunch was eaten at 3 pm. I did however find room for another sweet treat.


Wasa bread, PB, melted chocolate chips. Oh yes. It was good.

I spent most of my evening on the balcony internetting. It’s freakin’ HOT in my apartment! If I wasn’t so exhausted I’d be concerned about not being able to sleep in this heat.

To be honest, I’m really not looking forward to these couple weeks ahead of me. I just realized that I’m working for the next nine days straight, immediately after which I have to start moving stuff into my new place. I have a lot of things to do before then, such as getting my utilities set up, PACKING, and trying to not to lose my mind. I’ve already decided I’m taking moving week off from exercise so I’m not physically (and mentally) exhausted during that time. I just keep telling myself that my life will be settled once I’m in my new place. It’s just been such a hectic summer for me!! I never predicted how graduating university and getting a “real” job would affect me. But it’s been a huge life change so far.

Question of the day: how many places have you lived in? I’m about to move into my fifth apartment in five years. Unfortunately, this next place probably won’t be all that permanent either. But dang, I’m sick of moving, ya know?

Night night!!