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Lung Update + Will It French Toast Round 3

Good news friends! I (finally) got to meet with a respirologist yesterday, who said my lung function is almost back to normal!

You may recall that two months ago I found out one of my chemo drugs was poisoning my lungs. A side effect called Bleomycin lung toxicity. It’s pretty serious. It can cause permanent damage and even be fatal. At the time I did a pulmonary function test that I could barely get through thanks to my inability to take a proper breath without coughing. But the test I took last week showed my lung function has improved by 100% in some areas!

Clearly, I knew I was doing better just from how my lungs felt throughout the day. But I’m no doctor, so it was nice to have confirmation from one. My biggest fear was that I’d have lung damage that would prevent me from exercising in the future, but the respirologist said my lungs are in good enough shape to run now if I wanted to. My oncologist however won’t let me until I’m done chemo, which I guess makes sense. But I so badly just want to pick my feet up off the ground and move fast when I’m out on my walks every day. I’ve got a need to run run run.

I also got to watch the respirologist pull up my scans and x-rays from over the past 5.5 months which was both neat and surreal. No matter how many times I talk and think about a giant mass in my chest, it is still weird to see a picture of it clouding around my skeleton. Everyone is impressed by how fast it’s shrinking (thank goodness, because they were also horrified by how large it was). Fast to grow, fast to shrink maybe?

Here’s hoping it’s gone by the time I get my PET scan next month. I’m getting nervous I may need more chemo.

Blathering about my health aside, I have a decidedly unhealthy breakfast treat to share with you today.

Well, it depends on your version of unhealthy. Croissants? Okay, kind of unhealthy (read this post to find out why). Turning croissants into French toast? Okay, maybe still kind of unhealthy. But in order to “balance” things out, I cut them in half and soaked them in egg whites and cinnamon. Straight up protein to my butter and pastry. And treating yourself to something delicious? Healthy!

Add this to my ongoing list of “Will it French toast?” experiments. The result was FANTASTIC. So buttery. A great way to use up croissants that are going stale. I think this would be a fun treat to add to the Christmas breakfast lineup this year. I would recommend not over-soaking the croissants, as the dough can easily get mushy. And don’t cook them in a overly hot pan, as the outsides are more likely to brown.

With that, I am off. I’ve been a bit of a busy bee these past few days because I’ve been feeling so well. But today I’m laying low to recharge and save up some spoons. Have a good one!

Will It French Toast? Pancakes.

This week on Will It French Toast, things get a little ridiculous. Just the way I like it.


It’s one of the most important questions of the weekend: pancakes or french toast??

Well, why not both!

I started by making one large pancake using this stuff:

Pancakes from scratch are a cinch, but I had this on hand so why not. I dig it.


Once said pancake was done, I drenched it in egg whites. Again, one could also make a proper egg & milk wash. I used egg whites to get more protein because I actually eat these things! Plus, I never said french toasting was a classy affair.


Then it becomes a refried pancake. In the best way possible.


Served with fresh fruit, a dollop of peanut butter, and syrup. Proof that you can have your (pan)cake and eat it too.

I’m sorry, I hate puns.


The french toasted pancake was good, especially the eggy bits on the end. But it was a little too dense to bring out the french toast texture and flavour. I knew I could do better.

To be continued…

Will It French Toast?

Once upon a time, I had possibly my most brilliant blog idea ever. An idea so great I decided it deserved a separate blog all of its own.

You see, I am a woman of many questions. I like to think of them, ask them, and then quickly replace old questions with new questions. But one was always on my brain.

Will it French toast??

Yes, these are the important topics that litter my brain all day.

The concept was simple.


I create an egg wash of sorts…


Two eggs, splash of milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.

Dip some bread-like product in it…


Fresh fluffy bakery bread is the bestest.

Throw it in a hot frying pan…


And call it “French toast.”


Can’t forget a drizzle of my favourite syrup:


Probably the only “no sugar added product you’ll still see me eat.



But somewhere between getting a full-time job, then going on sick leave with cancer, the French toast blog fell by the wayside. And now I am left with half a dozen pictures and ideas I never ended up blogging about!

So now that we have the classic idea of French toast down, let’s shake things up a bit.


A while back, I made The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls. They were screaming to be given the French toast treatment. I started off by letting them soak in egg whites overnight to get them completely soft and saturated, like a cinnamony bread pudding.

I used carton egg whites. You’ll notice it’s what I use when the French toasted item is on the, ahem, decadent side. I actually eat the things I make, and plain egg whites still make for a great egg wash with an already flavoured item!


Placed them on to a greased frying pan and immediately got excited about all the eggy bits I’d have on the ends – the best bites!

Cooked on low for a while to ensure even cooking, I was left with two sweet, spicy, soft, warm, cinnamon rolls.


Drizzled in my favourite syrup of course.

Not sure how I’m ever going to eat another normal un-French-toasted cinnamon roll again.


To be continued!!