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A Much Needed Pick-Me-Up

On Friday, I Tweeted this:

image After three days spent in bed, 10 days of a straight fever and the remnants of a sore throat and sinus infection, I was feeling pretty lousy.

Thankfully, my sister knows there are two ways to make me happy.



And chocolate.


Our original plan was to meet-up in the East End for coffee before my shift at the running store this morning. But getting around the city on a Sunday morning is slooooow. So I ended up going to her. She was conveniently located at Le Gourmand at Queen & Spadina.


I’d already eaten breakfast by this point because not eating the second I roll out of bed is not an option. Oh, hell, I also already had one coffee. You know, coffee to get me out of the house for coffee.


Apparently Le Gourmand is known for their big and thick cookies, but Sara and I had other plans.


Sara insists these are the best croissants in Toronto. I can’t back this statement up a they’re the only croissants I’ve had in Toronto.


I knew I was in for a good time when I saw how much was flaking off the outside. The first sign of a good croissant is an incredibly flaky outer shell.


The second sign? A spacious, soft and buttery inside. You should never feel the need to add butter to a croissant, for there should be enough baked into the pastry already. This one gets two BIG thumbs up from me!!

Of course, one always needs chocolate for good measure.


Not sure what these were called, but they were comparable to a lava cake. Outer chocolate cake shell with a soft, fudgy and creamy centre.


Very rich, but the cocoa used to make this was SO good. Definitely not cheap. And delicious with the day’s second coffee ;)


After almost two weeks of being the sickest I’ve been in years, I’m happy to report I’ve now come through the other side. I may workout for the first time in 10 days tomorrow. I may do laundry. I will definitely get my drivers licence renewed. Big things. And I thank my sis for this butter and chocolate pick-me-up I so greatly needed <3


Question of the Day: What’s the best thing you ate this weekend? I love hearing the answer to this one!

Feline Frenzy

As you all know, I’m a dog person. Well, for the most part. I’m that annoying person who loudly goes “awwww” every time I see a dog on the street. But just because I constantly plaster my blog posts with cute pictures of dogs, doesn’t mean I don’t love their feline counterparts.


I don’t warm up to cats as quickly as I do dogs. That’s because they require a little more coaxing. Unlike dogs, cats don’t immediately demand your love and attention. But once they get used to the idea of you, they can be sooooo sweet.


Few things are cuter than a kitty pawing at your belly while purring loudly.


And few things are funnier than a cat going nuts and jumping all over the place.

I got to hang out with the above Lennox and Simon while visiting with my bestest friend Meghan.


Meghan and I were roommies in university and have been friends for almost 20 years now.

She’s studying science-y things in Halifax now. And apparently knows one of my blog readers! Hi Abby!!


Don’t Meghan and I look like we’re related? We’re totally sisters from different mister (and mother, I suppose. But her mom is still my Second Mom).

After catching up with Meghan and the kitties, I swung over to my dad’s abode to hang out with him and the step-family.


And look at what was there!! A baby Siamese my step-sis got for Christmas. SO CUTE.


She slept for a long time, and then starting trying to climb up everyone once she awoke. I want. She’s just small enough to fit into a purse ;)

In other news, the final sister has arrived! I’m the baby of the family with two older sisters. The three of us are usually only together at Christmas.


My sister Sara and I had just returned from a hot yoga class, hence the sweaty look. Tonight was Moksha style and it was just what the doctor ordered!

Alright, that’s all I got. Consider my kitty quota met ;)


Question of the Day: Would you classify yourself as a dog or a cat person?

Christmas 2010: The Food

Hope everyone’s Christmas was merry! Even if you’re not into the Christmas thing, hope your Saturday was at least stellar ;)

We’re missing a sister this year so it didn’t feel quite the same. But she’ll be here for New Years to party. Which in my opinion is way more important ;) Muhaha.

My mom and I were up early Christmas morning worrying about things we still had to prep for dinner. We got started right away while the others slept.


Mom assembled her layered salad. Something my sisters and I request every year and is one of our favourites!


A layer of iceberg, sweet peppers, celery, red onions, carrots, peas, mayo dressing, cheese and bacon. Peas may sound strange in a salad but it is SO DANG GOOD.


Meanwhile, I was assembling The Wife Saver. Aka “savory bread pudding.” Called the wife saver because it can be made the night before and just thrown in the oven on Christmas morning.


Much like this savoury bread pudding I made last month, but with the addition of spinach and green onion.


Recipes for some of these dishes to come in a future post!

Mom also assembled a meat pie to add to our brunch line-up.


Mom’s meat pies are a mix of chicken, pork and beef slow cooked in spices and put into a pie crust.


My whole family makes meat pies every year for Christmas. As a kid, I always loaded them up with ketchup. But this year, I’m obsessed with the fancy relishes I keep finding in my mom’s fridge and pantry.


We patiently waited for the step siblings to arrive to finish unwrapping presents. It was tough! ;)


IMG_4714 IMG_4716


I asked for mostly camera stuff this year – including a Canon 50mm/f1.8 lens. I am in love with it already. I can’t stop snapping photos. I’ll do a post on the lens soon too!



Other gifts included a Snuggie for my Nana, and a cute specialty apron for myself.

IMG_4757 IMG_4761

Mom and I did quite a bit of food prep in advance so we wouldn’t have to spend all Christmas day in the kitchen. But we still had a couple hours where all four burners were going.


And in this household, the booze is always flowing.


I was DD so I stuck to a club soda with frozen raspberries. Deeelish!


We added a new dish to our rotation this year and it was a total hit! Scalloped tomatoes. A mix of tomatoes, croutons, basil and cheese. Super simple and waaaay delicious. The flavours fit in well with the rest of the dishes.


I insisted we have some roasted veggies on top of all the mashed ones. Sometimes I feel like I’m eating baby food on Christmas :P


My plate!


A bit of the tomatoes…


Roast veggies…


Mix of white & dark meat (later loaded with cranberry sauce) & stuffing…


Lots and lots of layered salad.


The annual Christmas table shot!

Last, but certainly not least, dessert!!


I am so proud of this – a pumpkin roll! I thought for sure my family was going to end up with scrambled cake. Rolling up a sheet cake was a stressful affair. But it held up!


And boyohboy, it was goooood. Very spicy with lots of cream cheese. Paired with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt.


And a cup of decaf with a splash of eggnog (new addiction alert).

In all, a fabulous day filled with fabulous food and even better company. Best of all, is knowing I’m still here for another week!


Fret not, recipes for some of these dishes to come! For now I’m hunkering down for the 30-40cm (12-15 inches) of snow we’re supposed to get tomorrow. Finally – the snow I’ve been wishing for!!


Question of the Day: What’s are the best things you ate over the holidays? Mine include pumpkin roll, scalloped tomatoes, meat pie and chocolate trifle. Ohmy!