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A Foodie Kind of Day

Why hi there! Hope everyone had a wonderful hump day and Waffle Wednesday. My mother unfortunately did not have the means to make my fave protein waffles. And to be honest, I didn’t feel like churning out a Susan-sized waffle feast on her teeny waffle iron. Belgians are where it’s at ;)

I did however find this in the back of the pantry closet:


Bob’s Red Mill Scottish oatmeal. I suppose you can’t really see what’s in the bag, but it looked just like oat bran to me. I cooked up 1 1/2 servings on the stove with 1/2 scoop vanilla whey powder and 1 1/2 cups water.


Topped with almond butter. Surprisingly, this wasn’t like oat bran at all!! More like a “smaller” version of steel cut.


I loved it. It’s got the creaminess that regular steel cut sometime lacks, yet the same little chewy grains (which I would compare to the texture of quinoa). I may just have to pick this stuff up. It’s necessary to have four kinds of oatmeal in your house, right? :P

My mom’s boyfriend is in charge of the coffee buying, and he never disappoints. He pointed me toward several tasty-looking varieties, in the end I decided on the Down East Sumatra organic.


Brewed strong with a splash of chocolate milk. 


Delicious! I’m not always the biggest fan of Sumatran coffees. I find its “earthy” flavour can sometimes be a little too literal, and taste like wet leaves ground up in dirt. But this stuff had a sweeter-earthiness to it (don’t worry, I taste-tested pre-chocolate milk). And yes, that’s Google Reader in the background. I get a bajillion news subscriptions in there that must be perused through in the morning before I make it to blogs :P

After digestion, my mom and I went to her gym, Nubody’s. This is an Atlantic Canadian-owned gym that was just bought out by GoodLife Fitness, which is my gym. So I didn’t have to pay extra to use it!

I opted for a treadmill workout. Their treadmills are set up right in front of a big window facing Main St, so it makes for good people watching.

On a 1% incline:

2 min @ 3.3 mph
3 min @ 3.7 mph
5 min @ 5.6 mph
10 min of 1-min intervals @ 5.8 mph & 6.2 mph
10 min of 1-min intervals @ 6.0 mph & 6.4 mph
10 min of 1-min intervals @ 6.2 mph & 6.6 mph
1 min @ 6.4 mph
1 min @ 6.2 mph
1 min @ 6.0 mph
1 min @ 5.8 mph
1 min @ 5.6 mph
3 min @ 3.7 mph
2 min @ 3.3 mph

This is one of my favourite ways to pass time on the treadmill. Changing it up every minute makes the time fly, and it helps me slowly run faster and faster. Except today, this didn’t feel fast enough! Last spring this would have killed me. This fall? No problem. Will go faster next time ;)

Afterwards, I did some ab stuff with my mom and then we parted ways for my lunch date with my dad :)

Guess where we went?


Calactus!! The best vegetarian restaurant ever. Okay, maybe just the best restaurant ever. I also love that I got the telephone tower in the back, it’s like the “landmark” of Moncton.

My dad was starving, so he ordered a chocolate banana soy smoothie right away.


For his main, my dad got, what else, the Big Marc veggie burger.


I still maintain this is the world’s best veggie burger. I spent my whole high school years eating those things though, so I’ve been trying to branch out lately. Today I got the Extravaganza pizza which had tomato sauce, veggie pepperoni, falafel, red onion, green pepper and cheese. 

On the side was a beet & goat cheese salad. SO GOOD. All of it. Every last nibble. Even the salad dressing was amazing. I asked the waitress about it and she said it was a homemade blend of fresh raspberries, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. If you look closely you can see the little bubbles on it because it’s fresh from the blender.

Then I said goodbye to my dad and met up with my mother again for Costco!! We don’t have a Costco in Fredericton, so this was a very special treat for me! You can only find certain brands at Costco, and they also have amazing deals on some things.

Case and point – almond butter.


That right there is a sight for sore eyes. And $6.99 for 24oz! Half that size is one dollar more at the Atlantic Superstore.

The other great thing about Costco is the abundance of free samples. As my mom put it “we ate our way through the store.” For the record, I had a piece of chocolate truffle biscotti, Stacey’s pita chips and Kozy Shack rice pudding. Nomnomnom.

I ended up with a pretty good haul:


Not shown are some tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and apples. I’m most excited for:


Sabra roasted red pepper hummus. I thought I’d never tried Sabra before. But upon picking this up, I realized I had the red pepper kind once at a friend’s place in Halifax after a night of heavy drinking. Even in my sick, hungover state, I could not stop eating it and thought it was the most delicious thing ever.

Also excited for my beloved fontaine tofu spread.


Two jars of cheap-o MaraNatha almond butter 


$11 3lb bag of espresso roast coffee (my fave roast for regular brew) and a giant bag of my favourite cheesestrings. 


I also got some Nana-time in before hitting the road back to Fredericton. Now I’m in my messy apartment, with a certain Christopher sitting next me. Not looking forward to the work week ahead, but finding some comfort in knowing I only have five weeks left.

Question of the day: Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? What flavour or roast? I will always choose coffee over tea, preferably an espresso roast or Middle Eastern blend (like a mocha java). I’m super sensitive to the caffeine in teas and don’t really care for herbals besides peppermint.