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Ch-ch-check out the sweet headband I got from Matt at No Meat Athlete. Thanks Matt! You’ve just helped me plump up my future personal trainer wardrobe ;)

Okay, honestly, I had no idea how to start this post, but at least I now have your attention :)

Totally loved hearing all the personal items y’all need with you at work. Hand cream and chapstick were definitely the most popular, with pictures and post-its slightly behind. Although Emily has rubber bands in the shape of zoo animals and Janetha suggested a day-by-day calendar. I was actually quite entertained by the responses!!

In other news, I was up at 5:30 am for spin class today. It was stellar as per usual. I’m actually starting to get to know some of the faces in the class. Not to mention, I feel hardcore in the bike jersey Chris got me for Christmas.

Came back home after to shower and celebrate Waffle Wednesday. 

Two Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles topped with a blended ricotta-cashew butter-cinnamon-maple syrup mixture. I was pressed for time, but still managed to get in a fantastic waffle feast :)

Work eats look disgusting, but I promise they were fantastic.


Morning snack was yogurt mixed with vanilla protein powder and strawberries. For lunch I had leftovers a la Leah! I have a fridge next to my office, and I’ve been eating in a cafeteria with a microwave. It feels like such a luxury to have a hot lunch! (how sad is that?). Anyways, it was Indian Cauliflower Stew with added shrimp. Afternoon snack attack was two carrot cake protein squares and a cheese string.  

Nothing exciting to report from work. I ran into an old colleague at the drug store after, and he was asking me all about switching from journalism to communications. Or as reporters call it – “going to the dark side.” PR work is a whole different ball game. Totally different than journalism work. I feel like I have so much to re-learn (and forget!).

I bought a can of baked beans a while back after seeing them on Caitlin’s blog so frequently. I suddenly had a hankering for them and eggs for dinner. Breakfast supper of champions.

With an egg scramble. Various veggies from the fridge with cottage cheese and laughing cow cheese. What really made it was the green olives I added. Green olives and eggs are such a fantastic flavour duo!



My three addictions wrapped into one. Date + PB + M&Ms. Times two.


So a while back, I was a recipient of a Beautiful Blogger Award by Averie – a beautiful blogger herself ;) It’s about time I display it proudly!!

With the award, I must divulge seven random facts about myself. I’ve done this a few times, but I suppose I can always dig up a few more things to share…

  1. I don’t like wine. I’ve tried, numerous times. But I just never developed the palette for it.
  2. Babies scare me. They’re cute to look at, but please don’t ask me to hold or interact with one.
  3. I refuse to have the colour pink anywhere on my road bike.
  4. A childhood friend died downhill skiing when I was 10 years old. I’ve since developed a fear of ski hills and have only ever done cross-country.
  5. I only own two exercise bras. Instead of doing laundry every day, I often hand wash them in my sink between washes.
  6. The Beatles are my favourite band of all time. You will be “shushed” if one of their songs comes on the radio.
  7. I’m still wearing that headband. It’s keeping my forehead warm!

I must pass this on to seven other bloggers. In order to keep this fair, I randomly picked seven people who commented on my last post. Kinda like a giveaway, except it’s a jpeg and not something you can eat ;)

Lizzy ( actually picked you three times!!)

Wow, is pretty smart. All totally deserving and beautiful bloggers in my opinion!!

Speaking of smart websites, I urge you to go check out Ask it something, although the responses aren’t always that clever..

Okee, bedtime! See ya tomorrow!

An Early Christmas Present!!

Life works in mysterious ways. That’s the only way I can sum it up. I got some surprising and welcome news today, and turns out the next few months won’t be what I had planned at all!! If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know what I’m talking about. But let me first show you how this otherwise seemingly normal day started…

Some mornings all I want is oatmeal, others I want nothing to do with it. Today was the latter. Everything bagel with laughing cow cheese and a couple boiled eggs.

Then I went through my usual routine of checking and answering e-mails, blog comments, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader. I got that done pretty quickly and found myself wandering around the internet. I ended up checking my old student e-mail that I never use but still have access to. Sometimes I get e-mails about events or lectures on campus, so I haven’t completely ditched it yet. Today was the first time I checked it in at least a couple weeks.

Oddly, there was an e-mail sent yesterday from an old professor, also the communications director of the university (I majored in journalism and communications). It was just a one-liner asking me to call his cell. He’d asked me to do some freelance communications work in the past, but I never could because I worked in the media at the time. I figured he wanted me to do some over the holidays or something, so I thought I’d just call back to politely decline.

Except, that wasn’t it at all!!

The communications department there is small, made up of the director, recruiting officer, and one other person who does most of the “extra work.” Behind the scenes type stuff, mostly writing for the university’s various print and online publications. Normally, this job is offered to a recent communications graduate, and is a contract that lasts for the length of the school year.

The girl who was given the job in September ended up leaving a couple weeks ago for a permanent position in another department, leaving this other one open. Last week, this girl saw me working at Starbucks and told the communications director. Hoping it meant I was no longer working at the radio station, he sent me the e-mail to touch base about the available job.

Totally random, totally out of the blue, totally right timing. I can’t believe it. I’ve said in the past that I’d be open to working in communications if I found the right company. Well, I love my alma matter. I can’t think of a better institution to represent.

The more I talked to my future boss, the more excited I got about it. I accepted the job after our second phone conversation today and can say this is a decision I feel good about!

  1. It’s temporary. I’m not getting locked into another permanent job.
  2. It pays well. My billz (and speeding tickets) be gettin’ paid.
  3. The work will consist of mostly writing, which I obviously love to do.
  4. It’s for an institution I have absolutely no qualms about supporting.

And yes, I plan on finishing my personal trainer certification on time. And yes, that is still something I plan to pursue!! I wouldn’t have been allowed to work as a PT until at least March, so being in this job until the end of April works perfectly. Realistically, I could really use the good paycheck for a while, and it will look great on my resume for any future writing endeavours :D

I’ll say it again – life works in mysterious ways. I can’t wait to see where this takes me! Goes to show that sometimes all it takes is the courage to take the first step, and the rest will follow. I left my job as a reporter way before I planned to, but I knew if I wanted change in my life, I had to incite that change. Of course, a little luck and good timing never hurts ;)

Oh yes, and did I mention? I start Jan 4th!! Don’t ask me where Starbucks fits into this, because I don’t know yet. Obviously, I hope I can get out in less than two weeks. But my boss is totally gonna hate me for leaving so soon :\ Hopefully he’ll understand.


Phew! That was alotta words. Here’s some more boring food pics as I try to clear out my fridge:

101_1590 101_1585

Melty hummus + jarlsberg pita with cucumbers, tomatoes and more hummus. Polished that sucker off ;)

In all the excitement, I haven’t yet mentioned that I didn’t get to go home today :(


We got quite the dumping of snow and the roads are just awful. I decided to play it safe and wait till tomorrow to go. My sister driving from Quebec couldn’t make it today either, so I don’t feel so bad!

I did at least try a new Vega Vibrancy flavour! This time in “Green Synergy.”


vega bar


Again, my expectations were low with this bar. Especially after it got a not-so-stellar review from Heather. (P.S. how come all the American bloggers got fancy bags and giveaways with their bars??)


Okay, so here’s the deal. It tastes like grass. What else do you expect when a bar includes a “green food blend?” It was definitely not as yummy as the Wholesome Original flavour. But I still found it edible. I dare say these bars have the best texture of any date-based bar I’ve tried. I however think I rather eat a yummy spinach salad than spend big $$$ on this flavour. So I can’t give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. 


Chris braved the weather home in his man-truck and we were able to get together for a spin class date! It was fun, I love having a boyfriend who’ll participate in my hobbies with me :D

We also gave each other very appropriate gifts for Christmas. I gave him ten day-passes to my gym chain for when he’s here visiting or has spare time between his crazy 14-hour shifts in his work city. And he gave me something I’ve been wanting forever:


A cycling jersey!!!! Eeee!!! Not just any jersey, but a quality Pearl Izumi one. Isn’t it pretty? Simple black and white with just a slight girly embellishment (not to mention, lilies are my fave flower).


The reason why I didn’t buy one before is because I wanted a sleeveless jersey to minimize the inevitable cyclist tan lines. But they’re really hard to find! Or, at least ones that aren’t hideous colours and patterns anyways.

Check it out, big pockets to put my shizz in while on Scottie.


Will come in handy while training for my metric century this summer ;)


So there ya go! Two early Christmas presents!! Hopefully when I see you next I’ll be at my mom’s place. And if you don’t stop in again till after the big day – have a wonderful Christmas!!! xoxoxo