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Fabulousness + Rawlicious

Today was a day of fabulousness. <—Also fabulous is that “fabulousness” is a word according to my Windows Live Writer.

Anyways, here are all of the day’s fabulous events in order of occurrence:

1. Andy Schleck edged out Alberto Contador for the yellow jersey in Stage 9 today at the Tour de France.

2. I received three times the amount of money I was expecting for my tax return.

3. I got that job I interviewed for yesterday and reallyreally wanted (!!!!)

4. I celebrated all these fabulous things with a fabulous meal with fabulous bloggers tonight :)


Okay. I will stop using the word fabulous ;)

So about that job? I’ll be doing personal training in a Toronto-area gym starting next week! It really is the perfect gym and ideal situation for me and I could not be happier about it :D Of course, I won’t start making any money until I get clients, so that extra boost I got from the government today definitely helps!!


For all the wonderful things that happened today, it was actually a pretty lazy morning and afternoon.


Started with a Toronto-style bagel topped with butter + mixed berry jam.


With a side of microwaved egg whites topped with laughing cow cheese. All on a Wall-E plate ;)

I had full intentions on going to the gym before lunch, so I thought a Run Glo Bar would be an appropriate pre-gym snack.


I love the idea of a small nutrition bar meant specifically as pre-run fuel.


Again, I liked how you could really taste the peanut butter, and it had dates! Those are always my go-to pre-run snack! I can totally see this being easily digested for energy before a run.


Except, I didn’t end up going to the gym after eating this. I got caught up in the last 20k of today’s Tour de France, and then the Harry Potter book I’m reading started calling my name.

I eventually had to break from all this laziness for lunch.


I mixed some of my leftover white bean-pork-mushroom-pesto with chopped green pepper, red onion, zucchini, beets and feta. Holy delicious. I ate it cold like a salad and it was awesome!

I eventually did make it to the gym late this afternoon. Walked the 25 minutes there because I was too lazy (or impatient) to wait for the streetcar. I know this doesn’t make sense. Can you tell I was in a mood today?? :P

Went straight to the weight room and tortured myself thusly:


Exercise Load Reps Sets Target
Deadlift 65 lbs 12 3 Lower back, glutes, thighs
Forward lunge  40 lbs ea 20 3 Quads, glutes
Reverse fly  10 lbs ea 12 3 Upper back
Jump squats bodyweight 20 3 Quads, glutes
Dumbbell bench press  20 lbs ea 12 3 Chest
One arm dumbbell snatch  20 lbs 12 3 Shoulder, quads, glutes
Lateral raise w/ side lunge  5 lbs ea 12 3 Top/side shoulder, inner thighs, quads
Cable pushdown  45 lbs 12 3 Triceps
Single arm cable curl  10 lbs 12 3 Biceps
Prone jackknife  bodyweight 12 3 Abs
Stability ball leg curl bodyweight 12 3 Hamstrings, hips, calves

Colour coded to indicate straight or alternating sets! I really hated doing the jump squats between sets, so I know it was good for me :P I then proceeded to walk home in the humidity. I was starved by the time I got back!

One thing I’ve noticed about Ontario is that the produce is cheaper than in New Brunswick. Cantaloupe is only 99 cents. 

I’ve been eating excessive amounts of fruit now that it’s so hot out. That’s what summer is for I guess – it tastes so fresh and delicious!

I also snacked up on a little extra protein…

Yes, protein desserts are still in my life. This is just a scoop of chocolate whey powder mixed with a tablespoon cocoa powder + stevia and a splash of water. Super rich and satisfying :)

I may have also been filling up on protein because of the blogger meet-up I had in store!!

Angela got a recommendation for Rawlicious and we immediately had to try it!

They have a mostly all raw-vegan menu and a super cute dining area!! We were in a room called the “Zen Den” hanging out on pillows and chatting away per usual.


Jess, Angela, Laura, Kristin, Sarah, Me, Jessica, Jenn. Missing is Callie, she’s the photographer ;)

Rawlicious has a juicer on hand so I figured I might as well take advantage of it to continue the fight against this never-ending cold I have.

Veggie juice: celery, cucumber, parsley, carrot.

Not bad actually. It tasted mostly of cucumber. I now know that juice is supposed to be drunk warm for whatever reasons, but seriously. Will a couple ice cubes really hurt?

We also ordered a Nacho Platter for the table: the classic trio of Guacamole, “Sour Cream” & Salsa, served with sliced green olives, green onions, hot banana peppers and a pile of Rawlicious Nacho Chips.

Excuse the blurry picture, but I had to just say the raw tortilla chips were awesome! As was the “sour cream.” The consensus was that it was probably cashew based. I say it was based of deliciousness.

Everything on the menu sounded so unique and amazing. I finally ended up with a Taco Wrap: Seasoned Nut-Loaf, Guacamole, chopped Tomatoes, Red Onion, shredded Romaine, Salsa and Nut Cheese.


Thumbs up!!! I asked for it without the guacamole (“allergic”) but otherwise everything on it tasted great! The nut-loaf was a little spicy and had a great crumbly texture. The nut cheese reminded me a little of hummus. I really enjoyed this, and for being a raw meal, it was pretty darn filling!!

When the waitress asked if we wanted to see the tea menu after the meal, I couldn’t help but take part.


Knowing it was getting close to my bedtime, I chose one of the “non-caffeineted” ones, Rooibos Samarkhand: Rooibos, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Calendula & Rose Petals.


All served in a cute little mug to boot. Good for my sinuses!

There may have also been a little raw dessert action…


Much better than my last raw dessert experience. Y’all know I’m a butter and sugar girl, but this raw brownie was definitely tasty! It was mostly coconut based, but my favourite part was the icing, which I think had something to do with coconut butter.

Fun fact: Callie (right) and I are driving to Chicago together for the Healthy Living Summit!! Blogger road trip?? Yesplease :)

I’m pumped that Sarah (left) and Angela (right) will also be at the Healthy Living Summit! Also, props to Jessica (mid-right) for suggesting the restaurant. It was a total win, and I have a feeling we’ll be going back to the “Zen Den” till we’ve tried everything on the menu!!

I should also thank Laura for her TTC tips (Toronto Transit Commission). Thankfully, I didn’t have to act crazier than the crazy people on the subway to stay safe on the way home. Another win!!


And with that, I bid you a goodnight!! *muah!*


Old Susan, Meet New Susan

Wow, I’m actually surprised so many of you are bakers! Averie gave me the idea that maybe I am good at baking, but they may just have to be raw goodies ;) No heat = no problem.

After spending so long in the kitchen yesterday, I didn’t feel like preparing complicated food for work this morning. Let’s welcome back egg white pillows shall we?

Been a while! I think I accidentally threw out the little containers I made these in when I moved. So I had to microwave them in a giant container then hack them up to fit on the english muffin (with laughing cow cheese). Some unpictured yogurt went with this.

Lunch was a new product experiment for me: Yves Roast without the Beef slices.


On whole grain bread with some swiss cheese, mayo and mustard. Now that I know what roast beef tastes like again, I can confidently say they tasted nothing like it. Still good though! I like the spices Yves uses in their products, more so than Tofurkey.

Remember summertime when melons were cheap, plentiful, ripe and juicy?


Sigh. I think I just need to move on and accept these may have to wait till next year…

The cantaloupe & cottage cheese did make a good pre-run snack though! It was supposed to be sunny and 12 C (54 F) today. But come 2pm, it was 6 C (43 F) and overcast. I knew it wasn’t going to get any nicer, so I just sucked it up and went out.

There are three conditions I do not like to run in: cold, rainy and windy. I’ll do just one of these, ie I don’t mind the cold if the sun is shining, or the rain so long as it’s warm. But put two, or worse, all three together, and I won’t do it. I’ll resort to the treadmill in my climate controlled gym.

Anyways, 6 C isn’t that bad of a temperature, but it felt extra cold without the sun shining! Even my feet were cold! It took me a reeeeally long time to warm up, and I just felt like I couldn’t get up to my usual speed. My heart rate remained low, and I could feel myself tensing up from the chill.

There are definitely a few cold-weather running items I still need to pick up. Namely, long pants, a vest, and a headband. Maybe those will help, especially on the overcast days. I plan to run outside so long as there’s no ice on the ground!

Oh yes, and I did 45 minutes. Probably 4.5-ish miles give or take a little. Despite the cold, it was quite enjoyable. Lots of friendly people on the trail today :)

Regardless of my chill, I refuelled with a cold smoothie when I got home.


  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Meal
  • handful ice cubes

As if the cold drink wasn’t enough, I paired it with some ice.


Icing after runs changed. my. life. When I started running again after my hip injury, I was constantly nagged by ankle, knee and hip pains. I got really frustrated and convinced I was just not cut out to be a runner. Then I discovered that icing virtually removes all lingering pain for me. Even after a 4-mile run, I apply ice immediately after stretching, for about 15 minutes on each “trouble spot.” It makes a world of difference! For me, it’s the difference between not feeling 8 miles later in the day, and hobbling around for the three days following.

And yes, even my running socks don’t match. Another lifesaver for me are running socks. Not so much for how they deal with sweatiness, but for the cushioning. The extra padding on the bottom helps a lot with any ankle pain as well.

For dinner, I made my “beefy man chili” a little more green.


I love hot/cold salad combos! Anything tastes delicious on a bed of spinach :)

  • spinach
  • tomato
  • mushrooms
  • green pepper
  • carrot
  • leftover chili
  • salsa
  • chopped up cheese string (Cheestring Ficello, the good kind)

One thing about being back on The Daily Plate tracking calories again, is that I’ve been looking back on what I was doing this time last year when I was religiously tracking every day. I didn’t start blogging until January ‘09, but I was writing online diary entries on the website starting in July ‘08.

As I was running my four miles today, it was hard to feel bummed about being sluggish. I still had this recent entry from November 11, 2008 on my mind:

I ran four miles today!!! All on my own, no part of a program or anything. I just hopped on the treadmill feeling good and decided I was going to run an extra mile today. And I did it!! So my usual 30 minute run turned into a 40 minute run. I bet I could have done 5 miles if I really pushed myself, but I’ll save that for another day. I think I may increase my usual 30 minutes to 35 minutes, and try to go further on days like today.
Anyways, I just had to celebrate my small accomplishment. Just made reservations for dinner tonight :)

I recall finishing the Couch to 5k program sometime in October of last year. I’d started by doing it outside, but quickly moved to the treadmill the second it got remotely cold. Running even 30 minutes straight on the treadmill was a big deal for me at the time, so doing 40 was like a may-jah accomplishment.

As I was running down the trail today, I was thinking back to me this time last year. I would have never believed that 1) I’d be doing 4 miles as a “short run,” outside, in the middle of November and 2) I’d have two 5k’s, a 10k, a triathlon and a whole weight lifting program under my belt.

This is a technique I often use when I’m having a sub-par workout. Sure, I may not be performing to my usual standard, but in the grand scheme of things, just being able to do anything is still an amazing accomplishment. For example, I know I may whine about how much strength I’ve lost recently. But I’ll never forget that this time last year, I could barely squat a set with a 10 lb body bar. Now I can heave 60 lbs on my back no problem, despite it being down from 80 lbs several months ago. 60 lbs is still something to be proud of!


Question of the day: What is one thing you do today that you could never imagine yourself doing a year ago? There’s also no way I would have believed I’d be eating red meat again (and using beef in my chili!).