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Hellooo… How is everyone’s weekend going? Mine started with work. At 5am. I spent so long going through old pics for Flashback Friday last night that I didn’t have time to prepare a breakfast cookie! So I microwaved oats at work instead…


One packet of President’s Choice multigrain instant oats, 1 cup water, 2 tbsp soy protein powder, cinnamon, shredded coconut, 4 dates, cashew butter. Oats never keep me full on these early mornings for some reason. My tummy was growling less than two hours later. Ohhh the mystery that is my tummy…

Lunch was also microwaved.


Campbell’s herbed chicken with brown rice. I “beefed” it up with some leftover tofu from last night.

And then some watermelon. 



It was a crazy busy morning. One of those mornings where I found myself running down the hallways and reading newscasts out of breath. Ahhh…deadlines. I did however find time to scoot on over to the market and get a bounty of goods!!


  • Romaine
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Beets
  • Purple “green” beans (purple beans just sounds weird…)
  • Cabbage
  • Potatoes
  • sliced Smoked Montreal beef
  • Cabbage roll

Despite all my wonderful fresh food, I was having a major hankering for chocolate. So I snacked on a chocolate chocolate chip crisp Myoplex bar.



Well, it was definitely chocolatey! I found it was a little dry and mega rich, but still good. The cinnamon flavour is still my fave!

Oh, and I also had the world’s gooey-est fig.


Bursting with yumminess!! I wish I could find fresh figs around here, I’m curious as to what they taste like…

I’m running a 5k race tomorrow, so I wanted to keep my exercise today light. I opted for a walk downtown so I could pick some stuff up. The weather was gorgeous!

Wanna come with?


I started on the trail across the street…


And continued along the river…


Until I got downtown.


Passed a few familiar buildings, like the courthouse where I spend many days reporting.


And city hall, where many late nights are spent covering council.


Then it was off to Victory Meat Market.

Ironically, I was there to pick up some of their cheap fruit! :P


Cantaloupes for 99 cents. Suh-weet deal.

Then it was off to the Running Room in search of some Gu.


Luckily, I got there just as they were closing, otherwise I would have easily dropped money I don’t have on expensive running gear :P

And my final stop before making the trek back home was Second Cup.


I wanted something to quench my thirst, so I got myself a little treat.


Sugar-free strawberry Italian soda. Basically sucralose in club soda :P

The other wonderful thing about the river route, is there are gorgeous homes on the other side of the road.


I’m partial to this one because I have extended family that used to live there. It’s beautiful (and huge) inside.

And then home!


Overall I covered about 5 miles (8 km) in two hours. Much longer than planned. I live an extra 15 minute walk from my old place, I forgot to factor that in!

I was starving by the time I got home. It’d been a long time since my 10am “lunch.” I threw together a meal made up of my market goodies.


Haha, that cabbage roll looks so gnarly, but it was delicious! It was filled with rice and ground beef. Bought from my favourite Lebanese stand :) There’s also a cucumber salad made up of just cucumber, yogurt, lemon juice, garlic and dill.

Finally, the green stuff! Those are the greens from my beets!! I couldn’t just cut them off and throw them away, especially since there was so much. So I cooked it my favourite way to eat greens, sauteed with garlic, olive oil and parmesan. It was delicious. I couldn’t really distinguish a huge difference from spinach. It’s maybe a little less “tough” and didn’t dry my mouth out like spinach always does.



Dates + cashew butter. This is a combo that was just meant to be. I don’t know what it is but the two flavours compliment each other perfectly, more than peanut or almond butter!

I’m starting to get pumped for my race tomorrow! I kinda feel like a huge loser because I’m doing it all alone. But it’s at 2pm, and I work till 12pm, so I figured I might as well go run it seeing as I’m always working during the morning races. I don’t have any huge expectations as I’ll likely be sleep deprived and coming off a full day of work. I just want to go run my little bottom off and have a good time! :D

See ya for the recap tomorrow!!

Question of the day: What’s your favourite kind of “ethnic” food? I’ll gobble up anything Greek, Lebanese or Moroccan. Yum!

Cardio therapy

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words on my last post!!! I almost didn’t post last night because I didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer. I want this to be a fun, sometimes informative blog, but I also want it to be real. Everyone breaks down sometimes, and I think it’s perfectly okay to do so!

Jenna put it really well, “most of the time when I do [cry], it’s out of frustration not sadness.”

Totally. There’s been a lot of frustration happening ‘round these parts!

But, I’m a firm believer that life is what you make of it. We’re all in charge of our own happiness. So today, I woke up with the goal of making it a better day.

And what’s a better way to start an awesome day than to skip on over to the gym?

That’s a total lie. I stumbled, puffy-eyed, sleep-deprived, and for some reason, really hungry. But once I got into it, I really got into it :)

Duration: 1:02
Calories: 498 (I note this only because it’s pretty high for a gym sesh!)
Max HR: 173
Avg HR: 146

5 minutes easy on the elliptical

Elliptical (front-drive, for the record ;) ):
1 minute level 6
2 minutes level 4
1 minute level 7
2 minutes level 5
1 minute level 8
2 minutes level 5
1 minutes level 7
2 minutes level 4
1 minute level 6
2 minutes level 3

3 alternating sets of jump squats and tricep dips, 10 reps each

2 minutes 5.5 mph
2 minutes 5.8 mph
2 minutes 6.1 mph
2 minutes 6.4 mph
2 minutes 6.7 mph

3 alternating sets of back extension and cable horizontal woodchop, 10 reps each

Rowing machine:
10 minutes, alternating overhand grip and underhand grip every 2 1/2 minutes

One 2 minute and 15 second plank. Boo. Ya. :D


This was basically a workout for someone with ADD :P I loved mixing up the strength and cardio instead of just splitting it into two parts. Good times at the campus gym. I’ll miss that place…


Oh, and the mood lifting didn’t stop there. It’s Waffle Wednesday y’all!!


Hello gorgeous! Two waffles with almond butter, yogurt, a sliced peach and cinnamon. Eaten on a paper plate because my real ones are in a box. Also eaten in bed because my table is gone.

I also want to mention that I tried making my daily iced coffee with cold water overnight. Usually, I brew iced coffee in the french press by pouring boiling water over the grinds, steeping for 4-5 minutes, pressing, then leaving it in the fridge overnight. But after reading Kath’s post where she used cold water, I wanted to give it a try, figuring it would save me the step of boiling water. It was a no-go. I let the cold water steep with the grinds in the fridge for 8 hours and it was much weaker. Some things I read said to soak it for at least 12 hours. But I like my coffee strong!!

I cut myself off from buying groceries this week so I wouldn’t be moving a bunch of food. I did however stock up on a few bars to replace the usual fruit I bring to work. Bad, I know. But they’re easier to pack than fresh fruit,


I should know better than to buy products called Slim Down, but this one intrigued me (and was on sale). It has 13g of protein for 180 calories. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the bar itself, because I ate it while walking somewhere (no time for a sit down snack, busy work day!). First off, I didn’t read the ingredients carefully enough in the store, and didn’t realize it had high fructose corn syrup. Secondly, the taste was “meh.” Kinda chalky. I still have this bar in another flavour to eat, but I otherwise won’t be buying them again.


I was staaaarving when I walked in the door at 4:30 pm and decided to just go ahead and make something to eat. Given the grocery and dishes situation, it was still pretty decent!


Soup! I forgot that I still had a few containers of this stuff in my cupboard.

I added a can of tuna and a couple spoonfuls of garbanzos to “beef” it up a bit. Not too shabby. Couldn’t even distinguish between the chicken and tuna!

Dessert was the last of my protein popsicles.


There will be more experimenting with this when I’m in my new place. Just think of the possibilities!


So I wouldn’t say I’m 100% a-okay yet. But I’m definitely 50% better than yesterday. After working nine days straight, I have these next two days completely off to prepare for moving this weekend (which I still have to work). Having some spare hours to myself should help a lot.

So today’s question is, what did you do for yourself today that made you happy? My gym session was definitely my highlight. I really realized how much I rely on exercise now to release my stress and anxiety. Much better than the full-blown panic attacks I used to have.

Oh, and I woke up this morning to discover my cable’s been shut off! Not cool! How am I going to watch the Real World tonight!? :P

Hope you had a great hump day!

Embracing my inner carnivore

So while I was blogging away this morning, I was not doing a vital part of my morning routine. Making my work eats! Blogging aaalllways takes me longer than I plan once you factor in re-reading and cleaning up all the text (I’m a broadcast journalist, I can’t help it!).

So come 8:50 am, it was time to leave my place, and I had no work eats to pack in my lovely new lunch bag. Enter emergency soup.


This is one of my roommie’s abandoned soups that didn’t make it to the food bank bag. I don’t eat a lot of soup, especially not canned soup. Firstly, I don’t like drinking my food! But also because of the sodium/saltiness and the sometimes sketchy ingredients I can’t pronounce. This however looked appetizing enough, so I kept it for mornings exactly like today’s!



Immediately, I noticed the nutrition info contains one of my biggest pet peeves. This 398 mL container is clearly marketed as a portion for one, It’s even designed to be popped in the microwave and eaten immediately. But the nutrition facts are for 250 mL!! Sheesh! I’m a liberal arts grad, I can’t do that kind of math!

Luckily, I had my handy-dandy accessories calculator at work. REAL nutrition facts are as follows:

Calories 121
Fat 4.7g
Sodium 748mg
Carbohydrates 16g
Fibre 3g
Sugar 3g
Protein 4.7g

That’s more like it :)


The soup itself was pretty decent tasting. Had a good amount of bulk to it, although way too much rice and not enough chicken. I still have three of these left. Next time I’ll bring an additional protein to add to it and dump out some of the broth.

Oh, and I obviously did not have just the soup. I grabbed an apple and two cheestrings to go with.

I also discovered some pre-portioned baggies of trail mix I did up and forgot about while I was cleaning out my cupboards yesterday. It was the perfect grab-and-go snack for later.


A sampling of what was in the goody bag. That random bumpy brown lump 12 o’clock to the walnut is some random dried berry I picked up at the Bulk Barn. At first, I thought it had the strangest texture, but they’ve really grown on me! I have yet to find a dried fruit I don’t like.

I continued my cow hating again for supper tonight with fresh hamburger I picked up at the local meat shop yesterday.

As someone who can barely cook chicken, I was in way over my head attempting to cook a hamburger on the stovetop. I really wish that someone told me bloody juices seep out of it when it’s cooking. I felt like I was killing it all over again…

On the bright side, my inner carnivore took over and I was salivating at the smell. I think I cooked it for maybe two minutes too long, but it otherwise turned out quite edible, and dare I say – good!


It was a pre-formed patty of just straight up lean ground beef. So most of the hard work was already done for me ;) I like the idea of cooking meat at home because I have control over what type of meat it is, where it comes from, and what type of oils it’s cooked in. I just ate it on top of a piece of toast. Since it was pre-formed, it was a little larger than it would be if I made it myself. So I opted to skip the bun to save room for a little green stuff on the side :)

I have to admit though, the red meat as not been nice to my digestive system. It’s like it’s working much harder to process all this foreign food. Or, like digesting a brick. Thus, tomorrow will be a cow-free day. Turkeys and soybeans beware though :P

More questions! Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian? Why or why not?

I gave up red meat when I was 13 years old. Then gave up all meat when I was 14. It wasn’t for ethical reasons. The thought of chowing down on dead animal bits just grossed me out. I started eating fish again a couple years ago, then added poultry this past Thanksgiving. This red meat thing is brand new to me, as of last month. It’s fun rediscovering the foods of my childhood. I really want to open myself up to all foods again, and don’t want to consider anything “off limits.” I just really wish red meat wasn’t so darn bloody! Ewewewew.

Okee, I’m off to make my lunch for tomorrow now so I don’t have to eat soup for lunch again! See ya tomorrow for a fun new lifting workout!!