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Mum’s The Word

Heyheyhey! Thanks SO much for the caring comments on my last post. They seriously mean the world to me.

One of the greatest things about being home again is being so close to my parents. I haven’t lived in the same city as them since I hightailed it outta here after my highschool graduation seven years ago.

But this past weekend, I truly appreciated being so close. I was able to spend the night at my mom’s and wake up with her on Mother’s Day.

Okay, technically, we did not wake up together. I was out running in the rain when she woke up. I wanted to take advantage of the trails by her house. I’ve finally worked up to a 5k again! Took three months after surgery to get there.

But I promise you, I made a big brunch for her as soon as I walked in the door.


I spied some ham in the fridge so I made her a Monte Cristo sandwich. Essentially a ham & cheese sandwich where the bread is french toast. You may recall I had a 900 calorie version of this sandwich in Toronto. I’d say my version at home was only 350-ish calories without the maple syrup. Take that.


Part of Mother’s Day was also spent at my new favourite cafe in the city – Cafe Clementine on St. George.


GOOD espresso, German sweets, paninis and other goodies. Plus, I’m a sucker for the hippie decor.


Mint iced tea. So happy it’s iced tea season again. Iced drinks > hot drinks imo.


Mother and daughter…


…and mother and daughter!! All you can see in this photo is HAIR. Hahaha. Blame my  Scottish Papa.


Oh yes, and there was a Mother’s Day pie. But this gem deserves its own post. Any guesses on what it may be? *Hint: It features slices of fruit*