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Simply Saturday

Happy weekend all! I hope you’re enjoying it! I’m working at the office, as per usual. I thought it would be fun to show you our break room! As you probably know, I’m not usually at the office throughout the week, so I have to be careful about the items I pack for lunch. On the weekends, I at least have a fridge and microwave to work with :P


It’s as basic as you get. We do have one of these fancy coffee makers though…


You just pop in a container of grinds and it brews the perfect cup!


Then there’s our fridge. It’s, ahem, well used.


And kinda stinks :P

100_8507 Places to sit:


And nap:


We have windows in all the rooms – it’s a radio station thang. In case you missed it, I also did a tour of our newsroom a while back too :)

I usually don’t hang out in here, I much rather eat at the computer. I was in here this morning making breakfast though!


Can you see what’s in the toaster? I bet you can at least guess :P


I had absolutely no desire to prepare two meals and a snack last night, so I instead threw a bunch of stuff in a bag this morning. That included two Nature’s Path flax waffles with PB&J.

President’s Choice “Just Almonds” crunchy almond butter.


Crofter’s blackberry jam.


I fell in love with their blueberry jam and the blackberry does not disappoint!!

The waffles didn’t hold me over very well though, and I even purposely put extra almond butter on there. I needed some protein!

Good thing I was planning ahead whilst throwing things in a bag this morning.


Atkins Advantage peanut butter granola bar. By the way, I’d picked up a bunch of bars for my trip last weekend that I didn’t end up eating. So you may be seeing lots of random bars over the next little bit! I still have intentions of making my own again :)


Tastewise, this is my favourite Atkins bar. I think it’s just the peanuts on top though. It also has 17g of protein!

For “lunch,” I brought two slices of bread, a can of tomato & onion tuna, hummus, a tomato and some romaine lettuce. Assembled in the break room, it turned into this:


And a naval orange on the side. Anyone ever get gypped with these things? Here it is before peeling. What looked like a big and juicy orange.


Mid-peeling – look at the thickness of that peel!!


Post-peel – nothing but a dinky orange.


Boo naval orange. Boo.

There was some MEGA relaxing happening after work today, with a few chores thrown in. Okay, and many episodes of Real Housewives and Greek. It was some well needed down time!! I also had a glorious yogurt snack.


  • plain yogurt
  • stevia
  • vanilla extract
  • fresh strawberries
  • ground flax
  • shredded coconut
  • drizzle of honey


Can you believe I’ve never sprinkled coconut on yogurt before?? It was divine!!


Okay. Enough yogurt love :P It was just one of those magical bowls where everything came together perfectly. I know you know what I’m talking about!!

Dinner was super simple. Guess I’ve just been craving simple eats today.


Gigantor pita with cherry tomatoes, red pepper, carrots, mushrooms and hummus. I also dipped the crunchy end parts of a romaine in the hummus too – it was really good!

The pita pretty much had the above mentioned veggies with turkey slices and Mediterranean cottage cheese.

Yuummmzzzz. I don’t think my love affairs with pitas will ever end…


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And with that I’m hitting the hay! I know, wild Saturday night happening over here :P G’night!