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Things I Learned The Month I Tried To Move

It’s impossible to conquer Toronto. There’s just too much to do, see and eat.

Walking is such an underrated activity. Sure it’s no calorie-burner, but I think it’s as beneficial for mental health as yoga.


I have to stop automatically giving a positive response when people ask “How are you?” It causes others think I’m “okay” when I’m actually not.

Bad things happen to good people all. the. time.


If you’re going to add Greek yogurt to cooked oatmeal, add it after cooking and not to the pot while oatmeal is being cooked. The latter results in a soupy batch.

I need to relax. Which can be hard to do when you’re not allowed to exercise and it’s your best form of stress relief.


Getting the cast off a broken limb does not mean it’s all better. It can mean the hard and painful work is about to begin.


Adding pesto to hummus is a good idea.

Sometimes the best way to get out of an exercise slump is to take a break. Not a few days, but a few weeks or even months.

I don’t want my parents to ever leave me.


Doctor says at least two years until my arm is back to its new “normal.” Two. Years. I fucked it up bigtime.


It’s The Little Things

Taking a shower for so long your fingers get wrinkly.

Being in the presence of loved ones, doing nothing but enjoying their company.

Going outside without mittens for the first time.

Finding that shirt you thought you lost last year.

Eating a banana, avocado, or mango on it’s day of perfect ripeness.

Days where your hair magically falls into place without being styled.


Being seated in a restaurant right away and getting the best table there.

Having amazing home baked bread, then turning it into French toast.


Knowing that even when there are a million things to complain about, there are still things over the course of the day that can bring you a little slice of happiness.

Things I Learned The Month I Broke

How to ask for help. I’m incredibly stubborn and independent at times. Asking for help doesn’t make me weak, but rather makes my life more liveable.

Family is number one. Always.

I’m stronger than I thought. You can never predict how you’ll react in a situation until you actually have to go through it. Truth is, in the moment you don’t get the chance to reflect on how you want to react. You just do things the only way you know how. It’s survival.

Humans are incredibly adaptable. My sister keeps saying she can’t believe the things I am doing with one hand. But the learning process has been quick. I wouldn’t say I’m used to it, but I’m learning to live with it.

Ponytails are very important to me. On the flipside, there are a few things I just can’t do with one hand no matter how hard I try. Of those things, the inability to put my ever-growing hair into a ponytail frustrates me the most.

Teen dramas from the 1990s are way underrated. Am I right??


I can go 40 hours without food. Thanks to a saline drip and regular injections of narcotic painkillers.

I’m getting older. There’s something about that 25 year mark that made me start to realize the physical changes of aging. Most recently, the beating my body took after going to a punk show.


I’m not as waffle adept as I boast to be. Evidenced by a few waffle scrambles over the past month…


You can take the Maritimers out of the Maritimes, but you can’t take the Maritimes out of the Maritimers.


Remember the big picture. Not just in terms of time. I know even though my recovery seems like a long time now, it will just be a blip on the radar many years from now. But my situation really isn’t that bad. I will get better. The big picture is that I have loved ones who won’t.

Surgery is scary. And something I never, ever want to go through again.

Peanut butter and honey isn’t just for sandwiches!


Anyone can do yoga. And that includes me, with my full arm cast. When my accident first happened, I was most upset about not being able to participate in the Power of Movement fundraiser. Then about not being able to do yoga at all. But that last part is not true. Because a yoga practice is what you make of it, and that’s why anyone can really do it.

The Rideau Canal should be renamed to the Carnage Canal. I’m only joking.

Sort of.

Don’t leave your elbow pads at home!!!! Seriously, why did I just wear knee pads on that fateful day?

Staying upbeat is sometimes really, really hard. As a person with a history of anxiety and depression, I easily fall prey to feeling sorry for myself. I am always battling with feelings of wanting to give up. I need to dig deep and remember this attitude doesn’t help anything.

Even when it feels like the world stops, life does in fact go on. With every passing minute.

Bionic jokes get old.


Just sayin’.


What did you learn this month?