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It’s been almost two months since my last “Snapshots” post, and since I’ve been on chemo for six days now, I feel like an easy photo-filled post is due. This is where I open up my iPhone and share the random things I capture over the course of the day. I love when other bloggers do these types of posts because it’s a fun peek into their life. I haven’t done this since I got Buster, so it should come as no surprise that there has been an onslaught of photos featuring a furry orange and white face!

Typical day snuggling with Buster. This is what my days after chemo look like.

This is how Buster often sleeps in my bed when not trying to snuggle. Honest to goodness, this was not set up.

Hanging out, watching Conan.

Hanging out, watching Beverly Hills 90210 (team Brandon, btw)

Buster is still trying to grasp the concept of a doggie bed.

Better…but not quite.

There we go! By the way, that teddy bear is actually Buster’s girlfriend, I’m pretty sure.

It’s not all laying around and sleeping though!

Walks in the woods.

Walks along the river. Moncton always looks so desolate.

Burger outing with the fam!

Burger at the new Relish Moncton location. I got the Simpleton because I’m not allowed cheese or bacon on my current drugs. The beet relish and buns are still awesome though.

Unfortunately, I spend so much time in my pajamas, it seems I am forgetting how to dress.

Cocktail hour in the chemo room (the tape and tube are from my PICC are visible 24/7, it’s weird)

Ice cream and Kindle in the chemo chair. Some of my best blog friends pitched in and bought me a Kindle when I was first hospitalized, one of the best gifts I got!

They serve hospital meals in the chemo room. I don’t eat them anymore. GAG.

Instead I treat myself to take-out. In this case, falafel!

Homemade fish, chips, and coleslaw. I’ve been working on creating the perfect oven fries and I’m pretty close to the final version. I want to have one more go at them just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke until I share it.

Adding orange juice to the egg wash for french toast is really good! Gives it a citrusy twist.

Not all Buster around here. Caught Archie sleeping with one ear open.

One of my favourite shots EVER. Buster looking fancy in his just-groomed bow and sad that Archie won’t play. Archie is sitting with his back to Buster, then turns his head and gives Buster that look.

On the other hand, Buddy the boxer-bullmastiff is the one always bugging Buster to play. But for some reason Buster gets pissed when he tries.

So instead Buster plays with a giant stuffed lobster. Weirdo.

What the screen of death looks like on a Mac. Yup, my harddrive crashed on my four month old MacBook Pro. I have no idea why. It froze one day while I was using it and got this screen when I tried to restart. It’s still under warranty, but I lost everything. I think it’s because I badmouthed Steve Jobs in an earlier blog post. Sorry Steve!

And for kicks – a video I captured on my iPhone last night. Still trying to teach Buster how “fetch.” I apologize for my annoying voice while communicating with my dog. I can’t help it!

I don’t know what’s better – the part where he looks at me and decides to go the other way, or when he comes bounding out from behind he wall. Hahaha.

Finally, Part Three of my radio interview is up on the CBC website. Except this time it features my MOM! Click here to listen to her talk about what it was like for her when I was diagnosed with cancer. Part Four should be posted after noon today.

With that, I am off. Tomorrow is chemo #10 of 12! I’ve got some real blog topics I want to share, but I’ve been feeling too crappy to properly write anything out. Soon, hopefully!

The 100 Mile Dinner

Hello! I am back after a day off from blogging yesterday. Weekends are always low-key around here anyways, but I got a dog on Friday and he sucked up every ounce of my attention over the weekend!

I did manage to tear myself away from the puppy long enough to attend a 100 Mile Dinner with my sister on Sunday. I’ve been intrigued by the 100 mile idea ever since watching the “100 Mile Challenge” show on the Food Network Canada. Basically, a group of people in British Columbia committed to eating only food produced 100 miles from where they lived. It was a lot harder than they expected it to be! One hundred miles isn’t very far if you think about it…


Eating locally is not really something I’ve done a whole lot of until this past summer. Namely because local goods are often more expensive than the imported stuff in the grocery store. But when the cancer diagnosis came, I shifted around my priorities. Buying quality food, and knowing where it’s grown, became important to me and the healing process. No fancy green elixirs here, just straight up, close-to-home food.


Plus, the dinner was a fundraiser! We started off with whole wheat biscuits. Very soda-y, just the way I like them. I’m curious as to how many of the ingredients were local. Every last one of them? The journalist in me needs to get to the bottom of this…


Our soup course was a delightfully spiced cabbage soup. I was expecting it to be bland by the looks of it, but it was quite the opposite.


The main course stole the show for me. Beef with a mushroom ragout, mashed potatoes, and roasted root veggies (beets, turnip, parsnip, carrots). The beef was soft and full of rich flavour. The mushrooms added a wonderful heartiness to it. The gravy mixed in with the buttery potatoes was to die for. Of all the local foods out there, beef is one of my favourites to splurge on. You can really taste the difference and it’s the kind of meat that leaves you feeling good and energized after.


Finally, dessert! Apple crumble. A little predictable, but always a crowd pleaser. The dishes were all served in the cafeteria at the local community college and prepared by the culinary students there. I was quite impressed by how good everything tasted for such a large event and at the speed of the service. Despite feeling kinda crappy on Sunday, I’m happy my sister and I were able to pop out of the house to experience it.

I wouldn’t have predicted my diagnosis would spark a local food lover in me. One would probably guess a health-nut like me would have gone for seaweeds and veganism. But there’s something about the idea of meeting the people who grow my food, seeing the soil it’s grown in, and knowing it only took 20 minutes to get to my plate. It gives me more piece of mind than something that was handled a million times flying across an ocean to get here.

Don’t take that the wrong way though. There will always be room for Guatemalan coffee ;)

The dinner was also my first time away from Buster since I got him on Friday. He was at his Nana’s the whole time (ie my mom’s). We’re already quite attached and it took everything I had not to text my mom every 5 minutes to see how he was doing.


Archie the poodle is my childhood dog who lives with my mom. He is quite offended by the new addition. Buster just wants to play and Archie is all like “What are you doing here?” Archie is 14 years Buster’s senior and my mom keeps comparing it to bringing a new baby home to an only child. Poor Archie!

Meet The Newest Member Of The Family…

Buster! My first ever dog!


In case you haven’t already seen the barrage of photos I’ve posted on my other social mediums.

You see, it has been one of my long-term life goals to get a dog. It’s actually one of the many reasons why I moved home from Toronto! When I got cancer, I made myself a list of medium-term goals to get me through treatment. Apart from traveling and baking croissants, getting a dog was on the list. I knew it would be the perfect time to get and train one since I’m at home all day.


I’ve been wanting to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel forever. They are the sweetest, kindest, friendliest dogs. When I first moved home I found only one breeder in the area and was still pretty set on getting a rescue dog if I could.

Thing is, when you live in a small centre with a lower population, there are fewer dogs to rescue! Moncton’s only shelter has lots of shephards, huskies, and other big dogs. But very rarely does a smaller dog show up. I like lap dogs, what can I say.

Yesterday, it finally occurred to me to look on Kijiji to see if there were any locals looking to get rid of some older dogs, and there were TONS! Not all puppy mills or sketchy breeders, just every day folk who for whatever reason can’t care for their dogs anymore and want to make a few bucks off of it.

I stumbled across a young family here in town who had cavaliers they could no longer care for and I was there by lunchtime. By 1pm, Buster was at home with me.


He’s almost 10 months old and responds to the name Buster. While it’s not my favourite name, I don’t want to confuse him, and it does kind of remind me of Arrested Development. I’m a bigger fan of silly human names for dogs, thus his proper title will be Buster Bartholomew.

While he is still a puppy in many respects, he so far seems to be house trained. No accidents yet! He’s not eating or drinking yet, which I intend to get him doing today. I may have to spoil him with a little meat and rice. He’s also going to get a bath today and a dreaded meeting with vet next week.


In terms of personality, he is perfect in every way. Cavaliers are known for being excellent human companions and are often used as therapy dogs. He loves everyone who crosses his path and will cuddle up to them immediately. He is a BIG cuddler and gets very attached to people. He’ll whine a little whenever someone leaves a room! All you have to do is look at him and his tail will start to wag furiously. He came from a home with another dog and three small children, so I think he is loving all this new attention he is getting.


I tried to put him in the kennel to sleep last night in case there were any accidents. That lasted all of two seconds. He ended up sleeping under the covers with me.

For those of you wondering, I do have two other dogs in my life, but neither of them live with me. Archie the poodle is my childhood dog who lives with my mom. He is almost 15 years old and will meet Buster today when we go visit. Buddy the boxer lives at my step-mom’s and visits here at my dad’s occasionally with her. But when I’m home all day it’s just me and Cashew the cat, so I’m elated to have another companion while I’m on sick leave. When I go back to work full-time, he’ll likely spend a lot of the days while I’m at work at my mom’s house so he doesn’t get too lonely.


I am one happy dog mom!! Buster is sleeping on my legs right now as I type this. We’re already inseparable.

Oh, and Cashew the cat? So. Not. Impressed.