The results are in…

…and I am CANCER FREE!

Waiting for the isotopes before my PET scan.

After finishing my scan on Monday, the doctor came out and asked me when I finished chemo. I replied “December 21st” and he said “Oh! Right before Christmas!” I nodded, remembering how uneventful it seemed being sick over the holidays and worrying if maybe the chemo wasn’t enough.

The doctor then said he looked at the scan and that “it looks like it’s all cleared up.”

I said “Really!? That’s awesome!” And then the doctor wished me luck and returned to his office.

The technician walked me to the waiting room where my dad was. She said the doctor rarely comes out and tells patients the results of a scan before giving his report to the oncologists.

I immediately told my dad the good news, we hugged. I then visited my Grammie who is staying in the same hospital, and ran into my older sister who gave me a cinnamon bun the size of my head.

The night of the good news. Buster wondering why I woke him up.

Despite knowing that my scan was clear, I still had a lot of questions for my oncologist. Unfortunately, when I saw him on Tuesday he hadn’t received the PET scan report yet, so I had to wait for any more details.

I spoke with my oncologist over the phone early yesterday and he confirmed that the PET scan showed no metabolic activity. That means NO CANCER (*fist pumps*).

However, there is still a “residual mass” in my chest. This is a very common occurrence for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patients, especially those with bulky tumours such as my own (bulky means it’s larger than 10 cm in size. Mine was 14 cm, or 5.5 inches). Because the residual mass did not light up on the PET scan, it is not cancerous and not growing. My oncologist is fairly certain it’s scar tissue, and from what I’ve read, having a residual mass won’t necessarily increase my risk of recurrence.

Now there is the big question as to whether or not I’ll do radiation to further shrink that residual mass and zap the area that was once active. In the past, 6 months chemo + 1 month radiation was the norm for people with my diagnosis. However, the most recent studies have shown that radiation may not prevent Hodgkin’s from coming back any more than just having chemo. Radiation also increases the risk of getting a secondary cancer down the road. Something of particular concern because of my younger age.

My oncologist recommended that I don’t do radiation, but he’s leaving it to my radiologist to make a formal recommendation. The decision to get it is ultimately mine, but I trust my doctors and will likely do what they say. I do know that my oncologist is highly respected so there’s a good chance my radiologist will follow his recommendation, unless she isn’t as satisfied with my scan. I’m not sure how large the residual mass is yet.

I meet with the radiologist on Friday, so I will update you all on the radiation bit after then!

As of right now, my feelings are mixed. I’m elated to know that I no longer have a cancer inside of me, and that I can get my horrendous PICC line out!

The PICC is the tube hanging out of my arm for giving IV drugs and taking blood.

On the other hand, I am nervous about this radiation thing. I am nervous to start living my life dealing with the long-term side effects of cancer and its treatment. The cancer may come back, my lungs still feel off, the chemo can affect my heart, gall bladder, the list goes on and on.

Just because the cancer is gone, it does not mean the complications and emotions that come with it are suddenly gone too. I am definitely happy I was able to get rid of my cancer, but I much prefer to have never had cancer at all.

In the end, I do realize I’m lucky to have gotten rid of it at all. There are many out there who are diagnosed with less favourable kinds of cancer. But I am not fooling myself into thinking I will ever be the same again. I unfortunately learned the hard way that I’m not as invincible as I once thought I was.

I have a lot to say, but I will leave it there for today. However I can’t forget to give a big THANK YOU for sending so many well wishes, good vibes, prayers, and healing chants. Those of you who sent comments, messages, and tweets over the past few days, I am sorry I couldn’t respond to every single one of you. But please know I read and appreciated every single one. Also, thank you to the silent readers who also sent positive energy my way. I am not too hippie-dippie when it comes to this stuff, but I will take anything I can get if it will help keep the cancer away!

There is certainly still more to my cancer journey, but I’m sure we can all agree that the worst is now hopefully over.

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  1. Amazing news. I’m so happy for you.

  2. this is AMAZING. congratulations and the very best wishes for the start of a new, awesome chapter!

  3. Amen. I realize there are still a lot of concerns, but those are “what-ifs” in the future. Right now–today–you are past the cancer that you’ve battled for months. That is concrete. That has happened and can be documented. What might happen in the future is unclear, but you have a great team of support to help you with whatever comes your way.

    Go celebrate!!!

  4. You’re awesome!

  5. Wonderful news! Continuing to send good wishes your way! xo

  6. SWEET!!!! That is awesome news!! So happy for you. :-)

  7. Imagine a fat old lady doing Ren and Stempy’s “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy” dance! That’s me!!! Such FANTASTIC news!!! I have every confidence that your attitude during this whole ordeal has made a big difference — and probably a critical difference! And, as you know, you still have a challenging road ahead of you, but this time it forked in the right direction, and if you handle the rest of the journey as fantastically and honestly as you’ve handled the roughest part of the road, there’s clearly no doubt that you’ll work your way through this! I am sooooooooooo HAPPY for you!!!!

    • Love the image of the journey now being forked in the right direction. I’ll remember that one if I need to continue treatment with radiation. Thank you!

  8. I am so happy to see your results. I’m certain you will complete your next phase and come out on top. Best blog yet!

  9. I am so, so, so, so (x2023402340 more) happy for you! :) Major fist pumping over here in Japan, friend! :)

  10. Good Morning Susan.

    Such wonderful news!! The Ehrhardt family has been through so much in the past year that it’s nice to hear this.

    -Elisa & Geoff

    • Thank you Elisa! Grammie was is good spirits when we saw her. I think she was happy to have all of us there. Plus, it worked out well I got to see her as soon as I got the cancer-free news :)

  11. YESSS! Congrats – thats AMAZING news!

  12. Congratulations! Wonderful news.

  13. I’m so happy to hear that news! Congratulations!

  14. YAYYYY!! Congratulations :-)

  15. Susan, I am one of the silent readers. I think I may have commented once before when my daughter, Haley (also a cancer survivor-Non-Hodgkins’s and it’s been six years since her Transplant) sent me your Blog to read! I love your recipes, photos and thoughts on life. I am joyous over your wonderful news. Cancer Free! Yea!!!!

  16. So happy for you. I hope the post-cancer phase of your life brings you much joy and many exciting new experiences.

  17. I’ve been thinking about you and sending you positive energy and I am very happy to read your post today! Relax and enjoy this moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Great news!!!!!

  19. So happy for you! Take the rest one day at a time.

  20. Wonderful News! I have followed your journey and have so much respect for your strength and vive!! Those traits will serve you well as you continue on your journey. Best wishes… Sara

  21. Silent reader here, but: yeah!!!!! I was soooo hoping fro good news!

  22. Awesome news, Susan!

  23. That is wonderful news, Susan! I’m so happy for you.

    One of my closest friends was treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma when she was 18 — chemo and all. We are 32 now and she has been cancer free for 13 years. Her body was able to regain its former strength and abilities in time, and I know you will too. Congratulations!

  24. I am so happy for you :) And i’ll keep sending positive and healing vibes!

  25. this is the most amazing news. you are such a vision of strength and hope. wishing you all the best moving forward in the next steps of your journey!

  26. This is wonderful news, Susan. I have no doubt that you will continue to face the challenges that lie ahead with grace and determination, as you’ve already done. Congratulations :)

  27. GREAT NEWS!!! I’ve been waiting for this post, checking my Google Reader every 5 minutes ;-) So happy for you :)))

  28. Fantastic News! You are an amazing woman and I feel blessed to have shared this experience with you. Thanks for you honesty. I am looking forward to more yummy recipes and adventures with Buster.

  29. Wonderful News Susan! Just found your blog today – you are such a positive inspiration! :)

  30. Woohoo! Great news, congratulations :)

  31. This is such wonderful news! With your spirit and lust for life I see only the best in your future. And hopefully that includes some travels with me!

  32. i’ve been following your journey, and i have to say that this post brought tears to my eyes … such wonderful news! i’m so happy that you’ll now be able to look beyond treatment and plan for all the things you want to do!

  33. So happy to hear this news!! : )

  34. Oh, Susan!! This is SUCH great news!! I am elated for you, but I know what you are saying. As wonderful as the news is, there’s still some uncertainty for you. Right now – today – just focus on how strong you are to have made it through treatment SUCCESSFULLY and face tomorrow when it arrives. I am so happy for you!!!

    • Thank you Rachel! And you said it perfectly – it is the uncertainty ahead that still makes me uneasy. While I will move on and forward with my life, it unfortunately won’t be with the same blind confidence that others have.

  35. Amazing news Susan!! Congratulations and all the best for the next part of the journey.

  36. As soon as I saw your tweet with the news, my heart soared for you. I am SO SO SO happy that the chemo worked!!!! You are SO STRONG!

  37. Oh this is such great news. I’m so happy for you Susan. You kicked its ass.

  38. Susan, this is wonderful news! A very wise aunt told me after a successful cancer surgery,”Go home and get on with the rest of your life.” Subsequently, I did have chemo and radiation. However, the idea of ‘getting on” has served me well. I wish for you a long happy life filled with joy.

  39. Yippee!!! My heart is pounding with relief. Even though it’s obviously not going to be super easy to integrate yourself back into your ‘old’ life again, at leas the journey can start.

    You look amazing and hopefully will feel amazing soon. You rock.

  40. I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there is still “stuff” but such good news!!!

  41. One of those silent readers here, I started reading when I saw the fundraiser on other blogs that I read (that I’m also silent on…such a lurker!) But I let out a big cheer when I read the first line! So even though I’ve never commented, and you have no idea who I am, it just shows how awesome your blog is, because I do feel like I half-know you & have been hoping for the best for you, and now am celebrating here with you that at least the toughest part is over. Yes, there may be complications in the future but I’m sure you know to take it day by day, and I know you’ll be able to get through anything that life throws at you now :) <3

  42. I’m so happy to hear your news!! That is absolutely phenomenal!

  43. Amanda Mills Sirois

    Am so happy for you! Great news and we’ll keep sending along the healthy karma vibes your way!


    That is AMAZING news!!!! I completely understand your reluctance to be 100% relieved. After what you have been through and the realities of the after math of it all, you have every single right to feel anything and everything. It will take quite a while to come down from all of that and figure your way through the “what’s next” part.

    I cannot wait to toast to you in Halifax!!! xoxo

  45. That’s absolutely WONDERFUL news! I hope you never have to worry about cancer again.

  46. Ah your blog was the first thing I read this morning and what great news to wake up too! Congratulations, Susan. I am so happy to hear the great news!! You are so strong!

  47. That is wonderful, I am so happy for you!

  48. I have been waiting for this news — YAY!

  49. Congratulations! That’s amazing news :)

  50. Hey, you healthy you! Such good news!

    I can imagine you are still rattled from the experience, and it might take a while for you to ‘forget it’ (like a broken heart or a death, time might also put living through cancer in the background of your thoughts after a few years), but take it easy, live a day at a time of the wonderful rest of your life ahead!

  51. This is great news! So happy for you.

  52. Congrats! That is great news, although I realize you still have a lot of difficult decisions and transitions ahead. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  53. Hi Susan- I’m one of those ‘silent readers’ that you mentioned. I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now- but I’ve never commented! I just want to say that I am SO happy for you. I’m sending all my positive thoughts your way.

  54. YES! This is great news. Also, your Yoda shirt = awesome.

  55. I am so happy for you :)

  56. I’m still thinking about you and rooting for you! I’m thrilled to hear this news :)

    Your hair looks so cute in the bottom photo. I really like the braid and headband. And the bangs. Okay, I’ll stop now.


    I am so incredibly happy for you :)

    You did it!

  58. Awesome news!!! You will remain in my prayers. God still does miracles!!


    Woot Woot!!


  61. Hurray! *throws confetti*

  62. Soooo happy for you! I have tears of joy!!

  63. Congratulations on your great news! I’m very happy for you.

  64. That’s such wonderful news! What a fabulous way to start February! When can you celebrate by going to a pub?

  65. That’s fantastic news, congratulations! I can totally understand your concerns for the future, but hopefully you can just revel in the present and the fact that you are cancer free!

  66. Woohoo. fabulous news!

  67. I am so happy to hear your results. I am sorry you had to go through this though, but were brave enough to talk about it and share your story.

  68. Hooray! My eyes read the title and the first line faster than my brain could process and it made me gasp! Congratulations! What a relief. Take one day at a time and cherish it. :-)

  69. WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!! I’ve been obsessively checking for you to post the last few days, what wonderful news! Love your Yoda shirt, now you need a shirt/bumper sticker/coffee mug that says “I kicked cancer’s ass” or something along those lines. So happy for you, congratulations!

  70. So very happy for you! Good luck with whatever you and your dr. choose to do in the future!!

  71. Congratulations! That is amazing news, Susan :)

  72. I am so happy for you! great news!

  73. Awesome news! Congrats on officially being “cancer free”. :)

  74. Karen Strickland

    This is amazing news Susan! I am so happy for you :)

  75. I’m so happy for you, what great news…I was thinking about you this week :) You will be strong enough to face whatever challenges the future brings!

  76. Oh honey – I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! You are truly one of the toughest cookies I know. I admire you for your attitude through all this – you are an absolute inspiration! HUGE hugs!

  77. This is such wonderful news. I am a quiet reader, but I was waiting on edge to hear what your scan results were. Thoughts will be with you as you navigate the process of healing your body from the treatments and edging back into “normal” life. All the best :)

  78. that is such great news!!


  80. Fantastic…I’ve been checking your blog several times a day to find out the results. Very happy for you!

  81. GEEZ for once in the last 6 months I’m kind of speechless … I don’t even have any smart ass comments ;)

    I’m just incredibly happy for you :D

  82. So happy to hear the good news!!! :)

  83. Excellent news. So happy for you! I agree with the other comments, your attitude has probably made a huge difference in this whole situation. The road ahead may still be uncertain, but TODAY you are cancer-free…which is AWESOME. :)

  84. I just found your blog and went through your old posts and feel so incredibly touched by your story and strength. Your beautiful inside and out and I’m so happy your cancer free and will be praying for strength and complete healing from the aftermath. Thanks for sharing with all of us<3

  85. YAYAYAYAY! A great week for both of us!!!

  86. Oh I’m just so glad for you! Awesome!

  87. I’ve been following your blog since just before you found out you had cancer and, on top of wanting to scream CONGRATULATIONS through my keyboard and monitor, I want to say thank you for sharing your journey with us. So happy for you, Susan!

  88. So happy for you. My heart beamed when I read this. You go girl!

  89. So awesome!! Count one for modern medicine, fantastic doctors, and a positive spirit!

  90. This is a step in the right direction! I’m sure the decision to continue treatment (or not) will be a thoughtful one. Hope you enjoyed that cinnamon roll!

  91. Yahooooo that’s fantastic news!! !:)

  92. Wow. Just wow. Happy rebirthday day! :D

  93. Oh wow. I’m so happy to hear the cancer is gone, even though there is more to endure – you’ve made it so far! Congrats & I’m excited to meet you in May. :)

  94. So very very happy you and your family!

    That is such great news!

  95. When I saw your post in my inbox this morning I closed my eyes and clicked on the link…praying oh so praying…and then…YES! I was SO happy to see you are cancer free. You have had to grow up quickly…cancer has a way of doing that to you. I remember after I was diagnosed I was walking in the grocery store and I was looking at people going about their lives and thinking…”my whole world has just fallen apart…why hasn’t yours!? why are you all acting so normal!? don’t you know?!!” Sigh…I just hope I have the same grace and confidence you have when I go in for my surgery next month. I knew a girl when I was 12 (she was 12 too) who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and underwent chemo, I remember her losing her curly hair, she and I are now 37 and it has never come back. You go girl! SO happy for you and praying for a smooth transition into this next leg of the journey.

  96. Simply wonderful news! Your smile says it ALL!

  97. GREAT NEWS!! :) You’ve got the right attitude. So happy for you.

  98. Amazing news!! I’ve been following your story since right around the time you got diagnosed, and your positive attitude and frank-ness (is that a word?) have been so inspiring, and it’s amazing to hear how well you’re doing. Congratulations, and I can’t wait to keep reading about the next parts of your journey!!

  99. I think emotions are high right now and you should ride those happy ones!! AMAZING NEWS!! SO SO THRILLED! Let the radiation thoughts be for another day. ENjoy cancer free today!

  100. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! xoxo

  101. WOOHOO!!!!!!!! So happy for you. What a good way to start 2012!

  102. So, so happy for you Susan!! What a relief and such awesome news. I know all too well how it feels to get this news and also all the emotions that go along with it. I think that it is harder to deal with emotionally now then it was when I was first diagnosed. So much to take in and digest. But SO GREAT to hear that the cancer is gone!!!! You did it! Now on to the next chapter. You are amazing!!!

    • Thank you Jodi! I agree, it seems harder to deal with being cancer-free than the original diagnosis. I think it’s because we become SO focused on treatment and getting better, that when it’s all done we feel kind of lost. It’ll just take time :)

  103. I am so thrilled for you Susan, but also a little disappointed that the doctor didn’t answer more of your follow up questions! What?! It seems like it deserves more than “It’s clear, see ya.” I can understand why that might be unsettling.

    Luckily, it seems like the worst is behind you and I am elated! <3

    • To be fair, that particular doctor is there to read the scans, not interact with patients. But yeah, a big chunk of my life has involved the hospital and everyone there. Now it’s kind of like “enjoy the rest of your life” and I feel a little abandoned!!

  104. YES!!! Congratulations on this amazing news! I hope you feel more like your old self soon as the chemo side effects continue to lessen.

  105. Fantastic news! So happy for you!!!

  106. Fantastic News! I’m so happy for you :)

  107. Congratulations Susan!! So happy to hear the wonderful news:) What a great way to begin 2012.

  108. WONDERFUL news!!!!! I am so happy for you Susan!!

  109. Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you! You know what you deserve now? A delicious meal comprised of all your favorite chemo banned foods :)

  110. I have been waiting for this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOORAY!!!! :D *hugs* so happy to hear this, Susan.

  111. excellent! I’ve read your blog for a long time and have been keeping you in my thoughts. I’m so happy for you!

  112. This really is wonderful news. Best wishes for your full return to good health.


  113. I AM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU (and doing fist pumps of my own here in Ohio)!! And I see that in the last photo you posted, that beautiful smile of yours has never changed. Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your story with us.

  114. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [no words will do]

  115. So very happy to read this news!!!

  116. So happy and relieved for you! I think that, although life will never again be “the same” as before, you might find, with time, that life can be and will be even more wonderful in ways that you hadn’t imagined before. Enjoy this lovely day!

  117. I am so so so happy for you. God is GOOD! Go out and celebrate your body that has overcome!

  118. So relieved and estatic for you. Wonderful news!!

  119. BEST NEWS EVER! I’m so happy for you Susan!

  120. Such wonderful news!!!

    Check out – its an amazing virtual community that you might find helpful.

  121. I am not a crier and there is not much that makes me cry, but I have tears in my eyes because I am just SO happy for you. And love your honesty so much.

  122. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!

  123. Congratulations!!!! Great news!
    And life is really a step at a time anyway…

  124. Christina (aka Mom)

    I am Susies Mom and I want to add my thanks to her thanks. I sincerely believe that your beautiful blogging community helped her to recover to realize this day. I know you will continue to support her down her recovery road. She is so lucky to have you and I am so grateful….

  125. Wonderful News! YAY!!

  126. Your story and positive approach to getting well was such an inspiration!!! Thanks for spreading joy and hope when you may not have even realized it !! Congrats!!

  127. Brilliant news. Congratulations and wishing you the very best of everything.X

  128. OMG Yay Susan! So happy for you!

  129. I absolutely love this! I am so happy for you that I’m actually tearing up a bit. Can’t wait to follow you on your CANCER FREE journey!

  130. Amazing news! No, you won’t ever be the same. You’re stronger now. Cheesy and cliche, but true. I mean, now you can officially say that you kicked cancer’s ass! So happy to hear this news, girl. :)

  131. Hooray from everyone in Ottawa!

  132. Congratulations Susan!!!!

  133. Hooray! What great news :) Congratulations.

  134. YAY WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO happy days pretty lady x x x x

  135. Wow… quite the trip for sure. And, you’re probably right, you likely won’t ever really be the same person again. You’ll have quite a bit more perspective than most folks (perspective that we could all use!). So… relax, enjoy, come up for some air. Maybe even have a smoothie. Mostly, though, enjoy!

  136. Congratulations! Absolutely amazing news :)

  137. Yay! I am so thrilled for you :D It must feel great to be able to say that you DON’T have cancer! Also I love the Yoda tshirt!

  138. Forwarded this to my dad!

    I love you. I told you this cancer thing has nothing on you!

    The kinda neat thing about all this is that cancer can really depress you but once you are free of it, there is a happiness that is just above and beyond.

    Love you.

  139. SOOOO Happy for you- Congratulations ! As with other readers- I was very anxious to hear the results- You are one amazing young women and are such an inspiration to all that [know] and follow you ~~~

  140. This has to be the best news I’ve heard all day. Congratulations,Susan. The Yoda t-shirt is so cool:)

    Best Wishes to you.

  141. Wonderful news!!! I am so glad that you have the big hurdle behind you and wish you well for the future!!! It’s understandably unsettling to still have a small reminder of your journey so far, but you’re so strong, hey, you beat cancer! You’ll be just fine!!!xxx

  142. I was with Sara the other day telling her I was hoping everything would work out. Glad to hear it!

  143. Welcome to the other side!!!!!!!! Your news just made my day :) I recommended some books to you months back, about coping with life after cancer. It is a new life for sure, takes some time getting used to. Everything becomes so much sweeter though. Wishing you nothing but the best :)

    Carolyn (from Vancouver)

  144. That is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moving on will take time to adjust to. I’m glad you will be able to focus on the future in a positive way. It’s been a long road.

    All the best!

  145. That is such wonderful, wonderful news :) I’m really happy for you!

  146. I am so pleased for you, I got the biggest smile on my face when I saw those words. I wish you all the best for getting back to better health and starting to live your life again :)

  147. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite blog post ever in the history of blogs. xoxoxox

  148. Congratulations!! What good news :)

  149. So happy for you, I agree with Brie – best blog post ever! Continued good health to you.

  150. Yay!!!! That is so exciting! I’m very happy for you, your family and Buster, his momma is cancer-free.
    My mother also had a mass left over in her belly that wrapped around her spine that is scar tissue. She never had radiation or surgery to remove it because it is too dangerous being that it is right on her spine. Mom got her one year test to see if she is cancer free this past month and she is. I didn’t realize how important the one year test was for non-hodgkins until she told me.

    • I’m kind of in a similar situation since my radiation field would be near my heart and breast. I’ve heard of people getting cardiac diseases as a result of radiation, and then of course breast cancer. Risk of recurrence is highest in the first five years for Hodgkin’s, and unfortunately common. That’s why yes, I’m celebrating, but I’m not getting my hopes up that it will never come back. I imagine being told you have cancer for a second time would be devastating.

      Very happy to hear your mom passed that one year test :)

  151. Yay!! I am so happy for you!

  152. YAY!!!! wahoo!!! soooooo happy for you!!!!

  153. Great start for a great new year for you!!!!!!!!

  154. Such great news! Continued best wishes to you…

  155. You’ve had a zillion responses to this post but I can’t help but put my 2 cents in. I am so happy to hear this news. In my heart of hearts I knew this would be the outcome. But to see it in print, it be stills my heart and makes me so happy. You’re a wonderful person and you deserve good health and a happy life!

  156. Best post EVER! I am so happy for you!

  157. Susan, I’m usually one of the silent readers sending you many positive vibes while following your journey. This post just somehow urged me to comment and tell you how very happy I am for you! I agree that everything certainly isn’t over yet, but I sincerely hope that the worst is behind you. You’ve kept your head up high through this and I admire you for that. I wish you all the best and know that I’ll be reading! :)

  158. I’m so happy for you! :) Also I love your Yoda shirt! That is a great picture of you!

  159. Wow, this is such great, great news!!! I am so happy for you, even if you are somewhat cautious about it, for good reason (I would be too!). But you are celebrating it, as you should, and I know you are so thankful and grateful! You have done amazing!!! and you look freaking fantastic! XO

  160. Tabatha Bennett

    I’m so happy for you to begin the next part of your journey. It’s inspiring to see you always keep an amazing positive attitude! I’m so glad you are cancer free!!! Sending more positive thoughts your way as you start the next steps.

  161. YAAAY! What great news Susan!! So, so happy for you and your family! XOXOXOXOX

  162. i am so happy to hear your good news!!!! it was a lovely way to start my day…can only imagine how elated you and your family must be!!!!

  163. I knew it, I just knew it! I am so happy for you! I said my prayers, and I knew you were storng enough to beat this thing! You should be so grateful that the cancer is gone, I really believe the worse part is over with!!! Yah!!!

  164. Yay! Congrats! That is awesome news! I am so happy for you!

  165. SO incredibly happy to read this Susan!

  166. Yes!!!!! Wonderful news!!!!!

  167. congratulations!!! that is the awesome news! you had better go celebrate hard tonight…have a beer or several, you deserve it! :)

  168. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  169. So happy for you! I know all is not “back to normal” here, but at least you are one more step in the right direction. :)

  170. This is a really inspiring, beautiful post that made me consider my own life in a new way. much health and happiness to you this 2012.

  171. I’ve been reading for a while/heard about you on Janetha’s website but never commented because it seemed like an awkward time to come forward. However, I’ve been following your journey and am really thrilled for you that you are cancer free. I wish you health and all the best of luck!

  172. That is crazy good news! So glad to see this post and that everything is moving in the right direction.

  173. I was having a gloomy kinda day…I’m not now. Congratulations!!!
    Awesome awesome news to read. You’ll do it…your dad’s optimtism works on everyone!

  174. Yaya!! Awesome news!!!!

  175. SUPER-DUPER news!! I’m happy-dancing in my chair for you! :o) xoxo

  176. I’m one of those silent readers. I’ve never commented before but I have been praying for you from the beginning. I am a young cancer survivor too. I was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumor at age 25. I’m about to be 38 and have a one year old little girl. I’m so happy to see this update! Light at the end of the tunnel is a wonderful thing! Xoxo -Andrea

  177. Awesome news!

    I have a friend who just got dx with breast cancer and went for a lumpectomy Friday, and a coworker who was just dx with lung cancer.

    I recommended your site. A diagnosis is the first step on a journey, but you can make it through — and with your sense of humour intact!

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