26 Years

I kind of forgot to mention it on the blog, but yesterday was my birthday! Thank you to everyone who took the time to message me good wishes, but don’t feel bad if you missed it!

I actually never throw myself birthday parties because I hate being the centre of attention. Yes, I realize the hypocrisy of that because I write a blog centred around myself. I just prefer not to see the eyes looking at me. Also, if we’re being really truthful here, I have a small fear that if I were to throw a party no one would show up.

Instead, I spent January 23rd my favourite way – low key with just a few good people.

That included a lunch out with friends. We checked out a newer gastro pub in Moncton called the Tide & Boar. Apparently they have famous poutine made with boar meat, but I didn’t want to fill myself up for the day at noon.

I instead ordered haddock breaded in panko and parmesan with a fennel coleslaw (that had amazing fried capers) and a house salad with roast veggies and granola. I can’t wait to come back and try out the rest of their unique menu!

The girls got me flowers among other things! So sweet. I’m not a girly-girl on many levels, but I love getting flowers.

One thing I wanted to do on my birthday that was a non-negotiable was take my dog for a walk.

I’d say 37% of the reason why I got a dog was just so I would have something to walk! Buster and I did our usual 3-mile route. It’s always one of my favourite parts of the day.

And then what’s a birthday without my MOM? Who would tell me the story of my birth for the 26th time? She said she’d make me anything I wanted for dinner and now that my food restrictions are over the first thing I requested was CHEESE. Since it’s not the best idea to eat a pound of old cheddar with a fork, we decided on a lasagna instead.

My mom’s lasagna is the best! This time around she used kamut noodes, bison meat, and packed it full of veggies. With a Greek salad (my favourite) on the side.

But the cake? Making that was entirely up to me. Making my own cake every year is one of my favourite traditions! Here’s what I made in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

I’m not a fan of traditional cakes, I always go for something a little different. This year it was chocolate chip cookie cake.

I used this recipe to make the cake. I even screwed up the directions and it still turned out great.

I went to make little decorations on top with vanilla bean buttercream frosting, and the ziploc bag I was piping out of exploded all over the cake!! So full-on icing it was.

Guess I should buy a proper piping bag with some of my birthday money.

Chocolate chip cookies are hands down my favourite dessert, so this was an easy sell. I actually liked the thin layer of icing and the cake is choc full of chocolate chips.

Dinner was followed by plenty of talking, yelling, and laughing with my family. All while the dogs played and played and played.

Buster and my mom’s new puppy already love each other.

Overall, it was the best kind of day I could ask for. My energy levels are still low so I took care not to cram too much in. Instead I’ll do other bits of celebrating throughout the week. It’s funny, because usually I turn a year older and am amazed by how time passes and how I’m suddenly so old. Not this year. Having cancer made me realize just how young I really am. 26 years is just a fraction of the life I hope to live.

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  1. Aww, happy birthday! Sounds like a very fun low-key celebration, and trying out a new restaurant is always a blast.

  2. I’m the same way about parties…..even though I am a social person and love hanging out, I just don’t like it to be about me. haha

    Gotta love being around fam and eating good food though. I want your dinner like asap. Can I borrow your mom for a while?

  3. How crazy is this? I have been looking at chocolate chip cookie pie recipes for my birthday this Friday! Also my mom has made me lasagna every single birthday since I can remember!!! Just this weekend I made sure she was stocked with gluten free lasagna noodles! Sounds like you had the perfect birthday by my standards! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Susan! May you have a great one, even if I was a day late.

  5. i am so glad you had a good birthday! can’t go wrong with good food and cookie cake!! :)

  6. Happy belated birthday, Susan! I always used to have birthday parties with tons of friends, but during the last few years my birthday celebration was kind of low key and I enjoy that. As long as you spend it with the people you love! :)

  7. I know this blog is for you. But, ohmygod, BUSTER. Look at his widdle booties!!!!!

    • Hahaha, oh I know. I never wanted to be “that” dog owner, but Buster is a big wimp in the snow. It’s also painful when the road salt gets stuck in his paws. You should see his matching coat *hangs head in shame*

  8. “26 years is just a fraction of the life I hope to live.” Well said!!!
    Happy birthdaaaayyyy

  9. Happy belated birthday :) I hope you have an amazingly awesome year to make up for the last one ;)

  10. Happy Birthday Susan! I love how you celebrated your day. You look so good! Here’s to an awesome 26th year!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday :) I am so happy you got to spend it the way you wanted to.

  12. Happy birthday!!! Looks like you had a great day, and there’s nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of unintentionally extra icing on your cake :)

  13. Happy Birthday (a day late)!! I love birthdays but I’m like you, I HATE being the center of attention. :)

    That choc chip cookie cake looks amazing – what a great idea for a birthday.

  14. sounds like my kind of birthday celebration as well. I love low key, with good people, and good food! You look happy and HEALTHY! THis is gonna be your year! I feel it friend.
    Happy belated.

  15. Yum! That cake looks awesome! Happy belated birthday, I totally thought it was today, but hopefully it still counts ;-)

  16. Happy Birthday!! I always tell people who are around our age not to feel ‘old’. While I do at times, I always remind myself that in the grand scheme of things a) I want to grow old so getting older is just one step closer to all the wonderful things I can experience in life and b) we’re not old, we’re just another day/year older. :) Glad you did things you enjoyed and had lasagna. YUM! And, btw, the obviou statement – so many people would show up!!

  17. looks like a fantastic birthday, susan! :)

  18. happy belated birthday! looks like you had a really lovely day. your mom’s lasagne sounds so unique…and looks delicious. spending time with friends and family is really the best part of every birthday i think!

  19. I love that you make your own cake every year and I love that I have read about it every year. Wow! I am glad you got Buster so you have something to walk.. but more because I get to see photos of his sweet mug. I love you so much, your birthday gift is on order and should be there within the next month. I am fashionably late for everything. XO

  20. Happy birthday, again! And – a total non sequitur – you should SEE the capers they have in Germany! They’re the size of OLIVES! Amazing!

  21. Happy Belated Birthday, Susan! I’m with you–low-key birthday celebrations with just a few people are the best.

    Hope this next year will bring you new, fun adventures, good health, good company, lots of laughs, and lots of good food and drinks!

  22. I’m glad you had an awesome birthday! I love making my own birthday cake every year too. :)

  23. Happy birthday! January birthdays are the best. :)

  24. Happy Birthday!
    I wanna make that cake.
    And the lasagna looks awesome :)

  25. Looks like such a great day, happy belated!! I’m so happy oh can have cheese! Your moms lasagna looks incredible, as does that cake. I may have to join you or the boar poutine!

  26. Happy belated birthday! And now I want a cookie. :) I hope this coming year is full of health and happiness. And traveling.

  27. Happy birthday! We’re the same age (though I’m getting close to being out of it, agh)!

    That giant cookie and lasagna look great… there is definitely some culinary talent in your family for sure. Glad you were able to spend your birthday doing the things you wanted.

  28. This looks like an amazing and delicious birthday! I love that you bake your own cakes, and is there any chance your mom would write a guest post with her lasagna recipe? ;)

    • My mom never uses recipes. It leads to some amazing creations but means she never makes the same things twice! She does however have a lot of tricks up her sleeve for preparing great dishes ;)

  29. That cake looks absolutely fabulous. I love chocolate chip cookies more than actual cake so I know I’d be all over that. And lasagna with cheese? Yes, Happy birthday indeed!

  30. Happy belated Birthday! we just make a cookie cake the other week, it was not our birthday but cookie cake is one birthday cake that we loved as kids! your cake looks fantastic!!! and so does that lasagna ;)

  31. Happy Birthday! :) Your cake looks SOOO yummy!

  32. Happy Birthday!

  33. Happy birthday! Though I’m not sure I understand about this not being able to eat a pound of cheddar with a fork. I see nothing wrong with it… And that cake looks amazing!

  34. Happy Birthday Susan! That cake looks amazing!

  35. Happy Birthday girlie! So exciting that your food restrictions have been lifted…what great timing. I look forward to seeing you writing about the things you’ve missed and how you go about incorporating them again. I suspect you won’t just dive face first into things…or will you? :)

  36. Happy birthday Susan! I’m glad you had a great day.

  37. Happy Birthday! 26 is a great one :)

  38. So sorry I missed – a bit crazy here – Happy belated bday!

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