Notes on the Week

Happy Friday the 13th! It was a pretty a good week around these parts. I love waking up every day and for the most part feeling better than I did the day before. I’m going on my FOURTH chemo free week. For the first time since before I started chemo six months ago! It’s weird, fun, and frustrating all at once.

Anyways, here’s some bloggable highlights from the week!

1. Chicken and Waffles.

First, can we discuss where this combo originated? Was it in the Southern U.S.? For all the times I’ve eaten waffles, I’ve never had this combo. Healthified since I was making it at home. I started by slicing a small pre-baked chicken breast, dipping the pieces in egg whites, then coating them in a mix of coconut flour and ground flax seed. I then stuck them in the toaster oven until they browned.

For the waffle, in a bowl I mixed:

  • 1/3 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seed
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg white
  • almond milk until desired consistency (thicker for waffles than pancakes. sorry! I never measure it!)

I’m not quite sure what people put on chicken and waffles, so I drizzled syrup on top and it was GOOD! Chicken is so bland that the sweetness worked nice, and the coconut coating was the perfect flavour to add. Traditionally, the chicken is battered and deep fried. I will have to try that version another day!

2. Homemade pasta.

My friend Becca has an Italian cookbook filled with humorous notes from an Italian on how to make the recipes authentic (such as “no!” to garlic in tomato sauce). Half of the book is pasta recipes and we decided we needed to attempt the homemade noodles in there since neither of us had done it before.

It was actually incredibly easy. For two servings, mix 1 cup flour (durum preferably, but we used all purpose with a splash of water) and two eggs. Roll it out paper thin and hang to dry for 20 minutes. For fettuccine, we rolled up the sheet of dough then made  <1cm slices all the way down it. Unravel, then drop in a pot of boiling water for a minute. The hardest part was flattening out the dough with a beer glass.

We agreed on a lighter sauce to let the noodles shine. Becca whipped up a basil walnut pesto with roasted garlic. Everything was DIVINE. I want homemade pasta again tomorrow, and the next day.

3. I got an elliptical!

Fancy, eh? I cancelled my gym membership when I was in the hospital and have been working out at home because of my weakened immune system. Instead of rejoining the gym, I decided to slowly get a home gym going instead. For a long time I planned on getting a treadmill, but I like running and walking outdoors when I can. I thought the elliptical would be something different for my muscles and good for crappy days outside. I’m ridiculously excited about it.

4. Buster had surgery!

Okay, so he just got fixed like every other dog out there, but I still worried about him! Above is a photo the vet snapped when he was waking up from the anesthesia. Look at his tongue hanging out! My poor baby.

He was really groggy when I first brought him home, but the next morning he had better control of his tongue and was bounding around like normal.

As well as playing with his doggie relatives. It’s a full house whenever I bring Buster around my mom’s house with the addition of the new puppy. All dogs fighting to be on one lap at a time.

5. Tunes.

Because we all need some good tunes to go into the weekend with.

Inhaler by Miles Kane

Mayday by PUJOL

Cause A Rockslide by Badly Drawn Boy

The Bad In Each Other by Feist

Walk Away by Tom Waits

That’s all she wrote! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m extremely impressed you made chicken and waffles AND pasta. That’s awesome you got an elliptical! Do you have it in front of the TV? My secret to enjoying the elliptical in two words: Food Network.

    • No, but I just put my laptop in front of it and watch whatever I want. I am a million times more motivated to work out when I know I can watch my favourite shows while I do it :)

  2. Heck YES for the elliptical!! I need one, but I’m cheap. Might invest in a mini-trampouline instead. ;)

    • My mom has a mini trampoline! The elliptical was definitely not cheap. That’s why I won’t be joining a gym again for a while – I justified the cost by knowing I won’t be spending the money on a gym membership. For me, the best part of the gym was going to classes, most of which I can’t do anymore because of my arm.

  3. you’re a maniac! waffles, homemade pasta, elliptical … you make me look like a lazy student … oh wait!

  4. I’ve never had chicken and waffles but have always been slightly curious. Except for the syrup and chicken part. I don’t like syrup on my bacon…and being from Calgary, my least favourite part of the Stampede breakfast was that the breakfast meat (usually sausage and not bacon) and the syrup would always mix and that’s just not my thing.
    I would, however, be willing to try chicken and waffles due the chance that so many southerners love it, so it is worth a try.

    • I bet it would be good with a cream sauce or white gravy on top. I just couldn’t be bothered to make a sauce on top of having to cook the waffle and chicken separately (I’m more of a one pot cook).

  5. You might wanna try this next time you deep fry chicken. I did it by mistake, but it ended up tasting great! I accidentally put cinnamon in the dredging flour for frying the chicken (I intended to use sage). But it turns out that it’s really good, and when you use the dredging flour to make gravy, it’s truly yummy!! Might not be too bad on your chicken on waffles, either.


  6. I am so glad everyday your feeling better. Such a great idea to start a home gym. I would love to do that, but my Husband is against gym equipment, claims it will ruin the flour, really! He can be such a jerk sometimes!

  7. Oh! I actually know the answer to this! Chicken and waffles started in NYC! People were staying out late and when they wanted food in the wee hours of the morning they were always undecided as to whether they wanted breakfast or dinner. Best of both worlds!

    • Ah!! Who knew!? I asked because a Twitter friend from Louisiana said she’d never heard of it. I think it just “sounds” Southern, like how nachos “sound” Mexican. I love how cities have their own late-night specialities. Like peanut butter noodles in Montreal :)

      • So true. Chicken and waffles aren’t southern at all, but “soul food” from Harlem in NYC. Easily confused, though, because soul food is very similar to southern food. I’m pretty sure I heard that it started at Silvia’s in Harlem, which is a soul food institution.

  8. Interesting about the chicken and waffles being a NYC thing. I had no idea where it was from but the only place I’ve ever been that I’ve seen it on menus was Georgia.

    I love the picture of you with the dogs! You looks so happy!

  9. Haha I just have to comment on the chicken and waffles. I’m from Virginia and had never heard of it either… Until Thelma’s Chicken and Waffles opened in downtown Roanoke. I’m a vegetarian so I can’t personally vouch for it, but everyone I’ve talked to says it’s awesome. I heard Thelma is from South Carolina, so maybe that’s where it originated from?

  10. I have never heard of waffles and chicken.!? sounds delish tho. haha I have never attempted to make my own pasta either, and now I am intrigued and want to try it!

  11. Yay! Elliptical is a great choice :) Glad Buster is on the mend! And those chicken and waffles look divine!!

  12. I have only heard of waffles and fried chicken in the south, not a NYC thing.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  13. Love the pictures of Buster!

    Did the texture of the pasta turn out well without a pasta roller?

  14. They serve chicken and waffles at a diner down here in Florida. For the chicken, they mix hot sauce with the syrup. Delish!

  15. Oh my gosh, that little tongue sticking out sideways is so adorable! I’m glad Buster is back to his energetic self- and glad you’ve been enjoying lots of activities during your chemo-free week!

  16. love the pic of the tongue sticking out too cute!
    and well done on making homemade pasta!!!

  17. I have wanted to try chicken and waffles for SO long! I like that you made them healthier =)

  18. In my (Southern girl) opinion, chicken & waffles is best served with (homemade) strawberry/honey butter, hot sauce, and syrup. And the chicken HAS to be fried! Hot sauce and syrup is an unbeatable combination. Southern food is mostly bad for you, that’s why it tastes so good!

    “The hardest part was flattening out the dough with a beer glass” would be true for me too, except for me it would be because the beer glass had beer in it. Now that school’s started for the semester I don’t have time for anymore culinary adventures (p.s. my freezer is so full of ready-to-eat food I’ve made over the last month I’m actually forced to eat some before I can make more!) but I think the next one after spring final exams might have to be homemade pasta.

  19. I feel honored that I sorta knew all this from following you on Instagram ;)

    And I saw that foodgawker accepted those waffles!!! WAHOOO!!!!!

    • I should really stop blogging and tell everyone to just go see my instagram. I’m starting to get the trick for Foodgawker. Apart from decent recipes, over expose the shit out of your pictures, haha.

  20. You can never go wrong with chicken and waffles – but I prefer my chicken to be deep fried – so fricken good! Love the pasta making – I need to make some too – maybe I’ll make some spinach ravioli?!

  21. Have you heard Tom Waits’ “I don’t want to grow up”? It’s one of my all time favorites.

  22. I’ve never had chicken and waffles either….but I’m iffy about how much I actually like eating chicken. If I had it, it’d have to be the majorly fried and extra crispy stuff. I’m just not sure I could do it any other way. haha

    I LOVE homemade pasta. If only it wasn’t so messy and space consuming! I’d make it once a week.

  23. Buster <3
    Your pasta looked so good I Pinned it!

  24. Congrats on your 4th week FREE!! Very exciting!

    Course love the food & going to PIN that waffles & chicken! Looks delish!

    Glad Buster is OK & he looks like it from the pic!

  25. I haven’t had chicken and waffles since college, so delicious!!!!
    Yay for the elliptical, I’m jealous!

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