Resolved To Be Healthy

Yup, I am one of those annoying people not jumping on the resolution train this year. Partly because I now face another year having not completed my goals from the year before. But also because I am too exhausted from the cancer debacle to force myself to do anything other than recover and get better in this new year.

In 2011, I set out to make switches rather than goals:

1. Switch out sugary desserts with natural sweets.

2. Switch out 5 minutes of internet time with meditation time.

3. Switch out one workout a week with yoga.

4. Switch out unreplied emails for replied ones.

Well, I am here to tell you that I did not successfully complete any of them! In my defense, six weeks after I set these goals, I shattered my left elbow and couldn’t do yoga anymore. I hate meditating. I have a sweet tooth that a piece of fruit will never be able to satisfy. And well, the email thing is always a headache. I have a bad habit of reading emails on my phone, marking them as “read,” then forgetting to ever reply.

I used to be a big goal setter, and I do still think there is a time and place for them. But when it comes to “life” I now know there are just too many variables to think I can set myself on a linear path. The universe has very much forced me to become a “go with the flow” type person, and I sometimes feel there is just too much rigidity to goals. Plus, why would I ever want to set myself up for failure? That’s just depressing.

In August 2011, shortly after I started chemotherapy, I listed newer, more fun goals. I would instead call them things to look forward to, rather than additional items to add to my to-do list.

1. Write an outline for a book.

2. Travel somewhere in North America.

3. Bake croissants and bagels.

4. Get a dog.

5. Run.

See? Doesn’t that sound so much better?

As for #1, I flip flop with this a lot. I feel like every person with a cancer diagnosis is writing a book these days. It took me a really long time to come up with a concept that I think is different and would appeal to a mass audience. With that said, I feel like I still need more space from this cancer thing before I start seriously writing it. I also don’t think I’d make any money off a book, so I’m not sure if the time I put into it would be worth it.

As for #2, if I’m healthy enough I plan on travelling to Boulder, Colorado in May for the Blend Retreat! #3 will likely happen in the next few months. I’m going to start on #5 as soon as I’m told I’m cancer-free (soon, I hope!).

And we all know how #4 turned out :)

Instead of fretting over resolutions this year, Buster Bartholomew and I headed over to my mom’s house for a New Year’s feast! I still can’t drink until my chemo meds wear off, so I cooked like a fiend instead.

Three kinds of meatballs, 60 in total, with dipping sauces for each.

Leah’s Lemon Rosemary Turkey Meatballs. I didn’t make the sauce for these, but found that hummus was the perfect dipping sauce! They were also good with leftover cranberry sauce from Christmas dinner.

Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs. I didn’t make the sauce for these either and instead dipped in bottled plum sauce.

Tofu Balls in a Peanut Sauce. I’ve made these tofu balls a bunch of times and they are amazing every time. I especially like them with the peanut sauce!

This New Year’s Eve was certainly much more low key than I’m used to, and I’m not really a “low key” person when it comes to these things. But I’ll make up for it next year. I’ve got a lot of making up to do in 2012!

Meanwhile, it seems Archie’s resolution was to be nicer to Buster. Even if it’s only for short periods at a time.

Anyone else out there make any resolutions?

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  1. From what I can gather, 2012 is the year NO ONE made any resolutions. I don’t know if that trend has jumped the shark or what, but I don’t know of many people “resolving” to change themselves this year. Instead, goals seem to take center stage. Either way, we’ll see how that turns out next year.

    Anyway, from my experience, you will make NO money off of a book. With that said, your would probably be great and make money ;) And I love that you have Buster and a great year ahead of you filled with retreats, treats and health. Cheers to that.

    • Yeah, I think I’m better off getting better advertisers and making money off my blog. Books are even cheaper now with e-readers, and it’s just such a crapshoot.

  2. I decided to make a ‘one word resolution’: balance. My theme for this year will be balance. I’m working full time while doing my master’s degree, I want to balance running with strength training, I want to get more yoga in (for balancing my mind AND for my physical balance- lately my tree poses have me falling over), and all that fun stuff.
    Not a traditional resolution (I’m not a resolution-maker in general) but something to keep in mind for the year.

    I love hummus but have never thought to use it as meatball sauce- brilliant!

    Can’t wait until your blog post about goal #5 :)

  3. susan my love! i just caught up on a bunch of posts (yeah, my blog reading is shameful as of late), and here are my notes from the catch-up:

    (1) that butternut squash sauce. i need. that looked SO GOOD!

    (2) you continually amaze me with your maturity and grace.

    (3) your wig is adorbs.

    (4) i love that you are a crazy dog lady now. buster is the cutest, and even though you know i hate animals, i approve.

    (5) hollllaaaa for last chemo!

    (6) let’s back 2012 our bitch, mmmkay? yeah, that’s right, 2012 is going down as potentially the best year ever. let’s personally see to it that it is legen…..

    annnddd last but not least, i love you. and hope so so so so much you can make it to the blend retreat so that we can plan our adventure with madeline.

    happy start to the new year my dear!


    • Fret not over the blog reading, I think my Google Reader is up to 500. I’ve been watching Dexter and Modern Family instead. Love you back and can’t wait to frolic in the mountains with you again and scheme more adventures together!

  4. I love your switching approach – it’s not saying that you’re “bad” as is, just that you can find ways to be better!

  5. Oh thank goodness I am not the only one who isn’t big on meditation! I just can’t quite seem to get behind it, and that is a-ok.

    Buster is too darn cute. :)

  6. First of all – I LOVE Calvin & Hobbs!!! Just seeing that pic made me smile big :-)

    Second of all – love your focus for the new year…and that you’re still chugging through those fun goals you set up towards the later half of 2011. I’m dying to see how you make those bagels, that sounds amazing!!

  7. I don’t usually do resolutions at all, though last year I resolved to floss regularly. I kept that up really well, and now I’m on coumadin and don’t have bleeding gums, so I’d call it a success! So for 2012, I will continue to floss regularly. And I will take care of my mental health, which has taken a hit the past six weeks. I’ve dealt with depression before and I very much do not want to slide back down there because of the anxiety I am feeling.

    • Funny you mention flossing, I haven’t been able to because I still get bleeding gums! It’s something I’m oddly looking forward to doing when my immune system is better (and not at risk of infecting open wounds).

      Have you thought about talking to a counsellor? I spoke to one for free at the hospital. Sometimes they can be helpful, or at least refer you to something/someone that will be helpful.

      • Yeah, I am planning on making an appointment with my GP as soon as I can to discuss everything and see what she recommends. I want to be very proactive about my mental health because the members of the PE boards I’m on pretty much all experience the anxiety and depression during recovery. I don’t want that to hinder my healing.

  8. I have resolved to worry less. It is such a downer and can take away some of the pleasure in life, so I have to accept that worrying doesn’t give me ‘control’ over anything – just more worries. It’s hard, but I am trying my best!

  9. My only resolution this year is to put a big dent in my 101 list :)

    You can travel to DC :) we would love to have you here :)

  10. I have resolved to not say (out loud) disparaging things about my body and weight. While I certainly still THINK these mean thoughts about my post-chemo body…its Day 3 and its been strangely liberating to forbid myself to voice them. Like one part of me is being a good, protective friend to another part.

    • That’s a good way of thinking about it! Dealing with my post-chemo body has been hard too. I’ve taken to cracking jokes about my baldness or moon face to help me deal, but making mean spirited jokes about myself is just as detrimental.

  11. Happy New Year!!

    Love the pic of Buster & Archie ~ so cute :)

  12. Oh my goodness, your buster pictures are out-of-control-cute!! I am dog-obsessed, so I’m so happy you have him around.. not to mention all the GREAT health benefits that pets can provide. Check this out– I was surprised at some of the benefits!

  13. No real resolutions here. I don’t want to let myself down if I’m not able to follow through. There are things I need to work on this year like eating more fruits and veggies. Taking my vitamins and herbal stuff on a more regular basis. Maximizing what little bits of energy I have to get my house in order. I just don’t want the pressure of a resolution! Also working in gentle yoga and walking since the doctor gave me the ok to try them. Sadly he said “real” exercise is out of the question. I guess small things are better than nothing! :)

    I do hope that you have a great year and the 2012 makes up for the crap you were dealt in 2011! I hope you get to travel to Boulder! No advice on the book thing because I’m not really sure about the money in that venture but I can say with 100% certainty that I would buy any book you wrote! You are an amazing writer!

  14. My goals for the new year are mostly about treating myself well and getting healthier. I want to get in shape, but more importantly, I just want to feel better everyday and eating the amount of junk that I currently do just isn’t working anymore.

    I think your attitude toward the new year is awesome, and I wish you luck! Happy new year!

  15. I too love Calvin & Hobbes (such a surprise that Jess and I both said that in our comments, I realize). I am also for non-resolutioning too…and prefer focus. You have some good focus points for the year…and btw, those dipping sauces sound great!!

  16. Weird..but those Tofu Balls are drawing my eye more than the meat ones! Going to give them a try!
    (I don’t make resolutions either….I never complete them and then I feel horrible.)

  17. I am with you on no meditation. I can relax and reflect in other ways. Hope 2012 is your best year :D

    • I like to consider exercise my own form of meditation :) I guess it kinda goes against the idea of it because there is so much stimulus, but it’s my favourite way to clear my head.

  18. Things & perspective certainly change with life changing events – it does.. I love your attitude & love your sharing! Those 2012 goals sound good to me! :-)

    Me, no resolutions anymore & have not for years – just be the best I can each day…

  19. i like your goals much better anyway. I never set up resolutions because it always ends up temporary and frustrating. So, why don’t we live more and worry less, yes?

  20. Happy New Year!! I just love that picture of Archie and Buster!

    My resolution is – Happiness in 2012!!!

  21. I made croissants for the first time the other day and man they are yummy! They were suprisingly easy too. I don’t really believe in resolutions. January just seems like a weird time of year to be ‘starting fresh’. That being said, I graduate from university in the spring and turn 29 shortly afterwards (yes, I’m a late bloomer), and am working on a 29 for 29 list to give me ‘purpose’ after school ends.

  22. Love #4 :) Can’t wait to hear the summary/outline/theme of your book!

    Best always … J

  23. As far as resolutions go, as you well know, life is what happens while you’re making other plans!

  24. I love you. And I want a meatball.

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