Holiday Highlights

Hellohello! I am checking in after a week off from blogging. Hope everyone had a good Christmas! I am finally starting to come through the other side after getting chemo last Wednesday. I also stopped taking Prednisone last Friday, so between the chemo side effects and withdrawals, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy. Here are some of the holiday highlights though!

Finally got my Christmas picture of Buster! He got so spoiled this year. All of my family members bought him gifts (a coat, booties, treats, and toys), not to mention nonstop love and cuddles from all the people in the house.

Archie however, kind of hated this Christmas. I think that cute spaniel ruined it for him. Poor poodle.

We had snow for Christmas! It’s all melted by now, but I hope it comes back soon. As much as I love warmth, I love my seasons. Cold and snowy ones included.

My dad bought the third-last Christmas tree in Moncton on Dec 23rd. It is so ugly. It looks even wider decorated!

My middle sister (I have two older sisters) came home from Quebec! I love having all of us girls together. Until we start drinking at arguing that is (joking!) (mostly!).

My oldest sister who used to live in Ottawa lives at home with me now. I keep her well fed, she keeps the house clean, ha.

We played games on Christmas Eve. I won, thanks to the help of my little teammate. Buster mostly just tried to catch and eat the dice.

For Christmas brunch we had baked French toast with sugared pecans. Usually we do a ham, egg, and cheese casserole thingy, but I can’t eat ham or cheese this year because of the drugs I’m on. Don’t even get me started on how lame it was to have food restrictions over Christmas…

And of course, on Christmas morning we opened gifts! Packed in reused gift bags over the years.

How sweet of Buster to get me something. Ha!

My step-siblings stopped by in their Christmas peejays. I’ve got five teenage step-siblings – three on my mom’s side and two on my dad’s side. It’s kind of ridiculous, but I also love being part of a big family.

Last but not least, my contribution to Christmas dinner, a pumpkin trifle! Recipe found here. I would definitely recommend this as a recipe to try, it was a fun way to change up our usual fruit trifle. Usually I make closer to half of the Christmas dishes, but this year I was just too sick and fatigued. The cooking is my favourite part so I was bummed to miss out on it!

Overall, this Christmas gets a solid “okay.” One of my grandmothers went into the hospital Christmas Eve after falling at home. She is fine, nothing is broken, but she is quite shaken up. I of course was sick from chemo and drug withdrawals. I usually take a lot more photos but didn’t feel inclined to do so this year, as I honestly don’t really care to remember the Christmas I was sick, bald, and had a swollen face.

Most of all, I am looking forward to the New Year. To put 2011 and all of its crappiness behind me. To start fresh chemo-free. The worst of my last chemo is behind me and I’ve got nothing but new days ahead of me to feel better and better. Four weeks until the PET scan to see if there’s any signs of remaining cancer. Please start crossing your fingers now!

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  1. remember – #eff2011 and #ComeAtMe2012 :)

  2. For what it is worth I think you look great! Fingers are crossed and prayers being said for you. Take care

  3. So happy you had a wonderful Christmas. Fingers and toes crossed that you can stay chemo free!

  4. Fingers crossed!!!

    Enjoy your holidays with your family, you have a beautiful one :)

  5. I’m glad you had a happy Christmas Susan! I agree with Mandie; from the pictures you took you certainly look fantastic and glowing. I’m sure it was difficult not feeling well, but it sounds like you were still able to have a good time. Good for you lady!

    New days ahead – yes!

  6. Cheers 1000X times over to a fantastic 2012!!! I love your recap!!! Merry Christmas!

  7. Fingers are firmly crossed for you! :) Hope you had a Merry Christmas and I hope 2012 is an awesome year for you! You deserve it!

  8. You look beautiful even when you’re sick, bald, and have a swollen face! I’m so glad you had a merry Christmas, and I’m jealous of the snow. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be awesome for you. I’m thinking positive thoughts for your upcoming scan.

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! I love the animal photos!

  10. My fingers are definitely crossed for you! Four weeks seems like a long time but hopefully it will past quickly and you’ll feel great the whole time. Buster is the cutest :)

    • Yes, I’m actually looking forward to the next four weeks! It will be my first month in a long time having to get no treatment, and starting Jan 1 (how timely!) I will be off all drugs :)

  11. Yay to a new year!!!
    Look at you blonde! Gorgeous :)
    I love that picture of Buster – busting through the snow.

  12. i was grinning throughout this whole post. i love you, your family, your dogs.. everyone. and of course.. we have our fingers, toes, and paws crossed in this house. xo

  13. LOOOOVED the reused/repurposed gift bags and tags! Here’s to a wonderful new year to you … your loved ones … and of course Buster …

    (greetings from the other crazy dog lady :) …. )

  14. I am crossing fingers and toes for you, my friend.

    My family repurposes bags and gift tags just like that. It’s hilarious in its own way.

    That trifle…holy moly. Looks amazing.

  15. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you!! I tried crossing my ears, but that didn’t seem do-able. May no other year in your life even begin to consider achieving the crappiness of 2011 and may all the coming years offer you joy (and, since it’s virtually impossible not to have some crappiness, may any future crappy events be nothing more than mere annoyances)!

  16. Fingers and toes crossed! Hope 2012 is an amazing year for you. By the way, Buster is way too cute!!

  17. crossing my fingers for good news in 2012! :)

  18. Merry Christmas, Susan! What lovely photos, and it seems like your family has some great traditions (we always re-use bags and wrapping for as long as we can, too!). I love that Buster got you a gift ;)

    My fingers are crossed for your 2012 to be your BEST year yet!

  19. Fingers crossed and prayers being said from now until your PET scan that the results are excellent! I KNOW that 2012 is going to be a better year for you – for both of us!! :)

  20. I am SO happy to hear that you are DONE with chemo! Such an amazing feeling. I have my fingers crossed for your PET. I have one on January 12th ( my after all treatments scan) and I am hoping with every fiber of my being that it is completely clean. I am starting to feel better and better (radiation was pretty hard on me!) and am ready for the New Year and being cancer free! I can’t wait to hear about your clean PET in 4 weeks!

    • Crossing my fingers for your scan too! Now that I’m done chemo and still unsure about radiation, I’m hearing from more people that radiation was harder on them than the chemo part. Fabulous. At least it’s shorter I guess!

  21. Fingers and toes crossed!

  22. fingers are crossed. thank you for sharing your journey with us…it takes a brave soul to let yourself be emotionally avaliable to the whole world with that you’re going through. may 2012 bring peace and healing!

  23. Your NB Christmas sounds a lot like my Newfoundland Christmas…we got a dumping of snow too. I have my fingers crossed for you.

  24. fingers are crossed!!!! so glad that you all had a great Christmas, you all look so much alike!

  25. Well, you can pretty much guarantee yourself a great Christmas to look forward to next year! I’m glad you were able to spend it with your family. I will definitely be praying for your PET scan results. Have a great New Years. Dress up, wear sparkles, drink a little champagne, and toast to a great, happy, and healthy new year to come!

    • I’ll actually be high on painkillers this weekend thanks to my neupogen needle. But I made plans to make meatballs with my mom. Maybe I can add a little sparkle to our percocet party ;)

  26. I love your blog, I am unsure how many followers you have but I passed the Liebster Blog Award to you anyway! Thanks for keeping high spirits!

  27. I loved the pics & so wishing you a 2012 that are memories you really want to savor & keep!

  28. Andrew van Geest

    In spite of the stress and hardships you have had to endure with cancer this year you definitely know how to maintain an optomistic and positive approach in your fight against it.

    Next Christmas you will be even better than any in the years gone by. You will have an even greater reason to celebrate. That I believe is the greatest gift of all.

    Hopefully Archie will have a better Chistmas too:)

  29. hope you get well. what are the chances of complete recovery after one cycle? :)

  30. 1. I big ol’ puffy heart love Buster!!! He is so freaking adorable, I just want to snuggle with him!!!

    2. I have fingers and toes crossed for you, I just know that 2012 is going to be an amazing year for you!!!!


  31. c’mon 2012! fingers crossed for you! I am in love with that pic of buster busting ass in the snow!!

  32. Whole body is in a pretzel for you, Susan!

    Buster looks like he had a pretty good Christmas.

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