Lung Update + Will It French Toast Round 3

Good news friends! I (finally) got to meet with a respirologist yesterday, who said my lung function is almost back to normal!

You may recall that two months ago I found out one of my chemo drugs was poisoning my lungs. A side effect called Bleomycin lung toxicity. It’s pretty serious. It can cause permanent damage and even be fatal. At the time I did a pulmonary function test that I could barely get through thanks to my inability to take a proper breath without coughing. But the test I took last week showed my lung function has improved by 100% in some areas!

Clearly, I knew I was doing better just from how my lungs felt throughout the day. But I’m no doctor, so it was nice to have confirmation from one. My biggest fear was that I’d have lung damage that would prevent me from exercising in the future, but the respirologist said my lungs are in good enough shape to run now if I wanted to. My oncologist however won’t let me until I’m done chemo, which I guess makes sense. But I so badly just want to pick my feet up off the ground and move fast when I’m out on my walks every day. I’ve got a need to run run run.

I also got to watch the respirologist pull up my scans and x-rays from over the past 5.5 months which was both neat and surreal. No matter how many times I talk and think about a giant mass in my chest, it is still weird to see a picture of it clouding around my skeleton. Everyone is impressed by how fast it’s shrinking (thank goodness, because they were also horrified by how large it was). Fast to grow, fast to shrink maybe?

Here’s hoping it’s gone by the time I get my PET scan next month. I’m getting nervous I may need more chemo.

Blathering about my health aside, I have a decidedly unhealthy breakfast treat to share with you today.

Well, it depends on your version of unhealthy. Croissants? Okay, kind of unhealthy (read this post to find out why). Turning croissants into French toast? Okay, maybe still kind of unhealthy. But in order to “balance” things out, I cut them in half and soaked them in egg whites and cinnamon. Straight up protein to my butter and pastry. And treating yourself to something delicious? Healthy!

Add this to my ongoing list of “Will it French toast?” experiments. The result was FANTASTIC. So buttery. A great way to use up croissants that are going stale. I think this would be a fun treat to add to the Christmas breakfast lineup this year. I would recommend not over-soaking the croissants, as the dough can easily get mushy. And don’t cook them in a overly hot pan, as the outsides are more likely to brown.

With that, I am off. I’ve been a bit of a busy bee these past few days because I’ve been feeling so well. But today I’m laying low to recharge and save up some spoons. Have a good one!

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  1. Oh yum! We make like a french toast CASSEROLE thing for Christmas b-fast. Never thought of using croissants instead of bread.

    • Us too! I’m curious if French toast would work as a make-ahead baked french toast that you could stick in the oven the next day. I’m just concerned that soaking it overnight would dissolve those wonderful layers of pastry and make it mushy.

  2. When I was younger and had no idea what croissants were made of, I ate them all the time. Then I saw a “How it’s made” (narrated by Mark Tewksbury of course) about croissants and was horrified as to how much butter was in them. Now, I eat them sparingly but enjoy and savour every delicious buttery bite.
    (and weirdly, I posted about french toast croissants today as well…)

    Hooray for healthy lungs and buttery croissants!

    • Haha, we are two ladies who just cannot resist the siren call of the croissant French toast ;) I can’t believe that Bon Appetit recipe uses CREAM in the egg wash. I know that’s traditional, but that just seems too rich for me.

      And yup, I was totally horrified when I discovered how much butter was in croissants. When I was growing up, I’d even pull apart my croissants and slather more butter on the pieces.

  3. Yay! I’m not a French Toaster or a runner, but I do enjoy good food, good breakfasts and good news. Rest up, my friend!

  4. Your will it french toast experiment is so much fun to follow! It always makes me think of the Orbit commercial where the women are “cussing” each other out and the one goes “What the french, TOAST?!?!” haha. Here’s to good news on the upcoming scan!

  5. Yum! I can’t believe you french-toasted croissants – awesome!

  6. this looks out of this world wonderful!

    have a great day recharging and eating it :)

  7. haha, I love the “Will it French Toast” experiment. French toast is one of my favorites!

  8. Oh my! The french toast crossants sounf so good! Yes there bad, but spluring is part of life and we must all do it once in a while, especially if it makes us feel better. I’m so glag your lunch function is almost back to normal. You go Girl!! I know your going to recover soon!

  9. Hahahaha, this is so great! If I had any croissants in my pantry I would TOTALLY try to make these. Unfortunately, no such luck, though I can imagine eating one instead of a bowl of granola with fruit!

    So glad to hear you’re lungs are doing better. Hang in there, girl. You are SUCH an inspiration. From someone in their twenties, I’m already messed up in so many ways and I can’t even imagine the struggles you’ve gone through.

    Blessings for a continuous quick and speedy recovery


  10. I’m so happy to hear that everything is progressing in the right direction! Your story and your bravery are so inspiring.

  11. Your lung news made my day yesterday – it really did!!! :)

  12. OH MY GOODNESS SUSAN, I NEED to try that French Toast.. seriously you are amazing.

    oh yes yes I am also super ecstatic your lung function is getting better :) :)

  13. I’ve actually had this recently … how dare I not have told you??!?! My dad made it for me. I was super delicious. However my dad had been telling me over the summer that his doctor told him he needed to lose weight and he (of course) wasn’t asking me for any advice but was convinced that he was going to do it all with portion size and no meal improvements and exercise. When I went to his house in September he was like “I’m going to make you this breakfast that we’ve been eating recently” ah hell I like getting breakfast made for me. And this is what it was. I have a sneaky suspicion he had been eating this on Saturdays and Sundays every weekend for a few months. OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. My stomach growled on cue to that picture. Yum-freaking-tastic. As for the lung update, glad that there is progress and that the mass is shrinking! that is great news. I pray you won’t need more chemo too, but if you do, I know you will face it with the determination you have had from the get-go.

  15. Croissants and phyllo dough are the two things that are almost impossible to have gluten free. I’ve seen videos of great attempts but it just looks like lots of work and the finished product doesn’t look that magical. If I could trade digestive tracts with someone for a day I would surely have to try french toasted croissants!

    Such good news on the lung scan! :) Hopefully your PET scan goes just as well so you can be up and running in no time!

    I hear you on the spoons, my doctor gave me a similar electric car analogy Friday.

  16. So happy to hear the positive news about your lungs! Yayy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh. My. God.

    This is a whole new world for me. I will put up with the wheat bloat for a day just to eat that.

  18. Fantastic news about your lungs! That french toast looks amazing also…yum!

  19. Oh man, that looks delicious. I might have to try it out for myself.

  20. Yay for the lung update!! Glad to hear that, friend.

    I rarely eat croissants. It’s not because I don’t like them, but I just never think to grab one up at the bakery!

  21. O.M.G. This looks fanfreakingtastic!!!
    Good to hear the lung function is improving so much!

  22. That is awesome news!

    I love that french toast, too. Next time – french toast some cake donuts.

  23. SUCH good news on health front!! Keeping you in my thoughts, as usual.
    PS. Can you beam me over a couple of those croissant french toast treats please?? Drooling.

  24. SOO glad to hear your good news about your lungs!! And will await with bated breath your next PET! And I must say, your obsession with French toasting things always makes me laugh!!!

  25. YAY for your lungs getting back to almost normal! That’s really fantastic:)

  26. Great news about your lungs!!!
    And that plate of pure bliss looks yummy to me!

  27. YUM. I love that idea. And I want it immediately. :) I’m glad your lungs are better- I’m sure that’s making a huge difference in how you feel. And here’s to that mass shrinking even faster!

  28. Fantastic news about the lung function. From hereonin, December 7th will be National Good Lung News Day!!!! Look forward to celebrating “excellent pet scan day” “end of chemo day” “first run apres chemo day” and of course…”french toast even if you aren’t french” day!!!!

  29. WOW great fabulous wonderful news on the lungs!!

    Now I’m gonna make it my life’s goal to french toast everything i can. Cheese? hot dogs? bananas? Apples? hahaha

  30. OMG French toasted croissants?!?! YOU my friend are a genius! And it’s national pastry day today no less! I love you and am glad to hear about your lungs.

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