It’s been almost two months since my last “Snapshots” post, and since I’ve been on chemo for six days now, I feel like an easy photo-filled post is due. This is where I open up my iPhone and share the random things I capture over the course of the day. I love when other bloggers do these types of posts because it’s a fun peek into their life. I haven’t done this since I got Buster, so it should come as no surprise that there has been an onslaught of photos featuring a furry orange and white face!

Typical day snuggling with Buster. This is what my days after chemo look like.

This is how Buster often sleeps in my bed when not trying to snuggle. Honest to goodness, this was not set up.

Hanging out, watching Conan.

Hanging out, watching Beverly Hills 90210 (team Brandon, btw)

Buster is still trying to grasp the concept of a doggie bed.

Better…but not quite.

There we go! By the way, that teddy bear is actually Buster’s girlfriend, I’m pretty sure.

It’s not all laying around and sleeping though!

Walks in the woods.

Walks along the river. Moncton always looks so desolate.

Burger outing with the fam!

Burger at the new Relish Moncton location. I got the Simpleton because I’m not allowed cheese or bacon on my current drugs. The beet relish and buns are still awesome though.

Unfortunately, I spend so much time in my pajamas, it seems I am forgetting how to dress.

Cocktail hour in the chemo room (the tape and tube are from my PICC are visible 24/7, it’s weird)

Ice cream and Kindle in the chemo chair. Some of my best blog friends pitched in and bought me a Kindle when I was first hospitalized, one of the best gifts I got!

They serve hospital meals in the chemo room. I don’t eat them anymore. GAG.

Instead I treat myself to take-out. In this case, falafel!

Homemade fish, chips, and coleslaw. I’ve been working on creating the perfect oven fries and I’m pretty close to the final version. I want to have one more go at them just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke until I share it.

Adding orange juice to the egg wash for french toast is really good! Gives it a citrusy twist.

Not all Buster around here. Caught Archie sleeping with one ear open.

One of my favourite shots EVER. Buster looking fancy in his just-groomed bow and sad that Archie won’t play. Archie is sitting with his back to Buster, then turns his head and gives Buster that look.

On the other hand, Buddy the boxer-bullmastiff is the one always bugging Buster to play. But for some reason Buster gets pissed when he tries.

So instead Buster plays with a giant stuffed lobster. Weirdo.

What the screen of death looks like on a Mac. Yup, my harddrive crashed on my four month old MacBook Pro. I have no idea why. It froze one day while I was using it and got this screen when I tried to restart. It’s still under warranty, but I lost everything. I think it’s because I badmouthed Steve Jobs in an earlier blog post. Sorry Steve!

And for kicks – a video I captured on my iPhone last night. Still trying to teach Buster how “fetch.” I apologize for my annoying voice while communicating with my dog. I can’t help it!

I don’t know what’s better – the part where he looks at me and decides to go the other way, or when he comes bounding out from behind he wall. Hahaha.

Finally, Part Three of my radio interview is up on the CBC website. Except this time it features my MOM! Click here to listen to her talk about what it was like for her when I was diagnosed with cancer. Part Four should be posted after noon today.

With that, I am off. Tomorrow is chemo #10 of 12! I’ve got some real blog topics I want to share, but I’ve been feeling too crappy to properly write anything out. Soon, hopefully!

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  1. OMG, Buster + Teddy = <3

  2. Are those Harry Potter sheets?? If so, I’m insanely envious. Coolest person I know. :)

  3. I love Buster so much. Seriously, makes my heart ache. I need to scratch those ears. That picture of Moncton, with the sky, looks kind of like a still shot from a post-apocalyptic movie. Cool!

  4. Hey Susan, I’ve never commented, but I just wanted to let you know that the same thing happened to my computer & all I needed for the warranty was the serial# on the bottom. In my case it turned out that the hard drive had simply become disconnected internally, so hopefully yours is equally easy to fix! Also, I second the envy over the HP sheets. Good luck tomorrow!

  5. I WANT A DOG SO MUCH! Buster is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
    Ahhh that’s so sweet that your blog friends bought you a Kindle! :)

  6. Feel better soon! Oh and Buster,so dam cute, I just want to play with his ears! lol

  7. love seeing all these photos!! i shared some photos of my day through pics, although you day looked a lot better than mine. especially with little Buster!!! too cute

    thinking of you always ;)

  8. God dammit! I snorted laughed at Starbucks when he went the wrong way. Now everyone thinks I’m weird. Hilarious though. Soooooo good.

  9. That Buster is just the cutest dog ever & he so knows what you need! LOVE that & all the other pics & a slice of your life – thank you!

  10. I’ll say it again – cutest dog ever!!! He is freaking adorable. You take amazing pictures. I am off to listen to your radio segment. :)

  11. First, I agree – the Kindle is WONderful! If I were gonna be buried when I die, I’d want to be buried with my Kindle!! Second, I know the photo of Buster sleeping on his side under the cover wasn’t staged. One of my cats, Ms. Electra, the Devon Rex, will actually root around under the covers until only her head is showing and sleep on her side — SO much like a person. Other times, during the day, she’ll arrange the throw on the sofa so that only her head is covered and the rest of her body is showing (which is pretty puzzling, since her body has no fur — she only has fur on her arms, legs, neck and head — she’s Momma’s little mutant!) Thanks for sharing your photos, and hang in there! You’re definitely close to the end of the tunnel now! YAY!!!

  12. haha I love all of these pictures and the video :) haha it really made me smile. Our dog fails at playing fetch too, it always ends up being…..”chase” instead of fetch.. haha

  13. Buster is the cutest snuggle buddy!

  14. My sister’s dog snuggles under the covers too! It’s so cute. I always try to cover up my dog but he gets mad. lol

    I love all the photos! You are looking great, even with mismatched socks!

  15. Buster just absolutely kills me – I can’t even stand the cuteness! And I love how the other two pups interact with him – LOL! You look beautiful my dear – red is definitely your color! :) Hang in there! Hugs from Cleveland, OH!

  16. Oh my goodness you are the cutest thing ever. Love your outfit and unmatching socks!

  17. Buster has star potential! (My 7-year-old dog still hasn’t gotten the point of fetch.)

  18. i love the doggie bed progression photos…what a cute little guy! my cat always comes over to lay down in the most awkward spots…on your computer keyboard, behind you on a tight chair, that kind of stuff :)

  19. Seriously – Buster has GOT to be the cutest pup on the face of this earth. I just want to squeeze him tight!!!

  20. What a great post and my what a cute pup! Will be praying for you!

  21. Buster is once again a star … what can I say I love all of the pics! When I see his pics I get the same amazingly warm feeling … that I feel when I look at my Dante!

  22. Milhouse sleeps the exact same way–between us, with his head on a pillow, and he gets all offended if you move him towards the end of the bed. I guess his sensitive nose does not like the smell of our feet.

    And yay for the Kindle! I’m glad you like it.

  23. Buster is SO CUTE. Omg! I actually cannot believe how adorable he is. That photo of him with the bow is HILARIOUS!! As is the one with your boxer! I love how boxers are just big babies. Chloe is three times as big as Webster but Webster TOTALLY bosses Chloe around. Ha!

  24. Great snapshot post, Moncton may look desolate but it sure seems to be surrounded by pretty country. Buster is so precious, I had to laugh when he went the wrong way, and then came trotting back. I use that same exact voice with my critters, don’t worry about that at all ;)

  25. Your takeout looks infinitely better than the hospital food. I can understand why you pass on the mushy vegetables and icky meat.

    And once again, your dog is just ridiculously cute.

  26. Awww! I need a Buster! He is so cute!!!!

  27. love the pictures! I think my favorites are the ones of buster watching conan and 90210. also love the harry potter sheets and your scarf ensemble! I need to learn how to wear scarves. once my finals are over for the semester (15 days to go) I want to listen to your radio interviews – I have a lot of tv/internet catching up to do during my break!

  28. LOVE the photos Susan. Thanks so much for sharing. OMG, the picture of Archie giving Buster ‘the look’. Funniest thing EVER!!! All the best, every day as you continue to kick cancer’s ass!!

  29. Great pics, I love the one of Buster half on, half off his dog bed. So cute!

  30. I want a buster!!! You’ve got quite the snuggle companion there, Susan :)
    I love that red checkered scarf you have on. I totally wouldn’t have even noticed the mis matched socks ;)

  31. I had to laugh at your “annoying dog voice” comment. Why DO we DO that?

    I go up 3 octaves when talking to my puppy, I swear!

    Keeping you in my thoughts!

  32. Love this! Buster is so stinking cute!

    We had a boxer-mastiff mix too! His name was Horatio :) Such a good puppy he was!

  33. Snapshots are so much better with dogs :)

  34. OK, what annoying voice? that IS my voice! Especially when I say “Who wants BRUSHIES?? or Who wants LOBSTER TAIL?!! or WHO’s my Big Little MAN!?!” (not talking to Derek on those by the way).

    Love all these photos. That ice cream looked pretty good. But I do look forward to a cocktail hour with you one day that contains chemicals that we can actually pronounce and that don’t make you feel like crap unless you’ve had way too much of them of your own accord :-)

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