Moving Forward and Moving On

I almost quit blogging this week.

I know, I know. It makes no sense. Especially when I wax poetic about how amazing blogging is and how much I luuuuurve it.

I do still lurve it, but I’ll admit that blogging comes with a little more baggage these days. For one, even though my days are mostly free to do what I like, I’m still a sick person who needs to spend a lot of time resting in bed. Even doing something like typing at a laptop requires energy I don’t have. When I do have energy, I don’t always want to use it all on my computer.


There’s also the chemo brain thing. My cognitive function is not what it used to be thanks to a combination of the whole cancer trauma and the heavy drugs I’m on. My family says they can’t tell I’m struggling, but I am. I only retain about half the information I’m told, and relaying my own information feels like a never-ending search for the right words in my mental dictionary. This translates into blogging as well. There are a lot of things I want to say, but feel like I’m not saying them how I want to. I’m not sure if my points are coming across the right way, or if I’m being as entertaining as I’d like to be. It’s frustrating.

Most of all however, blogging is overwhelming. Not always in a good way. Before I had no problem with being so public about my life because there was nothing I felt I really needed to protect. But dealing with an illness under a microscope is hard. I’m handling my situation the best way I know how, but being so vulnerable in front of so many people can be trying. I find I crave a lot more privacy now. Being sick can change a lot things.

After coming to the realization this week that it was time I started moving forward with cancer being a part of my life, I thought it might be a good idea to reevaluate where my blog falls into my new life. I already had a post written out in my head about taking an indefinite break. But I decided to sit on it and wait for the emotions to pass. Sure enough, I’ve come through to the other side and realized I was needlessly panicking about some things. I spent part of the day yesterday talking about my blog and realized how big a part it plays in my life. Even if I’m going through a rough patch, I can’t just give it up.

With that said, if I am expected to continue moving forward, I think it only makes sense to have this blog move forward with me. I can’t tell you what that will or won’t include, but I thought it would be nice to at least address it. It’s always nice to keep others “in the know” about these sorts of things. I haven’t really put a whole lot of deep thought into exactly how the content of my blog will change and I think I’d prefer to keep the door open on this one.

I do know I will be blogging less. I don’t want to put a number on it because I don’t want to set up any expectations or stress on myself. I always loved the once-a-day format as a blog reader, but my life and blogging style just no longer suit it.

I can’t promise I will always reply to e-mails and comments in a timely manner, or at all. I know that sounds awful, but I need to be real about it. I lovelovelove getting feedback, but a big part of being overwhelmed is feeling like I have a duty to respond to feedback when all I want to do is take my pills and take a nap. Blogging is not my job, so I need to stop treating it like it is. The only thing I am responsible for now is healing, and some days that includes stepping away from my inbox!

I love my little space on the internet, the opportunities it has given me, and the people I’ve met through it. I’m not ready to throw it all away yet. But the times are a certainly changin’. And really, it’s probably about time.


Chemo #8 today. That means only four treatments left after this! Hallelujah!!

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  1. awwww wookit da cute wittle pah-py!!!!

  2. I think I can speak for most of your readers when I say we support your decision to change things up 100%. It’s really all about doing what’s best for you and I know all of us want that for you :) Good luck today!

  3. Suzie Q, you needn’t worry at all about whether your blog is entertaining or informative. As a reader, I absolutely love reading your posts whether they be short, long, funny, informative, or even rehashing past entries. I believe the point of a blog is to do it for yourself, not for anyone else. And you should conduct your blog with that in mind. From what I’ve seen, and I may be wrong to assume this, but your blog seems to be somewhat therapeutic for you, even though, understandably with the illness, it can feel like a burden at the same time.
    I believe you should do what you want to do, write what you want to write, and (pardon my language) fuck the rest. So whether you continue to blog daily, or once a month, as long as you feel right doing it that’s all that matters. And no matter what you’ll always have the support of your readers, friends and family.
    Cheers. – B.

  4. I am glad you are sticking around, Susan! But I obviously can’t even imagine how difficult it is to maintain your routine from before, in the same capacity, so of course, that will bleed into blogging too. Take your time, write when you feel, and we’ll all read along with you, whether or not you respond right away or even at all. This is your space, as you say, and yours to do as you want and can. (love that picture of the leaves, so pretty!)

  5. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months, and I can only speak for myself, but I think everyone understands if you can’t post or respond. No matter what you do in the future, I think the posts you have done are a great source for people (especially in their 20s) going through a traumatic event. I haven’t had cancer, but I was in a fire at 26, that changed the course of my life. I survived but I was hurt physically and emotionally.

    I went from excited to be alive to actual anger (I had never been angry in my life). It’s three years later, and I’m here, I lost my job after the fire (I couldn’t do it) and I’ve since changed careers. Do I want my life from “before the fire”, yes, but that part is gone. My life going foward is a different path, it doesn’t have to be worse, just different.

    I wish you the best on your journey. You didn’t choose this, but it’s still your journey. Good luck!

  6. no duty, no expectations…just focus on you and know that when you want to write and share we are here to listen. otherwise enjoy your fam and adorable puppy :)

  7. We all understand that this is your blog space and that everything about it is up to you – what you write about, how often you write, whether or not you respond to comments. I’ve been really enjoying reading, and I will continue to do so even if the content changes or the frequency drops down to once a month short updates. Do what you need and want to do.

  8. What Patrice said. You take care, Susan.

  9. I would miss you terribly if you left our blogging community…I think you have such a unique voice — established before your diagnosis — and we need more cheerleaders in our group.

    Having said that, I completely understand what you’re saying about blogging being overwhelming, and not always in a positive way. I’m constantly evaluating what I get out of the blog, and I, too, have considered shutting it down.

    Whatever you decide, I’m on Team Susan, so do what makes you happy (and healthy). But know that if you do end blogging altogether, it will be a loss for us all.

  10. Love your blog. I find you so inspiring. We have no expectations of your blogging schedule. Just love to hear from you when you are able. Big hugs. Get lots of rest.

  11. You know I’ll continue reading no matter if you take breaks or what! You’re such a unique and skilled writer, Susan. I love coming here.

  12. in the end, blogging is always on your own terms. little break, big break, less posts, whatever. i think you have a big enough fan base (pre-cancer included!) that whichever direction you decide to go, you’ll always have your reader’s support!

  13. I can’t imagine how frustrated, sad, angry, tired, etc. you must be feeling and I wish there was something more I could do for you besides leave encouraging words for you to read. Your blog has been so wonderful to read and your mind-set through the whole cancer ordeal has been inspiring. It must be hard to live in the present-day when you are looking forward to a point in the future – when treatment is over, when cancer is gone, etc. You WILL get better though. Take care.

    P.S. your dog is adorable.

  14. Believe me I understand wanting to give up on blogging. I had to take mine down and the first two weeks without it felt good. No pressure to write or to read blogs. It sort of freed my time up to read and sleep more. It was nice. Then, I had withdrawals. I love being able to write but didn’t want to be as public or as under a microscope anymore.

    So I’m definitely supportive of whatever you choose to do. You have to do what’s best for you! (Snuggle with Buster, can you yet? Will the doctors let you?)

  15. I think you are a great writer (and I feel you come across great even with chemo brain) and I love to read your posts whenever you feel up to it. I think it’s a great idea to concentrate on healing and take as many breaks as you want! I dare say most of us will be here waiting when you get back!

    As for feedback, personally I’m always pleasantly surprised if I get something from you in my email because I 100% don’t expect you to respond. I know how important rest is when you are sick!

    Good luck with chemo #8! I know it won’t be over soon enough but having more treatments behind you than ahead of you is nice!

  16. This isn’t your “job” and I really rather get an email from you being genuine and honest about just shooting shit. thw only obligation you have is to have no obligations.

    But all pics of Buster are welcome. No pressure though ;)

  17. Thanks for sticking with us. We love you and expect nothing of you. We are here to listen, a place for you to vent, and share..

    Good luck with chemo today!

  18. Hi Susan,

    I always enjoy seeing your emails pop up in my inbox with a new blog for the day, goes nicely with my morning cup of water. Please do take care of yourself, if you need rest, get the rest. Sending positive / supportive energy your way.

    Give your puppy a little rub on the head for me…he’s doing a good job of keeping you compnay :o)

  19. good luck today! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say to enjoy your energy..whether it be blogging or snuggling with Buster :-) I love reading your blog – I think you are an amazing writer and person. We readers support whatever you decide :-)

  20. You now I can relate to the reflecting on blogging habits thing. You have to do what feels right for you. I know that its something hard to give up, but also some stages mean changes from the old habits. I have faith you will get it sorted out just right for you. And I will be here reading no matter what. :)

  21. You don’t own anything to anyone. To be honest, none of us do–healthy or not. For 99.9 percent of us, it’s a social outlet, and like anything else, you can get burned out. I’m the same way in that I want to delete my stupid blog about a million times a week, only because I put more expectations on myself than anyone else. Granted you are in a much different situation with both your health and your blogging popularity, but the premise is the same.

    While it’s a great outlet, it should be just that–an outlet, not an obligation. I forget that all the time. I read your blog because I care about you, not because I expect you to give me details of your lunch (unless that’s part of things, of course.) If you take a break, just keep Tweeting so I can know how you are–and Buster, of course. ;) Total pressure with that one…

  22. I must admit to a little catch in my throat when I saw your first sentence about almost giving up blogging — but I’ll survive. I have every confidence that everyone in your blogosphere knows that getting well is Job #1 for you (not to be confused with Job, that guy that kept having all the lousy luck). We treasure what you’ve given us and will treasure whatever may come in the future, whenever and however it may come. We also know that your focus is on, well, balancing. (Imagine that!) And, when you think about it, achieving balance in a constantly changing situation (oh, such as, maybe life?) is all about change so to expect stasis is fundamentally inconsistent with the concept of balance. And, just for fun, I looked up ‘stasis’ in my very old dictionary (Webster’s New Collegiate, 1973, so it’s older that YOU are!) and here’s what it says: Act or condition of standing, stopping. (1) a slowing or stoppage of the normal flow of bodily fluids, such as: (a) slowing of the current of circulating blood; (b) reduced motility of the intestines with retention of feces. So I’m pretty certain we don’t want you to achieve stasis! With respect to your struggle with your mental process, the fact that you’re aware of it is actually a good sign — you’re smart enough to know that you’re not completely up to snuff. So just go with the flow. You might end up accidentally coming up with something that’s really funny! As an increasingly aging person, I’m sure my mental processes aren’t what they used to be, but neither are my sensory process. I can assure you that often what I hear is far funnier that what was actually said! [So maybe something you say might be far funnier than what you intended to say.] And on the vision side, seeing a sign that you think says ‘Reality Control’ (and realizing what a great thing that would be to have!) is far funnier than what the sign really said (Realty Central). I also saw a sign that I thought said ‘Park and hide’ and envisioned a bunch of guys in 3-piece suits, carrying brief cases, just parking their cars and hiding from each other in this huge parking lot. Well, it actually said ‘Park and ride.’ How dull! So do whatever makes sense for you, and know that we’re all out here thinking about you and sending you infinite wishes for a speedy, crisis-free, smooth recovery!!

  23. Trust me, the chemo brain is real. But, the good news is it’ll end when the chemo ends. Sometimes I’d lose track of what I was saying in the MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE! It was very embarrassing to be talking and bam, not know wth I was talking about. It’s frustrating, but things will come back to you once you are off the chemo. If you feel you need a blogging break, take one. Nothing wrong with that. Right now, you need to rest.

    When I was getting chemo for Hodgkins it was all I could do to sit up and watch tv. It’s ok to rest. Listen to your body.

  24. I hope you will only blog randomly when you feel up to it or the drive to do so.
    I would hate to think you were stressing yourself out over the blog.

    I would much rather know that you will occasionally pop in and touch base
    and that you felt free to take days or even weeks away-life is just too darn
    precious sometimes and the computer is NOT life in my books.

    Be free and be happy! Catch ya when you pop in and will continue to enjoy those
    “visits” from you ..and your sweet puppy :)

  25. Good for you. I totally understand what you mean, living up to expectations from readers, wanting to be responsible for what you post. I feel the same way sometimes…I question everything I write before I write it.

    But always remember you’re writing your blog for YOU, not for your readers. Having people to read it is a bonus, but it’s ultimately your outlet, your enjoyment of creativity, and sharing what YOU want. To all your readers it’s a story, but to you it’s life. So if you need to not update, that’s just going to be what it is. I fully understand and support your decision.

    I’ll keep reading, and I wish you ALL the best. Get a lot of rest, and take care of yourself!

    Your fellow cancer patient in Toronto,

  26. I hope you continue to blog if and only if it remains a creative outlet and fun hobby for you—I know there are a lot of us reading who appreciate your posts and are thinking about you/praying for you, but that doesn’t mean you should keep blogging if it isn’t right for you! Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability in a tough time!

  27. privacy? what’s privacy ;)

    PS – I went to Utopia last night … Chemo #8 means you’re 8x closer to coming to visit again then you were in June

    also – I was watching The Chew (do you ever watch it – sometimes I eat lunch at that time and it’s on but I’ve realized I don’t really like it) they french toasted a grilled cheese … our time will come my friend!!!!!!!!!

    The point is that whether you blog or not – there are lots of things that make me think of you and send your positive wishes.

  28. My mind was in the state as you’ve just described several years ago due to crazy thyroid issues. In that state, it would’ve been a complete drain and stress on me if I were to keep up a blog.

    In your case, maintaining a blog is much like having unexpected company every day when you’d rather be secluded and resting in peace.

    Do what you need to do…one day at a time.

    Your loyal readers and supporters will understand. :-)

  29. There really never is an obligation to blog. You are not beholden to your readers (even though it may seem that way). Do your own thing, whether that is less blogging, more blogging or different blogging.

  30. Susan, What has made your blog so popular is the same thing that will continue to propel it’s growth. Your willingness to be (real) vulnerable allows others to relate and empathize. Blog when you can and be at peace when you don’t feel up to it, and all the while those that have followed and will follow will be there! Praying for your continued healing.

  31. Good for you, friend. This blog is yours to do with it what you want, or don’t want to do with it. We’re here supporting you even if you aren’t blogging as often, or responding as often, or any of that. Do right by YOU, first and foremost, and don’t worry about us, we’re here regardless. Hugs.

  32. I think it’s normal to feel that way. There’s no set schedule that says you have to post X amount. Do what feels good. If it’s once a week it’s once a week.

  33. No pressure, no expectations, no obligations. Just wanted to say that I love your writing, and have always found your unique voice to be engaging and inspiring, long before all the crazy events of this past year. So I hope you continue to write, be it here on this blog, or in whatever format speaks to you at the moment. Take care, Susan!

  34. we are moving forward with you, wherever you take this blog. Because it represents YOU, the person we have come to love, adore, and find inspirational! Its your journey, a long hard one right now, but also one of strength and endurance!

  35. Your right, this isn’t your job, your job right now is to rest and put all your energy into getting better. I sure would miss you if you didn’t blog, its strange I’ve read you now for almost 3 years, so I know you in an unusual kind of way…. In whatever direction you take this, I’ll still be here, do what you’ve got to do. Love your honesty.

  36. Susan, I have been astounded and amazed that you’ve kept up your blogging and at the pace you have…my hat has been off to you but it only goes to reason that your energy, your need for privacy, how you choose to spend your free minutes when you’re not feeling well, that of course blogging may take a back seat. Or just cease. We would all understand but are thrilled you are here and sharing.

    Do what you can and feels right and never ever feel pressure. I know that’s easier said than done but you seem to have such a solid grasp on it and so I am standing by and cheering you on and wishing you the best with of course your treatment and your health and how the blog fits into that :)

  37. “The only thing I am responsible for now is healing….” This is truly all you should be focused on right now. If you feel like blogging, great; if you don’t, then don’t. I do want to thank you for being so open about sharing your journey thus far. My brother battled Lymphoma last year and just passed his one year stem cell transplant anniversary. He is a very private person and was not good at all at sharing his feelings. It was very frustrating for us as his family to understand since all we wanted to do was support him any way we could. Through reading your blog I have a better understanding of what he may have been going through, and for him I think not sharing and not talking about it was his way of coping.

    I look forward to reading whatever you post, whenever you post. You certainly have no responsibility or obligation to keep up your blog, but please know that the work that you put into your little piece of the internet has been greatly valued.

    All the best in your continued recovery!

  38. Is your puppy a Kings Charles Cavailer? He look just like my Millie!

  39. Your blog, your rules, Susan. We’re ready to read when you’re ready to write. Rest and recovery beckons — go enjoy it!

  40. It is about what is right for you & we all respect that! You are a very talented write BUT there is always time for that after the rest! :-)

  41. Andrew van Geest

    Susan, you do what is best for you. As much as I enjoy your blog,I’m sure we are all much more concerned about your health and recovery. All the best to you.

  42. Your recovery is your primary goal. Nothing should be allowed to drain your mental energy or physical energy or dim your excellent attitude. If you need time to yourself, take it. Privacy? Take it.

    A blog is a tool for expressing or processing what you want. You might consider to post to it privately, just for yourself, so you have a record of your journey in a safe place. But if that’s not right for you, skip it.

    Make a post for the public only when you feel like it and try to view comments as “just comments.” Not as things you’re obligated to read or respond to. Never waste time or energy being upset or doing what doesn’t build you up.

    You’ve done a great service in sharing your experience to date with joy, humor, honesty, thoughtfulness, and kindness. And okay, great food and great photos. Your impact is probably a lot wider than you know. Here’s an example: I’ve been on a bone marrow donor registry for a couple of years.

    When I got an unexpected call on Monday asking if I was still willing to help out, as I was a potential match, I said yes over the many well-meaning objections of friends, family and coworkers.

    I did so in part because I had read your blog and was thinking of you, of people that just needed a little bit of assistance from me (be it money or time or marrow) that they might live or have a chance for life.

    You have a whole lifetime ahead of you to do more things, write more posts, accomplish more, become more, transform the world, or impact it . . . but you’ve already done a lot. So, take this time now, for you, so you can be and do even more over the coming decades!

  43. Hi Susan,

    I love your blogs but can see how much effort goes into them. this is time for healing and if you find it too much take a break!!! When you feel up to it we will all be happy and ready to hear back from you.

    It may give you time to focus on other things that are meaningful to you.

    Best wishes!

  44. Eloquently said. I went through similar thoughts when I was dealing with my daughter being born with life threatening heart defects and again when I was dealing with cancer. It could be that our brains go into are in survival mode only taking in and putting out what YOU need to take in and put out. I’m glad to see you honouring it. I hope you don’t respond. Take care.

  45. I 100% support whatever it is that you decide you need to do. If you write, I will read it. If you don’t write it, then I’ll wait for you to come back. Take care of yourself!

  46. I’m glad you decided to keep blogging because I enjoy reading your blog, but I will not be upset in the slightest if you don’t blog for a day, a week, or a month (though please say hi because I may worry). Take care of yourself, that comes first right now :)

  47. The only thing you need to worry about right now is YOU. It’s okay to put yourself first. I know that if I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t want to be online all the time either, much less respond to every single email or question from strangers on the internet. This blog should be for you to vent and share your life as you feel fit. You’re not obligated to anyone on here, we’ll survive if you don’t post for awhile. I’m sure anyone could understand that considering what you’re going through right now.

  48. I’m all about blogging being fun instead of a chore. Unfortunately, I think too often people feel like they have to write. You know, because an audience is waiting.

    There was a time when I wrote everyday – terribly time consuming. There was even when I tried writing after every meal – that didn’t last long at all. Now I’ve come to realize that blogging has to fit into my busy lifestyle and various responsibilities. That means there will simply be times when I don’t blog for days on end. And that’s okay.

    I guess this is my long winded way of saying that you should do what feels right for you! But if you ever do stop blogging, please stay in touch! :)

  49. I am a long-time reader, first-time poster.

    I hope this isn’t presumptuous, but I would like to share my experience with your site with you.

    Your information posted here is insightful, informative, and friendly. I feel with each post you have encouraged me to continue being fit, in whatever form that may take, and positive. You freely share with us your ups, downs, private and public moments. You share your time with your family to the entire world.

    Thank you. This documentary of your life is a truly amazing gift you’ve given to us.

  50. First off I’d like to ditto every comment before this. One of the great things about blogging is the blogging community and their ability to empathize and understand that life sometimes is bigger than we can take and have time for. We’ll be around whenever you do post and not judge whenever you don’t. Do what is best for you, we love you and will be around whenever you need us.

  51. I’m with everyone else, we all support you no matter what you choose to do! You’re a beautiful writer, and your writing is still funny and honest (and entertaining), but if blogging/writing starts to become a “job” for you then nobody wins. We want you to write when you WANT to write, and because you genuinely want to do it! There’s nothing more important than your health and we all completely understand, even those of us who don’t understand exactly what you’re going through. Take care of yourself and write when you darn well feel like it!

  52. Hang in there, and do what inspires you, and what you need to get through this ordeal. You WILL get through it, stronger and better than ever. You have to do whatever it takes to get there. Know that myself and all of your readers have enjoyed the generosity with which you have shared your experience in your blog, and look forward to whatever you are able to give looking forward. No conditions, no strings attached.

  53. Just want to be counted amongst those who would miss your inspired writing.
    Know that you can reach out to your blog audience for support and feedback whenever you need it, and if you are to weary to ask, have a guest blogger (Mom or sister??) put out the word, let us know how you are, and then sit back and wrap yourself in the warmth and strength that is sure to flood back to you…

  54. As much as we like reading your blog because you have a unique voice with a lot to offer – it’s not about us. It’s about you. Fight, recover, enjoy the “real” world. We’ll be here when you need us.

  55. Atta girl Susan!!! Very glad you aren’t going away indefinitely, but know we will be here reading when you are able, and and that I’m pulling for you and sending warm wishes your way!!! Take care of YOU! (and give that beautiful puppy a scratch behind the ears for me!! :) )

  56. I’ve thought about giving up the blog a couple of times, too. But, like you, I was just reacting…and when I let it set a couple of days, that reaction wasn’t the right action to act upon (whoa…could I say act or action any more??)
    I can only imagine how much energy it takes to put into posts for you. I think it’s a great idea not to put a number on how many times you posts per day/week. I actually just wrote a post (not published yet, or maybe ever) on this, too. It can lead to unneccesary pressure. <3

  57. You’re a rock star no matter what. I understand how you feel about privacy, I felt that way a lot when I was pregnant even though I didn’t think I would.

    I’ll be happy to read from you whenever you feel like writing!

  58. You do not owe anyone anything. The blog is not your job no one is giving you money. You have to do what is right for you. Take care of yourself.

  59. Thinking of you Susan ~ <3 ~

    Cute pic of the pup ……..he found a great Mommy =)

    Take care of you!!

  60. I think that all of us here support you 100%, no matter what you decide. You don’t owe any of us anything, we are just here to send you cyber hugs and best wishes. But I’m sure I’m not alone when I say occasional updates would be wonderful.
    As always, thinking of you

  61. Yay! for Chemo 8!! You are getting closer! Thank you for posting this. The part about chemo brain and how difficult it is for you from a mental/cognitive perspective is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling lately. I can’t remember things, I’m getting my words mixed up, and my brain feels like applesauce some days. I’m not glad that you are experiencing these side effects, but I’m comforted to know I am not alone.

    As far as your blog goes, you don’t owe us anything. We will continue to pray for you and lift you up even on days when you can’t or don’t want to write. It certainly doesn’t need to become a source of stress for you because, um, well, you’ve got enough of that in your life right now. I say, use it as a creative outlet when you feel like it and beyond that, don’t worry about it. :)

  62. Understandable for sure, know your readers are always thinking of you and praying for a quick recovery…I hope to hear from you, no matter how brief, on occasion, just to know how you are feeling.

  63. OMG, the Chemo Brain… totally real! I couldn’t concentrate long enough to watch a movie or read even two pages in a novel, so my reading material consisted mainly of Calvin & Hobbes books. I highly recommend them… :o)

    Take care, hon… it’s a tiring journey, getting through treatment, but you will get there! About 2 or 3 weeks after your last treatment, you’ll start to feel like yourself again, as the chemo side effects diminish… and it will only get better from there on. :o)

    Big Hug!

  64. I can’t say I relate because our blogs are completely different, but I understand what you are saying. I think part of it (and this is a huge compliment!) is that your content is really stellar Susan. I’m sure you know this deep down, but I’ll bet it also creates a lot of pressure to keep the content at such a high level. Lord knows I don’t have that problem!

    I’m really, really glad you didn’t quit, but I love that you recognize that this blog is your space, whatever that may mean for the future. I’m more than happy to follow wherever you lead, dear!

    Stay strong. I’m sending you a virtual waffle with eggs and bacon. All coated in syrup.

  65. Susan, I am so glad that you are going to continue to blog on your *own* terms! Your readers love you not for how often you post or how often you respond, but because you are YOU. I’m glad you are here to stay. Big hugs.

  66. Susan, you are blogging a lot, and blogging extremely *well,* for someone who does not feel her best. It is very impressive, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who admires you fervently from afar.

  67. Susan, you’ve been a trooper for doing as much as you do. I’m astounded (well, not really because it’s YOU) that you’ve written as regularly as you have. I think that readers should comment because they want to, and not to receive a reply- right now maybe those are little mini-gifts that we can give to you: just a little thought here or there with absolutely no expectations in return.

    And I must be the only HLB reader that does not prefer the daily schedule. I’m already way over-stretched with the few blogs that I love to read. I can’t keep up with even my top 5! Or even my top 2! (And then I need to write my own once-a-week post!) So quite frankly, when people announce that they are cutting back, it gives me some relief because I feel like I might be able to keep up in that case (sometimes I can’t even do that, but I definitely feel less out-of-touch with those I follow). When people post daily, I almost just throw my hands in the air, knowing there is no chance to keep up, ever.

    Sooooo, you have a doggie to snuggle and some healing to do. Don’t you dare reply to this comment. :-)

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