Disappearing Act

Hi! Remember me? I pulled a disappearing act over the weekend because I decided to take my own advice. I haven’t been feeling all that well – temperature a little high (but just under emergency room high) and a dry cough. In order to keep it from getting any worse I did nothing but rest all weekend. That included not blogging, not answering e-mails or comments, and completely zoning out to multiple movies on Netflix.


Highlights included taking Buster for his walks in the 25C heat. It’s like summer up in here!

I also made a giant dessert.



My dad kind of freaked out that I made such a giant dessert while I was supposed to be resting. In my defence, I needed to get off my butt for a while, and what better way to do that than with the lure of chocolate? The layers go as such: brownies, chocolate peanut butter cup pieces, chocolate pudding, whipped peanut butter cream cheese, whipped cream. My oh my, let me tell you, this dessert is off the charts. I know all the layers seem time consuming, but I used a boxed brownie mix (I’m sick remember!) and whipped up the rest in the 35 minutes that the brownies baked. The taste is ridiculous. So many good things happening in there.

It’s also the dessert for today’s Thanksgiving dinner. I loooove big dinners as it’s an excuse to make dishes that don’t always fit into the everyday lineup. Today however I’ll be taking it easy again. I see my doctor on Wednesday but I’m debating on going in on this holiday day. I definitely need to have a chest x-ray to see if my cough is a symptom of lung toxicity, which is basically when the chemotherapy poisons your lungs. I may pull another disappearing act until I know I’m better. If cancer is teaching me anything, it’s that my health always comes first. Obligations are never as important or demanding as being alive and well. Take care friends!

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  1. YUM! That desert looks totally decadent! :o))

    Darn that double-edged sword called Chemo! I had to stop taking the Bleomycin after Round 3 (6 treatments), I think. Been so long that I forget how many I had, but yeah… sometimes they have to pull one out of the cocktail. Take care hun. XO.

    • Yup, from what I’ve read that’s really all they can do, and to give you some medications to help ease the cough. I’m not short of breath yet, but I get a tickle in my lungs every time I take a deep breath through my mouth that makes me cough, and I cough sometimes when I lay down for too long (especially in the middle of the night). Double edged sword is right!

  2. happy Canadian thanksgiving. I love making big desserts and other recipes for those occasions too. Thinking and praying for you! Feel better friend.

  3. That’s right!! Happy Thanksgiving Susan! The trifle looks out of this world. I may need to bring this to our Thanksgiving table this year.

  4. wow…that dessert looks so incredibly delicious!! happy thanksgiving to you and your family! hope that cough and fever pack their bags and hit the road asap!

  5. Trifles were always my go-to dessert for big holiday dinners, as they look much more complicated and fancy than they really are ;) YOURS looks delicious, and I hope you were able to enjoy the fruits (or the chocolate) of your labor!

    Rest up and stay strong, my friend. At least you have the cutest sick buddy around…well, and trifle.

  6. I hope you feel better soon! Nothing like Jessica’s tifle to make things a little better. Get some rest and snuggle your baby!

  7. I’m glad you are feeling better! I took all last week off, so don’t feel bad haha. :)

  8. Praying that you start feeling better soon!! Happy T-giving! do you eat turkey today? ham??

  9. That Dessert is massive and looks downright ready to dive in and enjoy! I love the pic of your furbaby with the teddie – oh so cute:)

  10. My eyes just bugged out at that dessert. Enjoy EVERY bite!

  11. i am SO glad you made this dessert. i made it for labor day and was afraid it was too much, too rich, too… EVERYTHING, but everyone really enjoyed it. hope you guys love it just as much. have a fabulous day! <3

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! That dessert looks so good. Jessica has never steered me wrong!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  13. I’m stuck at work with no “lunch dessert” and then I see this. Oy. This, Susan, looks spectacular. Your Thanksgiving co-guests will loooove you :)

  14. Glad you are doing okay after a rough patch. Hugs, sweetie!

    The trifle would make anyone feel better.. Looks amazing!

  15. OMG you are killing me with those amazing photos of that dessert. Ahhh.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you start to feel better soon. You’re absolutely right that health takes precedence over all else. I am loving the photos of Buster. Despite having two cats and absolutely no time to care for a dog, he is so adorable that he has me dreaming of a puppy. (A temptation that I absolutely must resist.)

  17. Continue to take good care of yourself! Hope you’re soon feeling as well as possible. Drop us a line occasionally, so we know how you are <3

  18. Hope you get well soon. I know I’m a bit south of you in WIsconsin but we’ve got a nasty upper resperatory bug going around. I hope it’s something small and you have a speedy recovery from it.

  19. If I had one last meal ever, your trifle might be IT. PB Chocolate, brownies, pudding, the works. and peanut butter cups. That is my dream.

    You are smart to take your own advice because you are so…smart! Listen to you! We will be here whenever you get back. Buddy needs to take good care of you <3

  20. I read the dessert ingredients to the husband…”you’re making that, right?”

    Hope you get to feeling better, girl, and Happy Thanksgiving. Whenever you’re feeling up to it, keep us updated on how you are? You’re incredibly smart to take your own advice and put blogging on the backburner to your health.

  21. I need, need to get my hands on a trifle dish solely to make this dessert. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!!!!

    Buster makes me so happy. I love his cute face.

  22. Missed you this weekend! But glad you got some rest (and some chocolate…..because that can’t hurt right?) Continue to chill with Buster and give us all more dessert envy when you’re feeling better :)

  23. OMG! That dessert looks like sex on a plate. And then some. I am drooling (PMS isn’t helping…hehe!). And that first pic? SO ADORABLE! sounds like a great little weekend and holiday you had!

  24. Fingers crossed for you!

  25. (Ooops I posted below in your previous post,but meant for it to
    be here so pasting it :)

    Really feel something strong from your words,
    the same kind of feeling I got last night watching
    Steve Job’s commencement grad speech online.
    (meaning you make me think and feel and treasure the
    value of my life in a way that makes me take pause)
    Thank you Susan.

    Hope you felt better and had a nice
    Thanksgiving with your family.
    I hope you will never feel burdened by this blog-
    as a reader I would hope you will take as many
    and as long as breaks away as you need.
    I would be as happy to read you weekly or
    even monthly ….because your words are THAT
    good. Yup, they are! :)

  26. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you!!!!

  27. Buster totally looks like he’s watching a movie. And it looks like a drama. ;) I’d say that dessert was definitely worth your time- yum! Hope you feel better and glad that you’re taking time out for yourself above everything else.

  28. Keep following your own advice; it’s generally pretty sound! Be well!!

  29. Susan, I hope you are feeling being and cuddling with Buster. That pic of him is soooo cute.

  30. Shannon ~ My Place In The Race

    Hope you’re feeling better! You have yourself an awesome snuggle bud there! That trifle looks AMAZING! :P

  31. Your dog is way too cute! You really lucked out on getting him. My mom and I have been looking for one that won’t cost us a ton of money for years and have yet to be successful. I think he’s coming into your life at a perfect time though: the companionship of a dog is amazing.

    The trifle looks incredible!

  32. LOL Cute puppies think alike!!!! :P

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