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Weekend Soundtrack

I thought about going for a girl theme this week, then realized I just wanted a smattering of tunes to listen to. Enjoy!

Iggy Pop? Yes! Have great weekend!


I’ve had a lot of requests from people to see the more “funkier” wigs I bought just for fun. Well they finally arrived yesterday!!

I scoured Etsy for weeks with a pink or bright red wig in mind. I couldn’t decide on just one, so I bought two! I figured you can’t put a price on feeling good when chemo makes you look and feel like crap. Plus, they were actually quite cheap compared to my other more natural one.


I love this one! Both the cut and colour of it. It’s a dark purplish-brown with bright red highlights throughout. I want this hair in real life please.


For the pink wig I ended up going with a light honey blonde with light pink streaks, as opposed to an all-out hot pink wig. This one is actually better quality than the red one, you can style it with heat and change the part in it. But it sits a little high on my head. I may have to wait until my hair thins more so I don’t have as much bulk on top.


Loooove the colour combo in this. I was actually planning on putting pink streaks in my real hair before the cancer thing happened. The light blonde will probably look better if I lose my eyebrows too (which are already thinning).

And for those who said I need big spy glasses to go with my spy wigs, already taken care of.


Still working on the trenchcoat and long gloves. Can you guess what I’m being for Halloween this year?

Who said cancer can’t be fun?

Easy As Pie

It’s my mom’s birthday!

I made her a pie.


We watched the movie Waitress together last weekend and got to talking about pie. Her favourite is coconut cream pie, so I promised her one for her birthday.

I’d kind of forgotten how hard making a pie is.


Not “hard” per se. Just… active.

You see, I spent two days in bed this week. I spend an increased amount of time in bed because of the chemotherapy anyway, but it’s rare that I’ll spend whole days in bed. Usually I like to do a couple activities every day, but between headaches, near-fainting spells, and overall feelings of crumminess, I just couldn’t.

So when I woke up feeling good again on Wednesday, this pie became my goal.


I set out to walk to the grocery store to buy pie supplies in the name of exercise. Twenty minutes each way, not including time spent wandering the greeting card aisle (I just can’t stop).

I overestimated my stamina that day. I was done before the pie even began.


When I told my mom I’d make her a coconut cream pie, the idea of pie crust + coconutty stuff + whipped cream seemed super simple. But as I frantically whisked the filling, while timers went off around flour and egg shells, I realized I’d been horribly wrong.

I blame Emeril Lagasse. And his Best Ever Coconut Cream Pie recipe.


Why must I get sucked in to anything with “Best Ever” in the title??

In the end however, it’s still worth it to give my mom something she will love for her birthday. And I don’t just mean the pie.


I mean the fact the pie happened in my father’s kitchen, and not hers.

Love ya mom!