Snapshots 2

It’s been about a month since I did a “snapshots” post and the pictures are building up on my iPhone. Here’s some more extra photos from here and there over the past month. Some from Instagram and Twitter, others I got too lazy to post. But certainly a fun little snapshot into my day-to-day life!


Archie hates it when I stare at a computer screen instead of paying attention to him.
Something he makes quite clear to communicate to me!


Last day at the cottage. Feet up, sunbathing poodle.


Fun fact: I’m not allowed sushi while on chemo (ie raw fish). So California rolls it is.


My stomach is covered in bruises from the two needles I have to give myself daily.
I bruise extra easily because of the blood thinners I’m on. This is just one of the more colourful ones as of late.


Cashew the cat was playing on my laptop keyboard.
What do you think she was trying to tell me??
Worth noting that after this photo was taken, she opened up an episode of 30 Rock.


Snack attack: blueberries and vanilla greek yogurt on a homemade biscuit.


Step-family portrait in a frame from Janetha.
I happen to collect elephant figurines. They’re my favourite animal!


Water tower in Hillsborough, NB.
Severely disappointed the Animaniacs were nowhere to be seen.


One of my favourite meals from all the farm fresh tomatoes I got:
bagel + cream cheese + tomato + S&P


Archie is able to sense when I plan on taking him for a walk.
Even before I put my shoes on or start getting ready, he’ll jump up on this bench and try to get at his leash in the closet.


I recently discovered I have the same haircut now as I did 20 years ago.


But wouldn’t it be awesome if chemotherapy was like drinking a milkshake?


My hobbies have gone from running and working out to knitting and rug hooking.


Painting in the hospital that I think looks like Conan O’Brien, my mom in turn thinks I’m crazy.
I can’t be the only one who sees it?


Attempt at taking cute picture with kitty leads to a kitty attack.
It’s how they show their love, right?




Archie trying to get at his leash again.
That’s the “You finally got off the computer which means you are taking me for a walk!” face.


Randomly had a craving for junk food the other day and bought these items at the grocery store. Only these items.
Scotsburn is the best ice cream other than Cows in the Maritimes, FYI.


Watching Parks and Recreation with Cashew.


Best part of baking = licking the bowl and utensils.


A piece of the coconut cream pie I made for my mom’s birthday!
The crust was meh, but the filling was superb.


Buddy is the most forlorn dog I’ve ever met. Always a frown and big, big sighs.


Brunch at Calactus! Tofu rancheros with a side of potatoes.


Brunch is my favourite time of the week! With my mom and aunt.


Boxers take up significantly more room in bed than poodles.


Buddy patiently waiting for Mommy to come home.


Taken yesterday after finally getting dressed and going for a walk at 5pm. It went up to 27C!


I will never grow tired of living in a small town surrounded by TREES!
The big city was certainly missing that.

Off to get poked and prodded this morning. Have a good one!

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  1. I see Conan in the painting too! I had too look at it a tiny bit, but I see it.

    Also, I love to rug hook etc. Have you tried cross stitching? I find it therapeutic.

    Loved the snap shots! Thinking of you from Ottawa.

  2. I know your situation sucks big time, but your snapshots were relaxing for me! The upside of this downtime is you’re able to appreciate the small things that might otherwise be overlooked–a rainbow, the laziness and antics of our beloved pets, the wonderfulness of PB pretzels, art. I realize it’s not ideal by any means, but there’s something to be said for the opportunity to reflect. ;)

  3. Conan… Umm… ;-)

    Archie is super cute and so expressive. “Forlorn” Buddy melts my heart.

    Fun pictorial! :-)

  4. Those are awesome.

    Every year my hubby and I upload all our camera photos into a picasa web album and look through them. They are the most random, low quality shots but so perfectly and awesomely describe every little thing we did that year. It’s those times when we didn’t plan a photo but something great happened that needed to be recorded…..I love it.

    • That’s exactly why I like it too! It seems I only ever bring my camera to proper “events” but the photos on my phone are a much better reflection of great moments in my every day life.

      Clearly, my days recently are spent wasting time at home with my pets ;)

  5. If not Canan, then what actually?!? Chili dark chocolate ?!? Great pictures :)

    • On the chili dark chocolate: turns out I’m not a fan. It makes me feel like I need a dessert after eating my dessert. I think I might add it to chili or a sauce or something.

  6. Oh man I wanna hug Buddy so bad! He is sooo cute. I think all boxers look sad and sigh all the time haha.

    And tell your mom you are not crazy, I also see Conan O’Brien in that pic. :)

  7. So many comments…
    1: A childhood friend of mine posted a pic of us from 25yrs ago just the other day – same haircut! What is up with that?
    2: Scotsburn-Yes.
    3: That coconut cream pie looks RIDICULOUS! Talk about an insta-craving.
    4: I had the Calactus club over the summer (first time there)…delish!

  8. Good luck today.
    Those animals are adorable and that is a great picture of the water tower. I think I’ll probably have the Animaniacs song in my head for the rest of the day, but I guess I can handle that :)

    Also- I totally see Conan in that picture.

  9. You’ve got it right – best part of baking is licking the batters…Henry knows this too though, so I’ve started to have to use my elbows to keep him back. Worst part of baking = washing dishes. ugh.

  10. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. If you have already gotten it, just know that your writing is still appreciated. If you haven’t ever received it, you can visit my blog today for instructions.

    I love your blog and I know that others who haven’t discovered it, will love it too! Have a great day!

  11. sometimes I just want to buy a ton of junk food too. Totally necessary some day. ;)

    Your biscuit with yogurt and blueberries is making me drool.

    PS – Love these snapshots posts.

  12. Hi Susan. What WONDERFUL snapshots. I see Conan in that painting!!! All of the animals are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Bummer that the animaniacs weren’t by the water tower though! But Archie, Buddy and Cashew could pretend they were Yakko, Wakko and Dot. OMG…I’m in my 40’s (with no children who would watch)….HOW do I know the names of the characters!?? Clearly, I spend far too much time online. Good luck with the poking and prodding!

  13. I love that your cat enjoys sitcoms. There’s nothing better than chilling with animals when you need stress relief, especially when they have the same sense of humor as you. ;)

  14. Great pictures, great humor. Just had to give a heartfelt nod to Animaniacs, which reminded me of my favorite cartoon characters of all time…Pinky and The Brain!

  15. I buy the same items at the store all the time except I go for the sea salt chocolate, I saw Conan too, and Ron Swanson is the MAN;)

  16. Andrew van Geest

    Great pics. I see Conan in your painting as well. I love the water tower and the referrence to the Animaniacs. Pinky and the Brain was my favorite too. Thanks Roz for reminding me of the names. I totally forgot but it brings back memories of the good old days. But thank God those days are over,eh. Susan, the blueberry,yogourt buscuit really made my mouth water:)

    Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading

  17. i love these snapshots! overall it looks like you’ve had a lot of really good days…and really good food. surrounded by those cute animals and your family…i’m glad you have so much lovely support right now!

  18. Great pics. The mention of Animaniacs lead to 20 mins well spent on youtube. I still know most of the words to the nations of the world song!

  19. Archie makes me miss my poodle…he is a doll.

    Yes, that painting totally looks like Conan. I notice the outline of his face!

  20. Maybe I’m totally crazy too but I can completely see Conan in that painting.

  21. Yay, pictures! My eyes actually got big when I saw the sushi one, I’ve been jonesing for sushi (good sushi anyway) since I left Houston, which was 3 years ago, and that picture didn’t help! I also like rug hooking, made a cat rug when I was a kid. And not that you getting cat attacked to the face is cool but I actually really like that picture. Also, someone should invent a chemo milkshake, it sounds like it would be preferable to the current method.

    Love the pictures as always! :)

  22. Thank you for a slice of your life & so many beautiful & fun pics – some not so fun…. Archie is adorable & so is buddy too!

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