I’ve had a lot of requests from people to see the more “funkier” wigs I bought just for fun. Well they finally arrived yesterday!!

I scoured Etsy for weeks with a pink or bright red wig in mind. I couldn’t decide on just one, so I bought two! I figured you can’t put a price on feeling good when chemo makes you look and feel like crap. Plus, they were actually quite cheap compared to my other more natural one.


I love this one! Both the cut and colour of it. It’s a dark purplish-brown with bright red highlights throughout. I want this hair in real life please.


For the pink wig I ended up going with a light honey blonde with light pink streaks, as opposed to an all-out hot pink wig. This one is actually better quality than the red one, you can style it with heat and change the part in it. But it sits a little high on my head. I may have to wait until my hair thins more so I don’t have as much bulk on top.


Loooove the colour combo in this. I was actually planning on putting pink streaks in my real hair before the cancer thing happened. The light blonde will probably look better if I lose my eyebrows too (which are already thinning).

And for those who said I need big spy glasses to go with my spy wigs, already taken care of.


Still working on the trenchcoat and long gloves. Can you guess what I’m being for Halloween this year?

Who said cancer can’t be fun?


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  1. love them all!!! you look fabulous.

  2. haha the last photo is pure HOTNESS :) I reckon a 60’s British Spy, ala Miss Moneypenny

  3. You look gorgeous in both Susan. Can’t decide which one I like better. Summer is sitting here with me…I think she prefers the blond with the pink streaks. :)

  4. You totally have to get the trench-coat!

    I love them all. They look fabulous :)

    Go Susan!

  5. And who says you can’t look hot while going thru chemo?! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and just had to comment on what a great attitude you have!

  6. OMG Susan these look awesome on you! So fun! The photo with the shades is my favourite. I’d say your Halloween costume is sorted!

  7. LOL The red one is awesome!!!! Especially with the sunglasses!!!! :P

  8. Haha sexy! You look amazing. Now you can commit crimes without being detected.

  9. you rock those wigs!! ;)

  10. You’re SO Carmen SanDiego!!

  11. Love it! When you said pink wig I was thinking more along the lines of Britney Spears circa the crazy years but I LOVE that one! Colour is actually perfect on you! : )

  12. Just had to say, I love the honey blonde with pink highlights!!

  13. you are too cute. Both looks are amazing :) and I love your glasses!

  14. You always make me smile!

  15. Oh my gosh I love, love, love the honey blonde wig with the pink streaks. I’ve always wanted hair like that!

  16. Awesome!! I LOVE the blonde one!!

    I don’t know about you, but wearing a wig makes me feel totally saucy!! (as my mother in law would call it!) I went to a party once, and there were a bunch of wigs, and I tried on a long dark one with bangs – and because I have been white blonde my whole life, I felt soooo sultry and fun!!

  17. PS. Now you’ll be such a women of mystery when people see you!!

  18. The light honey blonde wig with light pink streaks looks adorable on you!

  19. I knew you were going to look great in that blonde/pink wig. Is it the same one you had posted a link to on twitter, the one from MissVioletLace on etsy? I’ve been considering buying a wig from her but they seemed too cheap to be of decent quality.

    • Yes! Same one! I’m not sure how “natural” they look, but I’m happy with what I got for the money I spent. The blonde one in particular is of really nice quality (it’s a different fibre, can’t remember what). Also, it may sound odd, but I love the smell of the wigs! My other more expensive wig has a really synthetic smell to it that makes me feel nauseous when it’s close to my face (probably in part thanks to the chemo making my sense of smell more sensitive).

  20. Oh! I love them both!!! And you definitely needed the glasses! Your a Rock Star :D

  21. i love this undercover susan. Red suites you well. Very seductive!

  22. sarahsmodernbites

    I adore that red wig on you! It suits your fair skin beautifully and is perfect for fall. LOVE it :) And I LOVE your incredibly positive attitude… super infectious!

  23. Dude! You rock those wigs. I feel like I couldn’t pull off any color, but you are like a hair chameleon and look good in all shades. Love the photo shoot :) xoxoxo

  24. It’s amazing how different we look with different hair colors. The bring out totally different colors from your skin. I love them both, although I am really liking the blonde one. Probably because of all the colors I have gone, I haven’t convinced myself that I can be a blonde again (I grew up naturally dishwater blonde but it darkened to a medium brown).

    You look great!

  25. Super cute!! I agree – I wouldn’t be able to do both blond and brunette. I love the pins in the blonde one – and I totally want bright streaks too. I’m coming up on my one year cancer-versary in November and I’m feeling something drastic…I don’t know what yet. Maybe a wig!?

  26. Oh man, you would make SUCH a good spy. Maybe you should consider a career change. Just sayin’.

  27. those glasses definitely make the look! :) love it, and i adore the colors.

  28. And this would be a good time to do an experiment to see whether or not it’s true that blonds have more fun!

  29. Andrew van Geest

    Great pics but the last one is so stunning and gorgeous. Your enthusiasm is infectious:)

  30. I think once you’ve kicked cancer’s ass, you can have a new career as a full time, card carrying spy!!

  31. I actually LOVE the strawberry blonde one on you! I actually think the colour really suits you!

    P.S. I own the exact same dress as you! Nice choice ;)

  32. You look great! :) I love the pink/blonde one, you rock it!

  33. LOVE the red hair!!!! And that last picture is awesome :) You are beautiful, my sweet blend!

  34. All of them are fabulous on you!

  35. Those are awesome. I’m glad there’s a way to have fun with hair loss :)

  36. Hotness! I love the blonde/pink combo on you, and those glasses are fabulous!

  37. Wow, you are such a good spy that I totally thought that last picture was Gina (aka The Fitnessista)!!! I had to do a double take!
    I love both hair colors on you – you look good with long, short, dark, light or no hair!
    Your attitude is wonderful! That makes all the difference.

  38. I love it! I feel like you should have names for the different wigs too, but it’s just an idea.

  39. I love your wigs!

    They are so fun and you looks great in them. I love the dark. So striking on you.

    And pink streaks = I did that about 10 years ago to my hair :) fun memories!

  40. i like the red one :)

  41. I LOVE the pink wig, and your spy outfit is superb.

  42. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink wig!!!!!!!!

  43. “Secret agent woman”! LOVE!

  44. Ahhh so cute. I especially like the dark one AND with the big spy glasses you are a look alike for Angelina Jolie!! Woot Woot!

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