Easy As Pie

It’s my mom’s birthday!

I made her a pie.


We watched the movie Waitress together last weekend and got to talking about pie. Her favourite is coconut cream pie, so I promised her one for her birthday.

I’d kind of forgotten how hard making a pie is.


Not “hard” per se. Just… active.

You see, I spent two days in bed this week. I spend an increased amount of time in bed because of the chemotherapy anyway, but it’s rare that I’ll spend whole days in bed. Usually I like to do a couple activities every day, but between headaches, near-fainting spells, and overall feelings of crumminess, I just couldn’t.

So when I woke up feeling good again on Wednesday, this pie became my goal.


I set out to walk to the grocery store to buy pie supplies in the name of exercise. Twenty minutes each way, not including time spent wandering the greeting card aisle (I just can’t stop).

I overestimated my stamina that day. I was done before the pie even began.


When I told my mom I’d make her a coconut cream pie, the idea of pie crust + coconutty stuff + whipped cream seemed super simple. But as I frantically whisked the filling, while timers went off around flour and egg shells, I realized I’d been horribly wrong.

I blame Emeril Lagasse. And his Best Ever Coconut Cream Pie recipe.


Why must I get sucked in to anything with “Best Ever” in the title??

In the end however, it’s still worth it to give my mom something she will love for her birthday. And I don’t just mean the pie.


I mean the fact the pie happened in my father’s kitchen, and not hers.

Love ya mom!

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  1. Christina aka Mom

    I can’t wait to eat it. And you are so right about the mess – thanks for the laugh. I love you!!!

  2. super cute :). I have never had a coconut cream pie… it looks very involved!

  3. “Waitress” is one of my favorite movies ever. I don’t care how many times I see it, I still love it.
    Happy Birthday to Susan’s mom!

  4. Aww so sweet of you to make her pie! I would so much rather have pie on my birthday than cake.

    • I haven’t tasted it yet! Well, that’s not true. I nibbled on the crust, filling and whipped cream while making it, and all tasted pretty damn good. I just have to figure out how to transport a whipped cream covered pie to my mom’s place, which may or may not end in disaster…

  5. I’m SO glad you saw waitress.It was on my top food movies list.
    And so happy for your mom. I saw pics on instagram so I feel extra special (even though so did a million other people).

  6. LOVE Waitress! What a great daughter you are too! From the pics, it looks like you made a wheat crust???

  7. I bet that pie was the best pie your Mom every had ;-)

    I’m following along with you and reading all of your posts even if I don’t get the chance to comment on all of them (at work). I hope today is a “good” day for you :-)

  8. Coconut cream is a favorite of both my dad and husband! I need to figure gluten free pie crust out soon!

  9. The pie looks amazing! Well done!

  10. What a great picture..looks like your dad has a beautiful kitchen with the brick and everything! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and has gotten into my daily reads! Happy birthday susans mom! You’re a great daughter! My moms bday was last month and I bought an angel food cake haha!

  11. I loved Waitress. It got me craving key lime pie (my obsession) but coconut cream looks so good. I hate making pie crust (even more so gluten-free) but i really want to try this. It looks beautiful. The coconut on top…yum. happy birthday to your mom! Ps. Make your dad do the dishes. ;)

  12. Give me pie over cake any day! You’re such a trooper, your mom is lucky to have a daughter like you. Now your poor dad….kidding of course. Tell your mom Happy Birthday.

  13. Andrew van Geest

    What a nasty little trick you pulled on your poor dad. Whip up an absolutley amazing pie and then vacate the premises,pie and all.

    Great pie, Susan. You have a very lucky mom. Happy birthday to you mom:)

  14. Andrew van Geest

    Happy birthday to your mom, oops

  15. Hi Susan. BIG Happy Birthday to your Mom! My birthday is next week, if you’re bored one day, by all means make another and ship it out to me in Vancouver. Candles are optional! HA! Soooo kidding of course! Enjoy the special day! (And taking your Dad leftovers!!!)

  16. Easy as pie….ha! I haven’t ever worked up the courage to make my own crust, I’m still on pre-made crust when I make pies. Also, crumb toppings are friends of mine. Baby steps! Liked that last bit about it being made in your dad’s kitchen, cute twist at the end there :)

  17. Happy birthday to your Mom! :) the last line is funny…haha :) I love buko pie it’s same as coconut cream pie i think but with real coconut. i don’t know how to make it, i just know how to eat it :)

  18. Sounds like you really know the way to your Momma’s heart! ;-)

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