A Kick In The Butt

My friends, sometimes life just sucks.

People tell me all the time that it is okay to get upset about what is happening. Cancer is one of the worst situations I can think of, so in theory that should give me a free pass to bitch and moan for a while.

But when it comes down to it, I really hate complaining. I hate hearing myself complain, and I hate listening to others complain.

So it’s at times like these that I remind myself that yes, sometimes life is shitty, but I’ve just got to suck it up and get on with it. I’m an adult (part of the time) and I need to put my big girl pants on.

A lot of the time I want to mope around the house in my pyjamas all day. Trust me, it happens.


There are days I wish I could go to work again like a normal person. Or go to a bar and drink a pitcher of beer. Maybe hit up a spin class and put my non-existant hair in a ponytail. There are also days when I really want to eat nothing but bacon sandwiches all day, but eat swiss chard wraps instead. This is what wearing your big girl pants looks like.


The filling, made up of quinoa, cracked wheat, beets, walnuts, feta, mint, and dill. Dipped in sour cream, it made for an excellent healthful lunch. Cancer fighting, you know.


But you know what? It was no bacon sandwich. And I’ll get over it.

I could sit around and complain, but I’ve got better things to do today. Like finding something to smile at. Parks and Recreation, I’m looking at you.

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  1. I just can’t get over your strength and spirit sometimes. Enjoy your day Susan :)

  2. Did you at least chase it with some bacon?
    It looks really good though- I might try something similar minus the beets! Did you steam the chard first?

  3. A-freaking-men. Sometimes life does suck. And there’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it, it’s the plain truth. But you feel it and move forward. Just like you just did here. And um, that recipe looks SO GOOD!

  4. Yor blog’s title sums it up nicely; it’s about balance. Complaining has its place and serves a purpose – venting – in the short-term. Let it out as needed, and add nitrate-free bacon to your swiss chard wraps. ;-)

  5. Parks and rec rules! Enjoy

  6. You are so inspiring. I’ve been moping around all morning because I have a bad headache but this really gives me a reality check. I am going to think positively because it’s a sunny and beautiful day, the coffee my husband made is fantastic and my sun is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen all snuggly on the couch right now. Life is really quite good despite this headache haha.

  7. AND now I’m craving a bacon sandwich. Thanks.

  8. in honour of you i will not have bacon today!!

  9. :) yes agreed I am also craving a bacon sandwich right now. haha. But those wraps also look good.

  10. Love this post, you are so inspiring. Those wraps look and sound amazing!

  11. I just love Parks and Rec! Sitcoms always get me out of a funk! I think when I get home from my procedure tomorrow there will be some Arrested Development in my future! I <3 Netflix! :)

  12. Chard…hmm…not sure that I can go there. The filling, though, looks wonderful!

  13. Bacon sandwiches are ridic, especially grilled.
    I love the color of your chard wrap filling :-)

  14. I think it’s totally normal to complain about what you are going through. I think if something is going wrong in someone’s life it’s a GOOD thing to mope, complain, whine, cry. At least for a short period of time. Get the feelings out. Then move on.

  15. Have a bacon sammie and feel normal .. at least for a few hours.

    What you are feeling is NORMAL … scream, cry, shout … you are allowed to do all!

  16. Can I just say how glad I am to read your blog? Because this entry pretty much sums up EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling the past couple days. Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between expressing the honesty about how you’re feeling and just feeling sorry for yourself. And no one wants pity – so how do you vent without eliciting some sort of “poor you” response?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I really, really appreciate it.

  17. Hi Susan. For the record, I think those chard wraps look freakin’ delicious!!! Maybe even more delicious than a bacon sandwich. Oh, what am I saying, maybe not quite as delicous as a bacon sandwich…but a close second!!! All the best.

  18. Dude. you are a trooper. Cancer would suck balls, no doubt about it, but you definitely are a big girl. Also, my mom is bringing a package from YOU when she picks me up for the hospital! I am so excited!

  19. so, i just started parks and rec from season 1. i can’t even explain how much i want to marry aziz ansari. anyways…you are lovely and a trooper and amazing and the best, so just don’t forget that, mmmkay? :)

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