Weekend Soundtrack – 1990’s Edition

Remember the 90’s?

I was watching a CBC special the other day on music in the 90’s, which eventually led me to looking up videos on YouTube. Ninety minutes later, I’d been sucked into the YouTube vortex, clicking on one 90’s music video after another. Memories spilling all over the place.

Mind you, I was born in 1986, but music from this decade has influenced me by far more than any other decade. A lot of this stuff is what taught me to love music when I was at an impressionable age.

Admittedly, the first cassette tape I ever owned was the Ninja Turtles II Soundtrack in 1991 (yes, the one with Vanilla Ice). My first CD was Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill in 1996. Alanis was my hero, until I got No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom later that year.

Growing up with two older sisters – one 4 years older and one a little more than 6 years older than me – I was highly influenced by their tastes in music. I would sneak into their rooms when they weren’t home and listen to their CDs, absorbing as much as I could without getting caught. So, I guess, thanks to them for not having crappy taste in music.

Clearly, five songs isn’t enough here, but it’s a good start for my trip down memory lane. What are some of your favourite songs from this decade?

P.S. That Radiohead is one of my Top 5 favourite videos of all time. Remember when music videos were actually entertaining to watch?

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  1. I was born in 1980 (like your sister?) and remember replaying Don’t Speak by no doubt over and over in my junior high years!! My high school years were about Rap haha. Notorious BIG and Ginuine! Remember Ride it My Pony?? Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

  2. Jagged Little Pill was my first CD too!!!! My bff in primary school had No Doubt on cassette tape, we wore it out rewinding so much.

  3. Actually, this isn’t in response to music – it’s in response to an earlier question re: good books. I’ve just finished two that were incredible:

    Unsaid: A Novel, by Neil Abramson – where the main character is a recently deceased veterinarian (and told from her perspective) is watching the lives of her loved ones after she passed away.

    The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver. This somehow combines the Mexican mystique (ala Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera) with the craziness that was the late 40s-early 50’s climate in the US w/r/t to tracking down Communists (or Communist sympathizers – e.g., did you ever so much as go to a museum where there was a painting by someone who’s first cousin’s second husband’s first grade teacher may have once eaten at the same table in a restaurant where some one accused of being a Communist was once seated — even if there was a 10-year lapse between the first grade teacher’s sitting at that table and the Communist’s sitting at that table)?

  4. Awww, I miss the 90s so much! I was a huge boy band fan….N’Sync probably being my favorite. Our local radio station does a 90s power hour every weekday which rocks! It brings me back the good ‘ol days. :) Thanks for sharing your song choices. :)

  5. Ah, the 90’s. I was into the grunge thing but also a huge hippie and a wanna-be hipster, so I oscillated between classics like The Beattles and Pink Floyd to the currents like Nirvana, No Doubt, to The Pixies, Radiohead, Soul Coughing, Luscious Jackson, Elastica (copied her hair do), Sleater-Kinney….hmm…the list goes on. I also went through an embarrassing Grateful Dead and Phish phase.

  6. Your first cassette tape was also mine! I was born in ’86, and have the ’90s in heavy rotation on my iPod and in my car. My first CD was, I’m not ashamed to admit, Hanson, and my second one was The Verve Pipe. My friends in high school were radio DJs, so I have quite the eclectic taste in music, even now.

  7. That Radiohead video got me every time. I *still* want to know what he said!

  8. I now feel very old…the only song I recognize is the Radiohead one (which I agree is a great video). Or maybe I was just very uncool…my favourite 90s songs were by artists like Ani DiFranco, Dave Matthews Band, and Tori Amos.

  9. I think I was watching that same 90s special – the one where they talked about Canadian music in the 90s? I heard a lot of songs I forgot about…Spirit of the West, Moxy Fruvous…good times!

    I don’t recognize any of those songs, but I didn’t grow up in Canada. My taste of music ranged from like the Beastie Boys to the Backstreet Boys and everything in between!

  10. I was born in ’86 too, the first cassette I think I owned was janet. by Janet Jackson (the one with “That’s the Way Love Goes”). I remember mail-ordering a Toni Braxton CD, also had a lot of Mariah Carey and CrazySexyCool by TLC. Oh I was also really into opera for some reason. Kind of a weird collection considering now I don’t really like R&B all that much. I had the Hanson CD’s too! I’m surprised my parents let me listen to some of that stuff, it’s pretty dirty. Now that I’m old enough to actually appreciate what I’m listening to, I’ve been listening to a lot of ’90’s stuff lately (Hanson included, I’ll admit it), so this was a timely post for me. By the time I could really get into music it was already the late ’90’s so I was into whatever was on the radio – Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Korn (yyyyeah), I also really liked the Dixie Chicks. Luckily my parents raised me to listen to a variety of stuff so I’ll listen to anything at least once!

  11. Omg! Blur! Radiohead! The 90’s get a bad rap, but they produced some amazing music. U2, Chili Peps, Beck, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Beastie Boys, Ani, Smashing Pumpkins, Belle & Sebastian, Trine, the Roots all released great albums. And how can I forget Jeff Buckley?!

    Also, congratulations on your recent publication dear!

  12. i luuuuuv “just”. such an amazing song – radiohead has definitely withstood the test of time.

  13. and (cringe) my first CD was ace of base :)

  14. Oh man thanks for bringing back the 90’s nostalgia! I’m the same age as you and LOVED Alanis Morisette and No Doubt also :-)

  15. The 90’s had such a weird mix. Some of the best of music and some of the very worst! I was (and still am) into Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, the Cure, and RHCP. Funny I did not like No Doubt because I found Just a Girl to be too whiny. 2 years ago I saw them in concert and they were amazing! Gwen does not slow down! So I bought Tragic Kingdom…15 years late!

    My first album was Cyndi Lauper She’s So Unusual. Why yes, I am a dinosaur!

  16. Aw! I am a 1981 baby and loved such a variety of music growing up… but late 80s and all 90s music will forever hold a special place in my heart. My first CD was Janet Jackson’s Janet. <3

  17. I love you and your music taste.

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