Beyond The Diagnosis

Hey friends! I recently contributed a piece of writing to a supplement that was in the National Post yesterday called “Blood Cancer Awareness.” Instead of my usual blog post, I encourage you to read the piece by clicking here. You have to scroll down a bit, but the other pieces before mine are worth reading too!

Screen shot 2011-09-16 at 7.52.33 AM.png

Thanks to Media Planet for featuring my story and spreading the awareness. I’ll see ya tomorrow!

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  1. Wow, that’s great! I love that you are jumping right into awareness with cancer and lymphoma. One of my bloggy friends – City Girl Blogs – did the exact same thing. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 months ago and just had her last round of treatment this week. Check her out…she’s pretty awesome. Just like you!

  2. Great article. Have I told you that you are absolutely adorable? Great photo choices and message.

  3. What an excellent supplement, in its entirety; fantastic that the newspaper included it. Loved your editorial, and am so glad it was included. :-)

  4. Great article. I love the picture they put of you in there, too.

  5. I saw that! Kudos to you for being willing to share your story, that’s amazing.

  6. Terrific article! You are such a talented writer! :)

  7. It’s so exciting when a blogger turns print! Great, succinct article for such a huge endeavor. I love that sassy photo of you in the gown, too!

  8. Yay Susan the report looks great!! I hope you are happy with it :) Thanks so much for helping us out… like I said before, you’re a total rock star!

  9. You truly are amazing Susan! And a true inspiration to boot!!! :)

    I’m ever so blessed to call you my friend! <3

  10. You know, Susan, there’s something I’ve noticed in life: there are two types of people when it comes to those diagnosed with cancer. The first type (my husband’s father) gives up. They do the treatments, but they immediately give up thinking there’s no fight. Then there are people like you: those that take the disease head on, fighting, living, paying it forward, and loving. It’s inspiring to watch someone like you work…and it comes so naturally. It was a great article, and I can’t wait to keep reading about you, your life, and your impact on, well, everyone else’s lives. :D

  11. i read this when you first posted this – AWESOMENESS. that’s all i have to say.

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