Recipes Worth Bookmarking

Yesterday’s post was so deep I needed to give my poor chemo brain a break for today. So instead, I thought I’d dig into my recipe bookmarks and share some of the FOOD blog posts that have caught my eye recently! Click on the links to see the pictures and recipes of my fellow bloggers. Can’t wait to try these out on my own.

Peanut Butter Bran Muffins – Teenage Taste

Oven Fries – Tracey’s Culinary Adventures

Stuffed Mushroom Phyllo Roll – Oh She Glows (mostly, I just want to make phyllo)

Basil Hummus – Eating For England

Pizza Swirl Bread – How Sweet It Is

Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Bread – How Sweet It Is

BBQ Pumpkin Pizza – Running Around Normal

Mmmm Sauce – Peas and Thank You

Grilled Red Pepper Harissa – Eating For England

Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie Trifle – How Sweet It Is (I may save this for Canadian Thanksgiving)

Golden Brioche Loaves – Tea and Scones

And most recent bookmark that I’ve actually cooked – Cheezy Taco Mac from Leftovers 4 Lunch!


A dairy-free version of one of my old favourites – Hamburger Helper. The noodles may have still come from a box, but the flavour sure didn’t!


I made a few changes based on what I had on hand – extra lean ground beef, whole wheat egg noodles and shells, and the addition of green pepper. I also didn’t have any salsa so I subbed in a can of plain tomato sauce, two fresh tomatoes, and half of a very, very hot pepper I got from the farm on Sunday. Served with leftover red cabbage.


The “cheese comes from the addition of nutritional yeast flakes which I lovelovelove both in flavour and nutritional properties. Awesome job with the recipe Leah! I will make this over and over again.

And with that, I am off. I am getting a tube inserted up my arm today and poisons injected in. In other words, a PICC line and chemo. Also getting news on a chest x-ray I had done yesterday. Think shrinking cancer thoughts!!

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  1. Psst- I hear that in Canada, we just call it “Thanksgiving” ;-)

    I’m definitely thinking shrinking thoughts. I hope the x-ray shows great things and that the picc line helps make chemo easier.

    Now- I think I need to finally try this Mmm sauce.

  2. I was watching a food tv the other day and one of the chefs finely grated a brazil nut on top of piping hot pasta. Looked just like parmesan and apparently has a similar texture. Worth a go for cheese substitutes :)

  3. I hope your PICC line and chemo goes as well as humanly possible. Big hug to you!

    And thanks for all these links. YUM!

  4. All of these sound amazing! And I just bought some pasta that I’ve been trying to decide what to do with. Yum!

  5. The Teenage Taste

    I wish you well with chemo, Susan!
    Thanks for linking! :-D

  6. done and done, going to bookmark this one now. CHildhood favorite with a twist , i like it!

  7. Does the cabbage taste kinda like the Schnitzel Haus? I would love o recreate that!!

  8. Oh yum! Thanks for sharing your newly bookmarked recipes with us, I love it when bloggers do that. Even though, to be honest, I have so so many recipes bookmarked, but I have tried maybe 3 of them, haha.

  9. Yummy recipes – especially the BBQ Pumpkin! I LOVE fresh pumpkin! I always make my pumpkin pies with fresh pumpkin. The difference between fresh and canned pumpkin is about the same as the difference between fresh and canned asparagus (i.e., by what evil machinations has someone rendered this fresh thing into something so obnoxious? Even my cat loved fresh pumpkin – the only time he ever turned over the kitchen garbage was to get to fresh pumpkin, not fish, chicken, or anything else. Of course, this cat was also a maniac for fresh asparagus and if we were eating it, he would grab our wrist to pull the fork down to him. I always obliged him – nothing like feeding your feline fresh asparagus with your own fork! he loved cantelope and butter beans, too.

    And I am definitely thinking ‘vanishing cancer! vanishing cancer!!!!!


  10. Love the links! In fact I pretty much have those same How Sweet It Is recipes bookmarked for gluten free adapting! :)

    Good luck with the PICC line and chemo today! Hope the x-ray results are good!

  11. Good luck today!

    That taco pasta really looks good and *not* from a box…

  12. Mmmm Sauce is definitely a staple of mine! And I love nutritional yeast in lieu of cheese… So good with all the vitamin B12.

    Lots and lots of shrinking cancer thoughts your way… And good luck with the PICC insertion… Yay for no more IV pokes!!

  13. annnd I am sufficiently hungry now ;-) great recipe finds!!

  14. There really have been some great recipes floating around, I’m loving it! I hope the PICC insertion went well, and such great news you got about the cancer! (yes, I was stalking you on Twitter ;) )

  15. Yay! I’m glad you liked it! It’s a keeper. I will probably make it again this weekend. I’m turning into such a lazy (unadventurous) cook these days.

  16. Yayyyyyyy food post! My recipe bookmarks folder grows. Thinking happy thoughts for you today!

  17. Good luck with the x-ray and everything else medical. As good as your recipe looks, I don’t think I could handle a cheese substitute….I love cheese too much.

  18. Thanks for sharing a couple of mine sweets! :) The whole list has me hungry.

  19. Thanks for the shoutout Susan! And for sharing app these other delish recipes!

  20. I love Hamburger Helper type meals! Glad to hear your staying strong.

    And you reminded me that it’s almost Thanksgiving here – yikes.

  21. I just wanted to say that your in my prayers. You seem so sweet, I am so sorry you have cancer,that’s just horrible! It just breaks my heart! I know your going to get well!! Keep your chin up and keep posting!!

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